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Wrightstown Math Trail 2009 Created by Wrightstowns Enriched Math Sixth Graders Class of 2015.

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1 Wrightstown Math Trail 2009 Created by Wrightstowns Enriched Math Sixth Graders Class of 2015

2 The class of 2015 is proud to present the first ever Wrightstown Math Trail. Brought to you by: Ross, Manon, Adam, Daniel, Andrew, Tyler, Julia, Mitch, Jenn, Ariel, Michael, Erica, Lisha, Colton, & Harry

3 One Gigantic Order The Snow family ordered 100 pies from the Pizza Place for a Super Bowl party. Bob, Joe, Mike and Billy, workers at the Pizza Place, can make 10 pies in an hour. However, Mike eats three pies every hour. If the workers start making pies at 7:00a.m., what time will they finish 100 pies exactly? Colton & Michael

4 The Snack Shack The Snack Shack at the Tri-Township Field has three different kinds of Big League Chew: Grape, Green Apple, and Bubble Gum. At the beginning of the week there were 5,286 packs. Each day a certain amount of each flavor is sold. On the first day the following amounts were sold: Bubble Gum – 45 Green Apple – 27 Grape – 9 Would the shack have enough Big League Chew if the amount sold of each item was doubled daily for a week? Give proof. Tyler

5 The Ice Cream Order Mix-Up At the Hometown Deli there is a new ice cream section. The Hometown Deli workers must record every customers order and the time the order was placed. One day, Anna and Grace (two workers) were about to close up and realized that they forgot to record five customers orders. Luckily, the girls remembered some things about the customers orders. There were five customers and each customer : brought a friend (that didnt buy any ice cream), came in at a certain time, bought ice cream, and bought 2 different toppings. (If the topping has a 1 next to it, it goes in the first topping section; if there is a 2 next to it, it goes on the second topping section.) This is what Anna and Grace remembered about the customers and their orders: 1.Allison was not the first of five to buy ice cream. 2.Danielle did not buy chocolate ice cream. 3.Julianas two best friends are Jordan and Leslie, and she brought one of these friends. 4.Michelle bought mint ice cream. 5.Leanne brought Rebecca with her at 1:30 p.m. 6.Michelle bought ice cream with a cherry 1 and hot fudge 2. 7.Danielle didnt come at 11:30 or 12:30. 8.Allison brought Marian with her. 9.Juliana bought chocolate ice cream. 10.Leanne didnt buy anything with chocolate. 11.The girl that had cherry topping brought Leslie. 12.Marian accompanied the person that bought vanilla ice cream with toppings of chocolate chips and whipped cream. 13.Danielle did not buy sprinkles, a cherry, or strawberry ice cream. 14.Juliana came at 11:30. 15.Michelle did not come at 1:00. 16.Leanne bought whipped cream 1 and sprinkles 2. 17.Allison came in earlier than 1:30 and later than 11:30. 18.Andrea came at 1:00. 19.Michelle came earlier than 12:30. You may want to use the grid on the next slide to help with the orders. Lisha

6 Mar Les Jor Re And Cho Van Str Cof Mint Che Cho Hot Spr Whi All Dan Jul Mic Lea Cho Wh Che Spr Hot 12 1:30 12:30 1 11:30

7 Videos, Videos, & More Videos The manager of the local video store wanted to remodel the entire store. He wanted to organize the store with 16 new shelves that would need 1 m x 4 m space, a new front desk needing a space of 5 m x 7 m, a managers office in the corner needing 3 m x 8 m, and a movie snack bar needing 4 m x 5 m. If the store measured 24 m x 28 m, how much space would remain after the remodeling project? Note:Think of the square footage of the store. Manon

8 Octagonal School Light Dilemma The Octagonal Schoolhouse needed a lot of light for children to be able to see. There were seven small windows providing 3/5 of the necessary light. Oil lamps and candles (four of each needed daily) provided the rest of the light. Prices are: 1 candle = 50¢ 1 reusable lamp = $1.00 Oil for a lamp for 1 day = 75¢ Original window = $7.00 How much did it cost to light the Octagonal Schoolhouse in the first two weeks after the school opened? [Hint: Some amounts should be added after doing some other math.] Jenn & Julia

9 The Wal-Mart Run Matt leaves the Wrightstown CVS at 2:15 p.m. to travel to the Warminster Wal-Mart, which is 15 miles away. Matt travels on Second Street Pike, which has a speed limit of 45 mph. The route has no turns or traffic lights. Matt must return to CVS to meet a friend, Jack, by 3:00 p.m. How much time can Matt spend at Wal-Mart? Daniel

10 Postal Problem Two workers, Bob and Bill, have a job at the Pineville Post Office. Their job is to place stamps on a variety of letters and packages. One day, Bob arrives at work at 7:30 a.m. His break is at 1:15 p.m., and he returns to work at 2:00 p.m. Bob can stamp 13 letters in 20 minutes. The same day, Bill arrives at work at 10:00 a.m. His 15 minute break is at 1:00 p.m. Bill can stamp 43 letters in one hour. At 6:00 p.m., who would have fully stamped more letters and packages? By how much? Adam & Harry

11 Tri-Township Field, Wrightstown, PA Wrightstown Math Trail, 2009 # 8 plays for the Tri-Township Titans. He starts on the mound (which is 50 ft) and throws 55 pitches in the first inning. # 8 gets taken off the mound in the second inning and is put in left field. There he makes a huge throw to home. #8 then plays right field. With one out and a runner on second base, a ground ball is hit to #8. He throws the ball home to prevent the runner from scoring. By the fourth inning, the other team has gone through their order. The clean-up hitter smacks one to deep center field over #8s head. The short stop cuts off the throw. The next inning, #8s coaches put him on third. There he gets a ground ball and throws the runner out. Finally, the opposing team gets to the bottom of the sixth inning down by one with the tying run on first. The runner tries to steal but underestimates #8, the catcher, who threw him out to win the game. In total, how far did #8 throw in the whole game? Use the diagram on the next slide to help you. Mitch Hint: Use the Pythagorean theorem (a 2 + b 2 ) = c 2.


13 Twilight Mail The Wycombe Post Office has 300 boxes. 150 of them are small boxes that are 3 in x 4 in x 5 in. Large boxes have the dimensions of 4 in x 6 in x 7 in. The Wycombe Post Office is giving away new Twilight books that are 2 in x 2 in x3 in. How many books will it take to fill all the boxes? Ariel & Erica

14 Candy Confusion Ross and Lauren have chocolate. Jill and Marys candy are similarly shaped. Bobs candy reminds him of his great grandfather, who was a happy farmer. Lauren likes to laugh unkindly at people just like her candys name. Jill and Marys candy both start with the same letter as their names. ½ the amount of characters in Andrews candy is the amount of boxe(s) he bought. Ross doesnt like to share so he didnt buy an even amount of boxes. The number of boxes Mary bought plus the number of boxes Ross bought equals the amount of boxes Andrew bought. Ross has the same amount of boxes as the length of the shorter leg when the longer leg is 4 and the hypotenuse is 5 on a right triangle. The amount of characters in the candy Lauren bought minus the square root of nine equals the number of boxes she bought. The number of boxes Bob bought is equal to the number of Bs in his name. Six children went to Wrightstowns Candy Store to buy candy. Each child bought a different type of candy and different amount. Use the following clues to solve this logic puzzle. Ross & Andrew

15 Jolly Ranchers Mike & Ike Jelly BeansSnickersSkittlesHershey Ross Bob Mary Jill Lauren Andrew 1 box 2 boxes 3 boxes 4 boxes 5 boxes 6 boxes

16 A special thank you to my sixth graders, Class of 2015 for a Wrightstown first. Best wishes at Newtown Middle School! Always follow the math trail to find future success. Mrs. Hills

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