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Ideology of the New Order American Religious History – Post Civil War to Present Dr. Donald E. Harpster.

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1 Ideology of the New Order American Religious History – Post Civil War to Present Dr. Donald E. Harpster

2 Ideology of the New Order Classical Economics – Thomas Malthus – Essay on Principle of Population – David Ricardo – Iron Law of Wages Social Darwinism – Herbert Spencer – William Graham Sumner Gospel of Wealth – General – Andrew Carnegie Success Myth – Horatio Alger Legal Defense of Laissez-faire

3 Classical Economics Malthus – Principle of Population – Food Supply – (1-2-3-4- 5-6) – Population – (1-2-4-8-16- 32) – Population will grow much faster than food supply resulting in poverty and even starvation Thomas Malthus

4 Classical Economics Ricardo – Iron Law of Wages – Wages be no higher than to maintain the work force at a subsistence level – Higher wages – More children – increase population – wages will go down to previous level – To pay more is unnatural/ lower wages are a kindness David Ricardo

5 Social Darwinism Herbert Spencer – The human condition All of life is a jungle-like struggle to keep alive Survival of the fittest Need struggle for the improvement of the race – Two laws Law of absolute freedom Law of conduct and consequences – Welfare will only take from the fit to help the unfit, blocking progress – Government – soldier, policeman, & judge

6 Social Darwinism William Graham Sumner – Founder of modern sociology – American disciple of Spencer – Soften Spencers doctrines a bit – Do nothing during a depression to aid the poor Both Spencers and Sumners ideas were thought of as part of the natural order, scientific, and therefore could not be changed.

7 Gospel of Wealth Popular Conception – Godliness is in league with riches. – Bishop Lawrence – man suffers from poverty unless it be more than his fault – unless it be his sin. – Henry Ward Beecher Henry Ward Beecher Bishop William Lawrence

8 Gospel of Wealth Russell H. Conwell Baptist minister in Philadelphia Acres of Diamonds sermon O.K. to be wealthy

9 Gospel of Wealth Andrew Carnegie – Wealthy Industrialist in Steel – Concerned about the disparity between rich and poor

10 Gospel of Wealth – Options for the man of wealth to see it is used properly Family – ruin character of sons Charity – degrading for the poor State – misuse it Self – the best, dispose of it during lifetime or create a foundation to create self-help projects such as libraries, etc.

11 Success Myth – Horatio Alger Cult of the self-made man Success is due to practice of virtue and hard work Rages to riches Based on actual interviews

12 Legal Defense of Laissez-faire 14 th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution – no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law – Person – corporation – Life – cant be deprived on its charter – Liberty – freedom to do anything you want to what is you and yours – Property – Tangible possessions, profession, good will, anticipated profits – Due Process of Law – Cant single out corporations, e.g. Jacobs Case – Health regulations in a tenement where cigars made – just meddling and interfering

13 Ideology of the New Order Supportive ideology for big business Prominent last quarter of 19 th century and first two decades of 20 th century Businessmen free to do what they wanted Labor only as a commodity

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