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SHREVEPORT COMMON Louisianas Newest Creative Place © 2013 Wendy Benscoter, Benscoter Consultants, LLC for Shreveport Regional Arts Council and the City.

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1 SHREVEPORT COMMON Louisianas Newest Creative Place © 2013 Wendy Benscoter, Benscoter Consultants, LLC for Shreveport Regional Arts Council and the City of Shreveport

2 Fast Forward last 24 months… 1-year Vision Planning Process Public/Private 30 Partners 36 Major Projects: Artist Live/Work/Market Community Space Infrastructure Transportation City Council/MPC approved Advances the city Master Plan for a Creative Cultural Neighborhood 1-Year Community Expert led Research and Strategies, Funding for Infrastructure

3 SHREVEPORT COMMON Team in Place Mayor Appointed Team: City/SPAR and SRAC City Department Heads and NWLA Roster Artist Representative Paid Staff Provide Oversight Develop Infrastructure Needed for Success: Remove Obstacles - Find/Promote Funding - Expedite Processes Plan and Help Implement Strategies

4 Community Experts Task Forces 9 Task Forces: Community Experts, Artists and Neighbors: Research and recommend best strategies and policies to fulfill the promise of the plan: o Parks & Greenspaces o Transportation o Social Services o Vendor Programs o Developers o Programming o Artists Roles & Residences o Public Art o Communicating w Neighbors Met for 6 months Researched other communities and best practices Proposed strategies & policies Bonnie Moore (CDC), Kent Rogers (NLCOG) & Chloe Duplessis (CN) represented H.U.D. Choice Neighborhoods on the SHREVEPORT COMMON Management Team. Debra Seamster was the Choice Neighborhood Task Force representative

5 Creativity Authenticity Stimulating. Vibrant. Diverse True to History. Place. Character SHREVEPORT COMMON Vision Plan and Strategies for a vibrant, animated, arts and cultural neighborhood built on… Sustainability Community Environmentally. Socially. Economically Inclusive. Hospitable. Tolerant Choice Neighborhood Ledbetter Allendale Downtown Shreveport Shreveport Common Cultural Community

6 It is the heritage of opportunity, creativity and tolerance that make Shreveport Common a historically and spiritually dynamic place… …most dynamic … a crucible of change That spirit lives today, embodied in the stories, landmarks, and people...

7 Shreveport Common Home to 800 Residents Providence House Transitional, families - 90 Fairmont Tower Apartments, Affordable - 530 Logan Mansion Private Home - 2 Mercy Center – Residences for HIV+ 3 houses - 36 Private Residences / Rental 4 HOPE Texas Ave. Private Residence - 1 710 Crockett Lofts - 14 725-731 Milam - private residences719 Milam– private loft - 3 VAO McAdoo - 30

8 James Burton Foundation, Studio (Rock N Roll Museum) Nelson Hammons - 15 Logan Mansion Private Home - 2 Dominiques Catering - 2 minicine ? Lakeside Baptist Church – 150 members, 3 staff Dannye Malone Law - 6 Firm - 7 Scottish Rite Cathedral - 2 Data Stor – 21, ESCO - 25 Credit Bureau South – 18, Superman – 1 Location Makers Fair 27 Shreveport Common Business, Churches, Organizations James Burton Foundation Studio - 2 Korner Lounge - 7 Rescue Mission Warehouse - 4 Elite Computer Services - 2 i architecture – 2, JJ Diner 2 Strand - 3 SRAC Central ARTSTATION - 12 SMG Municipal Auditorium – 3, Friends of Municipal Holy Cross - 3 ASEANA Foundation Calanthean Temple Little Realty - 6

9 It takes a Vision Plan for a revitalized cultural community, Strategies for Implementation, and continued Proof of Change by over 30 partners to see a future beyond the abandoned properties


11 9 SHREVEPORT COMMON Arts-Led Community Initiatives PARKS & GREEN COMMUNITY SPACES SOCIAL SERVICES TRANSPORTATION New connected Green Spaces, Funding, Design, Property Acquisition, Infrastructure, Artist on Design Teams, Goal: sustainable, surprising green spaces and niches Funding, Complete Streets and Walkablility, Bike-Ped hub, Infrastructure, artist - designed CommonLink, designed and fabricated Bike Racks, Bike/Ped Paths, Crosswalks Integrating the Social Service Organizations, Creating a Neighborhood, Workforce & Earned-Income Opportunities, Pay-It- Forward Teams Artists with Organizations, Help w/ Vagrancy Issues DEVELOPERS Acquiring and Packaging Property, Market Study by TMG, Zoning Amendment, COS Infrastructure, Affordable Artist Live/ Workspaces, Markets, Artist Designed New Business/Residences VENDOR S Creating Arts, Culture and Food Vendor Opportunities, Fresh Food, new Marketplaces, Market- entry opportunities, ordinance changes, designated properties, partnerships with Social Service Organizations Creating Relationships, Partnerships, Current and New Neighbors, City/Parish partnerships, a sense of place, a sense of Community NEIGHBORS / PARTNERS/ COMMUNICATING

12 $6M CENTRAL ARTSTATION renovation complete with Arts Resource Center, Black-Box Engine Room and Gallery! $5.75M: Municipal Auditorium, Oakland Cemetery, Grand Promenade renovations underway! $3M (VOA) McAdoo renovation complete! 9 Community Expert Task Forces created Strategic Plan now Implementation Plan! 13 properties acquired; Environmental Phase I complete! CommonLink Transportation/Information hub is Shovel-Ready! 4 new businesses relocated to SHREVEPORT COMMON! Creswell Hotel sold to private developer! Arlington Hotel saved by city of Shreveport! $60,000 SRAC + SPAR Temporary Public Art! 3 CADDO COMMON Clean-up Days, 700 volunteers! 65 Artists completed Entrepreneurial Training! PAY-IT-FORWARD program exchanges space/venue rental and training fees for Artists community service! UNSCENE! animates area with national and local artists, unabashed programming, arts market every month! What is complete in SHREVEPORT COMMON


14 Working / Coming Soon in SHREVEPORT COMMON TMG Market Study draft received, final report due Dec. 2013 Zoning Amendment to Ordinance. Next step: MPC and 2 nd round community meetings, (Goody Clancy) NLCOG/Transportation Task Force Bike / Ped path plan complete with SC as hub to 6 key anchors; state funding pending Phase II Environmental on acquired properties COS to complete acquiring adjudicated properties HUD Choice grant includes $ Artist Affordable housing Management Team meets monthly; Forming Shreveport Common Redevelopment 501(c) 3 Workforce Development expands to Social Service Organizations Artist Entrepreneur Training expands to include Southern University Business Certificate, and Practicum NLCOG plan for Trail of Two Cities through Texas Ave. Continue UNSCENE! monthly Arts Programming: nationally acclaimed and regional artists, $432,000 funded (national & local) Committed developer inquiries CADDO COMMON Park design funded, RFS for Design Team Dec. 2013


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