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Orders and Acknowledgements

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1 Orders and Acknowledgements
Unit Six Orders and Acknowledgements

2 To describe the form of an order To learn how to place an order
Learning Objectives To describe the form of an order To learn how to place an order

3 General View Order An order is an offer to buy. It is common form of correspondence for obtaining goods or services. To be sure to get exactly what is being ordered, accuracy and clarity are essential. Many buyers now use printed order forms which ensure that all the necessary information is given. When writing an order letter, you will include all the information the reader need to identify the merchandise, such as: Quantity Dimension Price Material Capacity

4 Pattern of an Order Letter
In the opening let the reader know immediately that this is a purchase authorization and not merely an information inquiry. If you’re ordering many items, list them vertically in the body of your letter. Include as much specific data as possible: quantity, order number, complete description, unit price, and total price, etc In the closing tell how you plan to pay for the merchandise. In addition to payment information, tell when the merchandise should be sent and express appreciation.

5 Guidelines for writing
1. Here are some points which may be useful for writing order letters: (1) Begin an order with referring to some previous contact. (2) Give a detailed description of the goods needed including names of commodity, models, quality and quantity, etc. (3) Specify the package, mode of payment, port of shipment, time of delivery, etc.

6 2. The following points are about tips on how to reply an order.
(1) Begin the letter with many thanks of the client’s interest in your goods. (2) Accept or reject, acknowledge the order immediately. (3) Better repeat the terms stipulated in the order when it is accepted. (4) Give reasons when the order is rejected. (5) Offer suitable substitutions in case the goods needed are unavailable. There is no set principle for writing such kinds of letters. As long as the purpose it achieved, the writer can compose it freely.

7 Guidelines for writing
I. Placing an order Sometimes, a buyer might use a business letter to place his order. Usually, however, they are written on a company’s official printed order form called a “Purchase Order”, which makes it easy to read all the important information. A buyer can use its own company’s form or it can fill out the seller’s form.

8 Specimen Letter-1 (Placing an order by sending an order form)
PURCHASE ORDER Order No. GHK4567 April 21, 2012 From: G. HAROLD KANGIS RESTAURANTS, INC. Itchicu Park, 999 Des Voex Road, Cincinnati, OH USA Tel: (406) To: New Zealand Meats, LTD Lambchop Station Auckland, New Zealand Please supply the following: Quantity Description Catalogue No Price / unit 100 kilo mutton NZFM $ 120/K 200 kilo beef NZFM $ 180/K Total amount: $43, CIF New York Shipping + Packaging: $ Discount: 10% on orders over 200 kilos Delivery: June,2012 Terms: by L/C at sight For G. HAROLD KANGIS RESTAURANTS, INC. David Lin Purchasing Manager

9 Specimen Letter-2 (Cover letter for order form) Skyline Company
36 Quan Street, Tianjin, China Tel: April 22, 2012 H. SIMPSON & CO., LTD 298 South Street Sydney, Australia Dear Mr. Warner, Enclosed is our April 21, 2012 Purchase Order No. GHK4567 for mutton and beef. Please note the following points: (1) the total order price is $ 43,470; (2) the 10% discount for purchases over 200 kilos has been deducted from the total price of the order; (3) delivery should be made by May 20, 2006. Please contact me if you have any questions about this order. Yours truly, Simon Lu Enclosure

10 2. Placing an order by sending an order letter
In an order, the buyer must state clearly and accurately all the terms of transaction. Usually an order should include name of commodity, quantity, article number, specification, total amount, and price terms (CIF, FOB, etc.), mode of packing, delivery date and port of destination.

11 Tel: 65-2768328 Fax:65-2768128 E-mail:
Specimen Letter-3 (Placing an initial order) Prohealth Pte Ltd. 102 F Pasir Panjong Road #05-04 Citylink Warehouse Complex Singapore118530 Tel: Fax: August 15, 2012 Oriental Trading Company 26 Zhongshan Road Wuhan, Hubei China Dear Sirs, We have received your letter dated August 10th. And after testing your samples you sent us, we take pleasure in placing initial order with you for the following:

12 Yours faithfully, Marvin Lytton
Number Item Quantity Price FOB NY S Health Tea cartons US $ 100 per carton S Fat Reducing Tea cartons US $ 120 per carton We would like to stress that the quality of your delivery should be in accordance with that of the samples you sent us. Should the execution of the first order turn out to our entire satisfaction, we will place a regular order in the near future. We will open an irrevocable L/C with your company as beneficiary as soon as we receive a notice that the goods are ready for shipment. Yours faithfully, Marvin Lytton

13 Specimen Letter-4 (Placing a repeat order) March 15, 2012 Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your letter of 8th March sending us some new samples of woolen sweaters. We find both quality and price satisfactory and are pleased to give a repeat order for the following items on condition that they will be supplied from current stock at the price named: Quantity Size Price (net) 100 doz small US $ per doz. 200 doz medium US $ per doz. 100 yards large US $ per doz.

14 Parking: each sweater to be packed in a polythene
bag, per dozen in a tinned carton, with 20 dozen cartons in a wooden case. We expect to find a ready market for these products and hope to place further and larger orders with you in the near future. Our usual terms of payment are cash against document and we hope they will be acceptable to you. Please send us your confirmation of sales in triplicate. Yours Sincerely, Mark Miller

15 3. Acknowledgement of an order
On receiving an order from buyer, whether it is accepted or not, it is a must for the seller to acknowledge it promptly, expressing his thanks for the order. If he accepts it, he should reply to confirm the order and tell the client what is under way. If not, may urge to change the information of the order, or reject it and give the reasons so that the good business relationship is sustained.

16 The United Import & Export Co. Ltd. 101 Maple Street, Washington, USA
Specimen Letter-5 (Acknowledgment of an initial order) The United Import & Export Co. Ltd. 101 Maple Street, Washington, USA Tel: (71) Fax: (71) March 22, 2012 Star Trading Company 24 Nanjing Road Shanghai, China Dear Sirs, We thank you for your order of March 15 for 300 Phoenix Brand Bicycles, and welcome you as our new customer. We confirm supply of the goods at the price stated in your order, and have arranged for delivery by the

17 end of the month. We are quite sure that you will be
completely satisfied with the goods and our service. As you may not familiar with the wide range of our products, we are enclosing a copy of our latest catalogue. We hope that our handling of your first order will lead to further business between us and mark the beginning of good working relationship. Yours faithfully, Bruce

18 Specimen Letter-6 (Sending Sales Confirmation) Orient Trading Co. Ltd.
8 Jianghai North Road, Wuhan , China Tel: Fax: October 22, 2012 Smith Sweet-Home Installations Ltd. Jalan, Malakas No.73 Jakarta, Indonesia Dear Sirs, We highly appreciate your Order No. 18 for 500 sets of Lotus Brand Washing Machines and are pleased to send you herewith our Sales Confirmation No. AP-111 in duplicate. Please sign and return one copy of them for our file.

19 The Washing Machines under the order will be
carefully packed in box lined with shock-proof corrugated paper to prevent damage in transit. You may rely on us to give your order prompt attention. We feel sure you will be happy to collect good comments about the goods from your consumers, and build up a market for the product in your country. We expect to do long-term business with you. Yours faithfully, Colin A. Ryan

20 Tel: (415) 555-5760 Fax: (415)555-5785
Specimen Letter-7 (Buyer declining an order) Simpson & Co. Ltd 178 South Street, CA94558 USA Tel: (415) Fax: (415) October 5, 2012 Wuhan Victory Trading Company, 45Xinghua West, Wuhan430023, China Dear Sirs, We refer you to the S/C No.567 which stipulates shipment to be made not later than 10th October. We regret that so far we have not yet received the goods nor any other information about the shipment.

21 When we place our order with you, we stressed the
importance of dispatching the goods. They are required for the winter sales in this country and they should therefore arrive here by the end of October. Since this kind of delay would cause us serious problems with our clients, we have no alternative but to cancel this order. We regret this action, but you will appreciate that our customers insist on delivery by that date. Yours faithfully, Larry Simpson

22 1201 Jalan Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia E-mail:
Specimen Letter-8 (Seller declining an order-offering substitute) Long Beach Company 1201 Jalan Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 28, 2012 New American Trading Co., Inc. 6-8 Manhattan, New York NY1244 U.S.A Dear Sirs, Thank you for your order dated September 20 for 200 Jialing Brand Motorcycles. While we appreciate your efforts in pushing the sales of our products, we very much regret that we

23 are not in a position to offer you the desired quality,
owing to excessive demand. However, we should like to recommend our Changfeng Brand Motorcycles as a substitute, which is of the same quality as Jialing Brand Motorcycles, but 12% lower in price. We are sure that you will find a ready market for this excellent product at your end. If you are able to close business as we propose here, please cable us as soon as possible. Yours faithfully, Teddy Synge

24 Further Refinement Called the “Seven Cs” , the principles for business communication put forward by professor Emeritus Herta A. Murphy, University of Washington, and her two colleagues in University of Michigan are completeness, correctness, clarity, conciseness, concreteness, courtesy, consideration. “Seven Cs” refer to the evaluation of foreign letters in the word choice, sentence structure, content, tone, attitudes and other aspects of business letter writing. Effective application of the “Seven Cs” principles can create a miracle in business communication.

25 Further Refinement ●In business writing, the aim of writing principles should be to make it quick and easy for the reader to understand what the writer is writing about. Business people do not have the time to spend reading long, rambling letters or trying to decipher difficult writing. Therefore, conciseness is one of the writing principles in business letter writing. To achieve conciseness of business letter writing, try to keep the sentences short, and avoid wordy expression and redundancy, or repetition, and eliminate excessive details. Let us see how to improve the following mail.

26 The original mail Dear Sir, Thank you for your message of October 5, telling us the availability date of the above title. Unfortunately our local customer asked us to reduce the quantity of this order from 50 to 25 copies. Could you, therefore, back order 25 copies instead of 50 and send them as soon as they become available via Air Express? Yours Sincerely,

27 Comments As it shows, the information that the receiver has already known should not be mentioned repeatedly in the first sentence of the original mail. And the second sentence is lengthy with the words like “local” and “the quantity” etc. Besides, the term “back order” is not properly used here.

28 The refined mail Dear Sir, Thank you for your message of October 5. Unfortunately our customer has requested that we reduce (the quantity of) this order from 50 to 25 copies. Therefore, would you please send by air freight only 25 copies as soon as the books become available? Yours sincerely,


30 KEY TO UNIT SIX I. Translate the following sentences into Chinese
1. We enclose a trial order.If the quality is up to our expectation,we shall send further orders in the near future.Your prompt attention to this order will be appreciated. 2. If this first order is satisfactorily executed,we shall place further orders with you. 3. We enclose our order,but must point out that the falling market here will leave us little or no margin of profit.We must ask you for a better price in respect of future supplies. 4. The material supplied must be absolutely waterproof,and we place our order subject to this guarantee. 5. While thanking you for your order,we have to explain that supplies of raw materials are becoming more and more difficult to obtain,and we have no alternative but to decline your order. 6. It is regrettable to see an order dropped owing to no agreement on price;however,we wish to recommend you another quality at a lower price for your consideration. 7. Your order is receiving our immediate attention,and you can depend on us to effect delivery well within your time limit. 8. We have booked the following order according to your 1etter of July 4 and wish to assure you that , upon receipt of the relevant credit,we shall not fail to effect shipment in time. 9. Your order is booked and will be handled with great care.Please open the relevant L/C,which must reach here one month before the date of shipment. 10.This order must be filled within three weeks, otherwise we will have to cancel the order.

31 II. Correct one mistake in each of the following sentences.
1. satisfaction 2. on terms and conditions 3. to the execution of 4. on your own risk 5. alternatives

32 III. Refine the following business mail to achieve better effect. 
We would like place an order for 44 RAM#1777 control switches per the attached order entry sheet. The unsold merchandise will be returned within this week. Best regards,

33 IV. Write an order by making use of the ideas given below.
Omitted. V. According to the order you’ve just written write a rejecting letter owing to short of stock. Omitted

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