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Order of Operations PEMDAS.

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1 Order of Operations PEMDAS

2 Expression Any combination of numbers and operations (parentheses, exponents, multiply/divide, and addition/subtraction) Examples: 2+2 3x6-8+4 (2+4)x8

3 Evaluating an Expression
To evaluate an expression- find the numerical value of an expression using order of operations 1. Parentheses 2. Exponents 3. Multiply/Divide 4. Add/Subtract

4 PEMDAS Parentheses- Do all problems in parentheses before like problems not in parentheses. If there are more than one set of parentheses do the inner most expression in parentheses and work your way out. Example: 45-2x(15-3) Work the parentheses 1st, 15-3 is 12 =45-2x12 Now follow order of operations from left to right = Subtract =21 The answer is 21!!

5 PEMDAS Exponents- After working the parentheses you will work the exponents in a problem Example: 4+(8-6)+22 Work Parentheses 1st = Now work Exponents = Follow PEMDAS =10 The answer is 10!

6 PEMDAS Multiply/Divide- perform the multiplication and division from left to right, whatever comes first. Example: 42/7(4-3) Parentheses 1st =42/7(1) Order of Operations from left to right: Division Next =6(1) Multiply =6 The Answer is 6!

7 PEMDAS Addition/Subtraction- perform the addition and subtraction of the expression from left to right, whatever comes first Example: 7(5+(13-4)/3)) Parentheses 1st =7(5+(9)/3)) Division in the parentheses next =7(5+3) Parentheses next =7(8) Multiply =56 The Answer is 56!

8 PEMDAS Proof This is how you are expected to solve your problems. On the left side of the line you work your problem and on the right side of the line you put your justification. Example: Problem: 2+10(8-6)/22 Proof: =2+10(2)/22 Parenthesis (Subtraction) =2+10(2)/4 Exponents =2+20/4 Multiplication =2+5 Division =7 Addition

9 Examples 7+2x3 8+4x2 15/3+12/4 (56-8)+36/3 [5(8+2)-46]x10 5{7+4-2(7)}

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