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Birth Order: How Your Family Birth Order Determines Your Kitchen Personality Type.

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1 Birth Order: How Your Family Birth Order Determines Your Kitchen Personality Type

2 Why is it Important to Understand the Characteristics of Family Birth Order? Better understanding of interpersonal relationships (youll get along better) Better communication Important to have different personalities working on the same team A diverse group will improve the work process

3 Functionality Spacing of births is important as is gender consideration Large gaps of years between siblings changes the characteristics of the personality type as it pertains to birth order

4 How Many First Borns in the Audience?

5 First Born Child Natural leadership abilities Ambitious, responsible, take charge, self-sacrificing Motivated Logical and straight thinkers Organized- good planners and goal setters, make to do lists Energetic

6 First Born Child Respectful, compliant Good team player, understands goals and objectives Does things right (the first time) Good problem solvers, intuitive, analytical thinkers Reliable- will take on any task Serious, conservative

7 First Born Child Scholarly, high achievers Strong concentration abilities Hates surprises STRUCTURED Perfectionists; neat dressers, everything matches Follow the rules- Law and Order!

8 First Born Child Protectors and guardians Strong willed, all or nothing, black or white- no gray Assertive…or aggressive Will take it, then explode all at once Can procrastinate if fearful of not being perfect

9 How Many First Borns? How Many are in a Supervisory or Leadership Capacity?

10 How Many Are an Only Child?

11 An Only Child Has Many of the Same Characteristics as the First Born Child

12 Only Child Little adult by age 7 Thorough, deliberate High achiever Self-motivated High expectations of self and others Cant stand failure or mistakes in self or others

13 Only Child Black and white thinker, no room for gray area Exactly, precise Rigid, cautious Dependable, responsible

14 Only Child Somewhat sheltered Somewhat self-focused

15 How Many Only Childs? How Many Only Childs are in a Supervisory or Leadership Position?

16 How Many Last Borns in the Audience?

17 Last Born Child Spoiled- the baby Charming- a real sales person LOVES to be the center of attention and the class clown Precocious, engaging Affectionate- Likes to give (and get) strokes LOVES surprises

18 Last Born Child Mischievous Little show-off Playful, fun to be around Creative and entertaining Great sense of humor Caring and lovable Likes to help others

19 Last Born Child Relaxed- No stress Genuine Trustworthy

20 How Many Last Borns? How Many Last Borns are in a Supervisory or Leadership Position?

21 How Many are a Middle Child?

22 Middle Child: A Real Paradox Good mediator, compromiser Diplomatic, a peacemaker Avoids confrontation at all cost Balanced, can see both sides Has many, rather than fewer, friends Unspoiled and realistic

23 Middle Child Independent, mentally tough Loyal to friends; trustworthy- Can keep secrets Quiet, appears to be shy Introspective, analytical thinker Impatient, easily frustrated Maverick or rebel- may leave home first

24 Middle Child Free spirit Laid back- or assertive Good team player- Understands goals and objectives Good mental coping skills Faithful in relationships More accepting of diversity

25 Middle Child Understands life isnt fair Balanced Comfortable with change, may even thrive on change Scholarly

26 How Many are a Middle Child? How Many are in a Supervisory or Leadership Position?

27 So What Does All This Mean as it Comes to Working With One Another?

28 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

29 First Born Great leadership ability, but may be seen as over bearing or overly assertive Perfectionism may cause frustration on the part of the subordinates; cant meet high expectations Need for organization may be viewed as inflexible; may miss seeing the big picture

30 First Born Getting organized may get in the way of DOING things Being logical may come across as being self-righteous Making lists may get a lot done, assuming there are followers who will actually do the work Being a cheerleader may be annoying to some

31 First Born Sharks will eat you alive; If you stick your neck out, someone will gladly chop it off and deliver it on a platter You will have your own cheering section- YOU DO IT! Go ahead! Were behind you all the way!

32 Only Child Confidence may be viewed as cockiness Serious nature may be seen as uptight Perfectionism will get the job done right the first time and might be envied by those who cant meet those standards Inability to see both points of view may cause some tensions

33 Only Child Intense thinkers may be able to analyze a situation, but it may be from a solitary point of view Strong motivation may cause others to become frustrated with the strong drive

34 Middle Child Friendly relationships are important, but may get in the way of using good or fair judgment Putting oneself in the middle of dissention could cause the mediator to get burned Peace at any price might cause some to take advantage

35 Middle Child Independence may be construed as being cold or aloof Independent thinking may be construed as arrogance or stubbornness Unspoiled may mean intolerance for those who HAVE been spoiled

36 Last Born Charming may be construed as manipulative or flaky Affectionate may be construed as gullible Attention seeking may be construed as self-centered and spoiled, and undisciplined

37 The Synergistic Effect Having opposite personalities in a kitchen really does work!

38 The Warpath Effect Too many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians Too Many Cooks Will…(you know the rest)

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