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PROCESS/HOW TO/Chronological Order Essay:

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1 PROCESS/HOW TO/Chronological Order Essay:
Is a way of organizing ideas in the order of their occurrence in time, order or sequence.

2 PROCESS ESSAY…. A process is usually a fixed or ordered series of actions or events leading to a result. It is safe to say that a process defines a process of doing something. You have to describe this process and make your description absorbing and clear.  It either instructs the reader to do something or tells how something was done. Explain the significance of the analyzed process.. the effect this process may have on objects or even people.

What is the process? What is the significance of the process? Who is your target audience? Are there multiple processes of that particular task? What tools and skills are required? What is the time duration of the process? What are the steps and their importance? What problems could arise in the process? What are the precautions?

4 PROCESS ESSAY… When developing an essay through process analysis, you should keep several points in mind: Be sure to include all steps and arrange them in sequence. Explain why each step is necessary, and include warnings where appropriate. Define any terms that your readers may not be familiar with. Offer clear descriptions of any tools or materials needed to carry out the process. Provide your readers with a way of determining whether or not the process has been carried out successfully.

5 You should include precautions when necessary before the step to which they refer. Consider the differences between the types of precautions and choose the most suitable one for your particular case:  - "Warning!" implies immediate threat to life and/or limb if the step is mishandled. - "Caution!" indicates immediate threat of bodily harm if the step is mishandled. - "Attention!" emphasizes that there is an immediate probability of making a common error with the step.

6 TRANSITIONAL WORDS… There have to be steps which must be indicated with the proper use of transitional words. Some transitional words are as follows: Immediately After that In beginning Then Firstly At the end At the same time In the mean time Meanwhile During Later Finally Next Soon after After a few seconds/minutes/hours

Introduction Introduce the process and its significance with necessary background of the process to help the readers to perform the work safely and efficiently. . Another factor to mention is the true meaning of this process and its everyday life application. Therefore the reader learns in which spheres he can later apply the knowledge of this process. Present the aim of the procedure. Explain some specialized terms State thesis statement which normally includes the indication of the steps. Body Start with the topic sentence and further explain it with main supporting sentences followed by minor supporting sentences.  Repeat this process of first body paragraph in the rest of the body paragraphs of your process essay writing.  Conclusion Restate the thesis statement in a rephrased manner.  Summarize all the major steps or instructions of the complete process or write about the results of the process. It is a good idea to offer the readers some further advice or refer them to other sources of information. Sometimes the last part of the process essay gives the reader some troubleshooting advice. The conclusion paragraph reveals the result of the process. It is also offers a thesis restatement to reinforce the significance of the procedure.

8 two types of process essays:
DIRECTIONAL PROCESS.. Examples (How to find an apartment, how to take an A, how to annoy your teacher, how to study for an exam, steps on how to gain your teacher’s trust. The purpose is to clarify the steps in the procedure so that the reader can recreate the steps and the results. INFORMATIONAL Those that explain or analyze like how something works (a computer, a Cell phone, hurricanes, nuclear plant.) The purpose is to inform, explain and analyze. But the reader here is not expected to recreate the process. He/she should be aware of negative consequences.

9 Planning the process essay:
1. Be aware of the audience (readers). Example: How to paint a room is explained differently to professional or experienced painters from those who are inexperienced and require very specific details. So the question here is how much does the reader know about the topic?

10 2. Order the steps chronologically
The steps should be arranged in the order of their appearance or importance. 3. Don’t leave out anything important to make the process complete. Example: If you are explaining the process of getting a driver’s license to international students who are studying in the U.S.A.

11 Continue: Make the list complete.
You need to list the steps as follows: 1. First, Go to the Motor Vehicle Department. 2. Over there, take a vision test. 3. After that, take the written test. 4. Then, take the driving test. 5. At the end, you pay the fee.

12 Define unfamiliar words.
Example: If you are describing how to change a flat tire, you need to explain what a lug wrench is (the tool that removes the bolts from the tire); otherwise, the reader would not know which tool is being discussed. A wrench with jaws that have projecting lugs to engage the object that is to be rotated

13 Anticipate problems By warning your readers of difficulties in the process. Example: You should warn your reader to practice parallel parking before going to take the driving test, or what to do if the car stalls or stops running. By explaining the purpose of a step when necessary. Example: Why the seeker of a driver’s license should have his/her car checked before going to the driving test. (might get a citation for having a brake light out.)

14 Thesis statement Should have a strong central idea: There are three major steps involved in changing a tire.( not strong) Changing a flat tire is really quite easy. (strong)

15 Ideas for development…
(Dramatic Entrance). Why the process is being discussed? So tell a story. Developmental paragraphs: Describing the process. If you are describing how to do something and the process requires that the reader obtains some items first, then these should be listed in the first paragraph. Example: preparing for a party.

16 Conclusion and Transitions
Paraphrase the thesis or subtopics. Then, discuss the results of the process and tell how effective they might be to achieve the goals. Transitions: Sequence markers like first, next, after that, then, the last step. Participle phrases such as after doing something, you need to… more on page 235.

17 TOPICS…. How to lose weight without losing your mind
How to choose a major  How to organize a surprise party How to overcome insomnia How to develop self-confidence How to use Twitter How to succeed at a job interview? How to improve a course you have taken. How a student becomes burned out. How to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors. How to write your coursework essay. The process of recycling/digestion

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