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Wildland Fire Management Information (WFMI) Weather Lesson 6: How to Order Sensors April 2014.

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1 Wildland Fire Management Information (WFMI) Weather Lesson 6: How to Order Sensors April 2014

2 Ordering Sensors WFMI Weather module is linked to National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Asset Management System (NAMS) User can order sensors through WFMI Weather interface Station must be under depot, portable return, modified, or full ride contract with RSFWSU to see Place an Order button on Station page

3 WFMI Weather In the WFMI Weather module, pick Select Station.

4 Select Station A station can be selected from this list or the Change Selection Criteria button can be chosen. More information about Select Station is in Lesson 4.

5 Station Page Select NAMS – Place an Order on the Station page.

6 Order If additional sensors/parts are on station but not shown on list, contact the RAWS helpdesk. You will not be able to order items that are not on the list. Sensors that are due for maintenance per NWCG Fire Weather Station Standards, as shown with a date in PM Due Date column, can be ordered with one click.

7 After Order all due for PM – Whats left? Parts/sensors that havent been ordered for PM but are available to order can be added using the Order Item button

8 Order an Individual Item If a sensor is needed for repair or additional items are ordered outside of annual preventative maintenance schedule, a justification is required. If needed, there is a place for special instructions.

9 Items in Order The Update button will allow ordering of additional sensors or special instructions. If no additional items are needed, select Continue Order button. This box shows which sensors have been ordered.

10 Items in Order - Shipping Once all items have been ordered, the Items in Order box on the Shipping page shows what has been ordered.

11 Shipping Address Enter shipping address and phone number. These are required by FedEx.

12 Shipping Date Enter additional remarks, if needed. Enter at least one email address for acknowledgement of the order and shipping notification. Click the Standard Delivery button if delivery can be 10 business days. If needed sooner than 10 business days, enter the needed date and explain in Remarks.

13 Terms Check the I agree box once you read and agree to the terms. Select Continue Order if order is complete or Return to Order Page or Cancel Order, if needed.

14 Order Review Review the order. If it is correct, click the Submit Order button. If changes need to be made, select Return to Order page or Cancel Order button.

15 Order Submitted to NAMS Once the Submit Order button is selected, the page shows that the order has been submitted to NAMS.

16 Email Acknowledgement An email will be sent from with the order information.

17 Shipment Notification An email will be sent from when items are shipped from RSFWSU.

18 After Order is Received At weather station, replace old sensor(s) with new replacements. Hint: save the boxes used to ship the new sensors to return the old sensors. Write down asset number of new sensor(s) that will remain on station to use in Post-Trip documentation. If more than one sensor or multiple sensors for multiple stations have been ordered, the user will need to keep track of which sensors went onto which station for the Post-Trip documentation.

19 Returning Used Sensors to RSFWSU On the shipping form that came with the new sensor(s) from RSFWSU, record the old sensor asset numbers that are being returned to RSFWSU.

20 Returning Used Sensors to RSFWSU (cont) Write the FedEx tracking number on the shipping form. This is very important in case the parts shipment is misrouted or lost. Make a copy of the completed form for your records Package old sensor(s) in boxes with completed shipping form and use return shipping label provided. Ship to RSFWSU.

21 What Happens When Parts are Due Or Past Due? When parts are not returned after 45 days a Nag Report will be emailed to the POC At this time parts orders for your entire unit (all stations) will be put on hold until the sensors are returned and cleared The first week POC receives the Nag report The second week the POC and their supervisor gets the report The third week the POC, supervisor, and the coordinator will receive the report and everyday after that until the sensors are returned and cleared.

22 Help Us So We Can Help You - Our Customer! Many parts issues can be resolved by contacting the RSFWSU shipping/receiving department.

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