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GLOCO Warehouse Integration Proposal

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1 GLOCO Warehouse Integration Proposal
Presented by: Stephen Martino Ella Buitrago Alex Yermilov Bryan Kilpatrick HUES Enterprise Consultants

2 HUES Enterprise Consultants
Agenda GLOCO Warehouse Integration Proposal Business Case and Proposed Solution – Steve Order Fulfillment Inefficiencies As-is & Resolution To-be – Ella Inventory Replenishment Inefficiencies As-is & Resolution To-be – Ella Business Benefit Justification – Bryan Financial & Success Metrics – Bryan Short Video Technical Specification and Prototype Automated Material Handling Decision – Steve Order Fulfillment Data Flow – Steve GLOCO WMS-MHS Solution Demonstration – Alexey Implementation Plan Project Timeline and Governance - Bryan Business Process Redesign - Steve Hardware & Software Design – Steve/Alexey Non-Functional Components - Alexey User Enablement and Training - Ella Risk Management - Ella Success Metrics - Bryan Questions HUES Enterprise Consultants

3 HUES Proposed Solution
HUES Enterprise Consultants

4 GLOCO Warehouse Integration Proposal Business Case
Business Problem: Inefficient Use of Employee Labor (70% Warehouse Walking) Order Fulfillment Inefficiency (Single Order Picking) Inaccurate Order Fulfillment (95% Order Fulfillment Accuracy) Sub-Standard Inventory Control (Customer Dissatisfaction/lost sales) Team ONE is recommending an Automated Material Handling System that solves GLOCO’s inefficient order fulfillment and inventory replenishment processes, resulting in reduced operating and capital expenses and will realize $12.3 million dollars of additional revenue for GLOCO. HUES Enterprise Consultants

5 GLOCO’s Inefficient Order Fulfillment Process Person To Goods – As-Is
55 Minutes Total HUES Enterprise Consultants

6 GLOCO’s Automated Order Fulfillment System –
Goods To Person – To-Be 22 Minutes Total HUES Enterprise Consultants

7 GLOCO’s Inefficient Inventory Replenishment System - As-is
130 Minutes Total HUES Enterprise Consultants

8 GLOCO’s Automated Inventory Replenishment System – To-be
25 Minutes Total HUES Enterprise Consultants

9 Business Benefit Justification
Customer Order Fulfillment - Automation Business Benefits: Customer order processing will increase by 4x. Decrease average order-to-ship time by 1 day. Customer satisfaction will improve with GLOCO’s fast order-to-ship times. The profit margin per customer order will increase by 2% as a result of a higher fulfillment rate. The Material Handling System will cut the order fulfillment time by 5 minutes per order. New automation will reduce employee payroll by 60%. New efficiencies with the automated fulfillment system will eliminate capital designated for new warehouse construction. HUES Enterprise Consultants

10 Business Benefit Justification
Inventory Replenishment - Automation Business Benefits for GLOCO: Customer Sales revenue will increase though improved In-Stock Inventory accuracy. A 5.4% increase in cash flow will be realized as a result of improving inventory management. Inventory will be replenished faster resulting in reduced out-of-stock items by 5%. HUES Enterprise Consultants

11 Financial Metrics Warehouse Capital and Operating Summary
HUES Enterprise Consultants

12 Financial Metrics FINAL Capital, Operating and Revenue Benefits
HUES Enterprise Consultants

13 HUES Enterprise Consultants
Success Metrics HUES Enterprise Consultants

14 Video if time permits: Kiva Systems
HUES Enterprise Consultants

15 Technical Specification and Prototype
HUES Enterprise Consultants

16 HUES Enterprise Consultants
Agenda Automated Material Handling Decision – Steve Order Fulfillment Data Flow - Steve GLOCO WMS-MHS Solution Demonstration – Alexey HUES Enterprise Consultants

17 GLOCO’s Automated Material Handling System Decision
After an extensive RFP process of Automated Material Handling Systems (MHS) and in-depth analysis of GLOCO’s order fulfillment and inventory replenishment business requirements, GLOCO and HUES Enterprise Consultants have chosen Kiva Systems as its Automated MHS. HUES Enterprise Consultants

18 GLOCO ERP modules must support the import of XML documents by request.
Required Functionality MHS must be able to import and periodically update by request from ERP/WMS core data MHS must notify WMS/ERP about order completion/inventory/shipping changes/events GLOCO ERP modules must support the import of XML documents by request. GLOCO Order Fulfillment Technology & Data Flow MHS should start to process new orders less than 30 sec after notification.  GLOCO ERP must be able to save the Customer’s order form (Web interface and API). GLOCO ERP Software Updates WMS Module Databases Customer Order Event Message Sent To Amazon Messaging Service Amazon Messaging Service Alerts GLOCO ERP Of New Customer Order Kiva MHS Updates GLOCO WMS Module & ERP Databases GLOCO WMS Module Software Updates Kiva MHS Databases Customer Places Order on GLOCO Order Fulfillment Web Portal GLOCO ERP REST Script Retrieves GLOCO XML Order Customer Order Stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service GLOCO ERP Software Updates ERP Databases Robots begin the picking process. 1

19 GLOCO WMS-MHS Solution Demonstration
HUES Enterprise Consultants

20 HUES Enterprise Consultants
Implementation Plan HUES Enterprise Consultants

21 Complete Project Timeline
GO LIVE! 10/4/2013 20 Weeks

22 Project Governance: Communications Dashboard
22 HUES Enterprise Consultants

23 HUES Enterprise Consultants
Project Team HUES Enterprise Consultants

24 HUES Enterprise Consultants
Stakeholders 24 HUES Enterprise Consultants

25 Business Process Redesign
Manual Process Automated Process Customer Order Entry Customer Order Entry Web Portal Sales Order Entry Sales Order Entry Web Portal (Medical Devices Only) Inventory Replenishment Database Stock Received Automated Inventory Database Update Upon Scanning Customer Order Items Shipped Database Updates Automated Items Shipped Database Updates Customer Order Pick and Pack Robotic Goods To Person and Pack Sales Order databases updated with Customer Order data Customer Order Data will update from the MHS to the ERP Sales Order Database automatically. Purchase Order databases updated with vendor received data Purchase order received data will update from the MHS to the ERP Purchase Order database automatically Calculation of and Reporting on order lines picked Automated order lines picked report Responsible: HUES Business Analyst HUES Enterprise Consultants

26 HUES Enterprise Consultants
Hardware Design Hardware Design Design Kiva Pod Layout Robot Pathways 2D Bar Code Sticker Layout Wireless Access Layout Responsible: Hardware Architect HUES Enterprise Consultants

27 HUES Enterprise Consultants
Software Design Involves designing an XML formatted “Customer Order Fulfillment Document” and an “Inventory Replenishment Purchase Order Document” that map to GLOCO’s ERP Database fields Tasks Mapping of ERP Database fields to MHS Databases Map ERP database fields to XML Order Document | Inventory Document ERP Scripts Designed to reflect Database Mappings Customer Web Portal Code Updated To Output XML Sales Web Portal Code Updated to Output XML Update Screen Interfaces for Medical Line Order Lines Picked and Inventory Replenish reports Responsible: Data and Software Architect HUES Enterprise Consultants

28 Hardware and Software Installation
Installation of 2D Bar Code Sticker Grid Kiva Pods Picking and Replenishment Stations Wireless Infrastructure Move Inventory to Kiva Pods Software Install Kiva Material Handling Software (MHS) Import Inventory Data to MHS from ERP/WMS Install and Test MHS <-> ERP/WMS Integration Scripts Responsible: Software Architect & Engineer Responsible: Kiva Engineer HUES Enterprise Consultants

29 User Enablement and Training
As part of the professional services engagement HUES –KIVA will be responsible for: Standard Operating Procedure Training Virtual Test System Training Software and Hardware Initial Training Consultative services after client “Go Live” events to validate the training effectiveness Responsible: HUES & Kiva Trainers 29 29 29 29 29 HUES Enterprise Consultants

30 User Enablement and Training
/ User Enablement and Training The training methods included in the plan are: Individual hands-on instructor training Hands-On in classroom training Web Seminar Computer Based training Book Based Responsible: HUES Business Analyst & Project Manager 30 30 30 30 30 30 HUES Enterprise Consultants

31 Supporting Non Functional Components
Background Processes Health Monitoring Scripts have been implemented to synchronize XML data between ERP and Amazon S3. Amazon’s Simple Queue Service (SQS) will provide the functionality to connect Amazon services to GLOCO’s IBM Tivoli Live Monitoring Service. Responsible: All Roles On-Call 31 31 31 HUES Enterprise Consultants

32 Project Governance: Risk Management
Area Risk Description Likelihood Impact Management Strategy Plan and Control Project progress not monitored adequately Low High Consistent use of the project status dashboard on a weekly basis Requirements System Requirements not correctly identified Requirement checkpoints throughout the requirement gathering phase Organization Change in organizational environment during the project Medium Add enough buffer time in the project plan to allow for variability of project execution User User Resistance to Change Stakeholder sponsorship , user training and enablement during all phases of project plan. Cloud Network Connectivity to AWS failure Specific network connectivity test will be performed during the system testing phase 32 32 HUES Enterprise Consultants

33 HUES Enterprise Consultants
/ Success Metrics GLOCO Metric GLOCO Goal Increased Revenue 2%-3%. Cost Reduction Increase Order Fulfillment rate by 5.4% - realized efficiencies. Improved Cash Flow Increase cash flow by 5.4% - by reducing inventory on hand. 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 33 HUES Enterprise Consultants

34 HUES Enterprise Consultants
/ Thank you Very Much! Questions??? 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 HUES Enterprise Consultants

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