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6/1/20141 Ordering Forms on eProcurement Procurement.

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1 6/1/20141 Ordering Forms on eProcurement Procurement

2 6/1/20142 DIRECTIONS TO ORDER FORMS Log on to eProcurement Click on the shop button Procurement

3 6/1/20143 FORMS DIRECTIONS The next screen is category selection Procurement

4 6/1/20144 Search For: Standard Register Under Search For, type in Standard Register & click go. Procurement

5 6/1/20145 If you are unsure of the specific form you want, you can scroll through the Standard Register listings until you find what you need. Procurement

6 6/1/20146 If you know a specific form name, type in that name after you type Standard Register For example, Standard Register 1180 This will save you time. Procurement

7 6/1/20147 1 60-005-802 60-005-802 REQUISITION-SUPPLY"1180" $5.7200 PK / 50 60-005-802 Standard Register Co 1 Procurement

8 6/1/20148 Once you have located your form, type in a number in the quantity box and click Add to Shopping Cart. Remember you are ordering packages, not individual sheets. Procurement

9 6/1/20149 After youve added all of your forms to your shopping cart, you can check out, add your purchases to your requisition, and proceed with this order exactly the same way you finish all eProcurement orders Procurement

10 6/1/201410 HAVING DIFFICULTY? Call the Procurement Hot Line at 2-2911, option #3 Any form number that begins with MC, cannot be ordered through eprocurement. These forms must be ordered through the Medical Center Copy Center Phone 2-6170 Fax 2-6177 Procurement

11 6/1/201411 NEED HELP WITH EPROCUREMENT? Eprocurement questions: eProcurement resources: Online Training:

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