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Customer Service Overview Denise Navarro & Dawn Canty-Saunders.

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1 Customer Service Overview Denise Navarro & Dawn Canty-Saunders

2 Processes Tools Documentation Training Continuous improvement Customer Service Focus

3 Receive Order (Pull & Prep) Log Order Reconcile Problem Processing QA Classify Order Process Order RFQ Sr. / Customer Service Rep (CSR) Customer Service Manager (CS Mgr) Quality Assurance (QA) Coordinator Contract Holder (C/H) Customer Legend: RFQ Review Submit to C/H Response Issue? Return to Customer Update Order Fill Order Customer Satisfaction Survey End Yes No Help/Customer Satisfaction/Quality Assurance (occurs throughout) Pre-Order Order No Yes Customer Service Overview Contract Holder Report Reconciliation Surcharge Report QA Quality Assurance (QA) QA 1 1 2 2 Post-Order

4 RFQ Review Return to Customer; Request removal Does RFQ have Attachment? End Review daily Pending quote Report for Consistency of RFQs Yes RFQ automatically Forwarded to C/Hs No Does RFQ have Proprietary Info? Contact C/Hs if No response after Reply date expiration Assist customers with edits/deletions to RFQs Provide liaison support between customers/C/Hs RFQ Status = Do Not Contact Customer ? Yes No Yes

5 Processing Order Status Screened Assign to CSR for Processing Process Order Auto-move to Completed Folder/Status End Status must be SR Done or Screened Archive Problem found? No Pre-screen/ Classify* Ready to Process Return to Problem Orders Yes Assigned CSR double-checks that order is ready If Problem found, assign Status and work toward resolution Remember to record info into problem tracking log If no Problem - PROCESS Status must Screened to Process! Order is moved to appropriate folder for future reference

6 Order Status StatusDescription CompletedA single order file that has been separated from a Multi-Order InvalidInvalid order / problem order that cannot be resolved JunkNon-order Junk information Multi-OrderA file that contains more than one order Problem SEWP order processors have found an issue that needs to be resolved before the order can be processed and forwarded to the Contract Holder. ProcessedOrder that has been entered into the SEWP BOWL ReceivedAcknowledgement that a file has been received ResolvedProblem orders that have been resolved and can be screened for processing Scope ReviewAn order that is awaiting scope review ScreenedAn order that has been reviewed and is ready to be processed SEWP BusinessNon order documents that are related to SEWP business SR FailedAn order that failed the scope review process UnreadableAn illegible file UnresolvedProblem orders that cannot be resolved

7 Problem Orders Log into Q-App Assign Status Problem Route to appropriate Customer Service Representative (CSR) for resolution Notify Contract Holder of problem/issue Assigned CSR determines resolution. If Resolved, Status = Received Return to Classify If Unresolved Status = Invalid CSR returns order to Central Bin For all, confirm final outcome and record in tracking log Assign for Resolution Return to Central Bin Confirm & Record Outcome Help Desk Tracking, Lessons Learned, Metrics Help Desk Tracking **During resolution, contact customer as last resort Q-App Enter Contract Holder; Auto-notify of Problem Return to Classify Yes Status Received Status Invalid Auto-move to Invalid folder Resolved**? No Pre-screen/ Classify*

8 SEWP Business / Unreadable Log into Q-App If SEWP Business-related, assign Status and route to appropriate SEWP personnel for resolution Remember to input business info into tracking log If Unreadable, assign Status Order is moved to appropriate folder for future reference SEWP Business Status SEWP Business; Assign for Resolution End Status Unreadable Auto move to Resolved / Unreadable Folder Unreadable Q-App Pre-screen/ Classify*

9 Quality Assurance QA Coordinator responsible for ensuring that quality is instilled within the Order Process, at key points from initial entry to closure Focus is on internal quality assurance issues: –Conducting periodic reviews –Identifying / eliminating common problems –Assessing reports/information from vendors –Tracking quality issues –Remedying issues Determining next level of review, as necessary Performing corrective action

10 Need Help? Help Desk - (301)286-1478 –Contract holder requests for help with orders: –Non-contract holder requests for help: –Request for RFQ Help –Contract holder requests for help (non-order)

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