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Cindy Camp Jacksonville State University Alabama SOTAC Katherine J. Bruni Georgia Perimeter College Georgia SOTAC State Outreach and Technical Assistance.

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1 Cindy Camp Jacksonville State University Alabama SOTAC Katherine J. Bruni Georgia Perimeter College Georgia SOTAC State Outreach and Technical Assistance Centers Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Beyond Accommodations Providing Reasonable Accommodations with Unreasonable Costs

2 Goals To share information about PEPNets State Outreach and Technical Assistance Centers (SOTACs) and how they can be a resource to you. To share information about innovative strategies to reduce costs and provide accommodations for students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. To share information about technology and options for interpreting and captioning, including C-Print. To share information about the Captioned Media Program.


4 PEPNet PEPNet is a network of four regional centers. The consortium provides technical assistance and support to postsecondary institutions serving deaf and hard of hearing people. WROCC Western Region Outreach Center and Consortia CSUN NETAC Northeast Technical Center NTID MCPO Midwest Center for Postsecondary Outreach St. Paul Technical College PEC Postsecondary Assistance Education Consortium University of Tennessee

5 PEC SOTAC s Louisiana Kentucky North Carolina Alabama Jacksonville State University Oklahoma Arkansas Florida Virginia Mississippi Texas South Carolina The Virgin Islands Georgia Georgia Perimeter College

6 Providing Accommodations Interpreting Speech-to-Text or Captioning Captioned Media Program Remote services Web Based Instruction

7 … Finding Interpreting Services … Interpreting Agencies Creative Incentives Parking, Tuition, Fitness, Discounts, Housing… Offer Continuing Education and/or Diagnostics Borrow/Barter Interpreter Training Programs Establish Partnerships with Other Institutions – PROJECT REACH

8 Speech-to-Text Services CART C-Print Typewell

9 Captioned Media Program What is it? A free loan library of open captioned media. Who is eligible to join? Anyone with a hearing loss or working in the field. What types of materials are available? Educational, self-help, and classic titles. VHS, CD Rom, DVD, Web streaming. What does it cost? ITS FREE What else do they do? They are your source for all things related to captioning: guidelines to captioning, recommended captioning agencies, finding captioned titles, etc.

10 Whats the big deal about captions? Captions benefit everyone. Individuals with a hearing loss Individuals with other disabilities Children learning to read Individuals whose first language isnt English Senior Citizens Less than 15% of the educational videos available for purchase are captioned. Even fewer educational DVD, CD-ROM, and other media are captioned.

11 Common Misconceptions The caption decoder in a TV is a magic device that shows captions for all videos. All you have to do is know how to turn it on. Attaching a caption decoder or turning on the internal decoder requires a degree in engineering. Captions are distracting to hearing students.

12 Common Excuses The information wont be on the test. Its only a short clip. The information is in the textbook and lecture as well. The interpreter can just tell the student what is going on. I cant find a captioned version. This TV doesnt show captions. It costs too much to caption a video. It takes too much time to add captions.

13 The Basics All educational materials must be accessible. Its the law. The quality of the captions is very important and quality costs. You must have permission from the producer to add captions to a commercially produced video.

14 Where can I find captioned videos? Free-Loan: The Captioned Media Program (CMP) Purchase: Bowkers Complete Video Directory and the CMP database. Encourage your school to establish a policy to only purchase captioned media.

15 Captioning Guidelines Open-captioned format Pop-on method Upper and lower-case letters with descenders Proportional spacing 32 characters per line Helvetica Medium (or similar) The Captioning Key

16 … Remote Services … Education and Technology Working Together Projects and Resources The PantherCom Project & VSU Independent and Private Sector Vendors

17 Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Uses video-conferencing technology to provide interpreting services from off-site locations Whats needed? Web camera(s) Display screen Microphone/speaker Software Fast internet connection

18 Accessible Web Based Instruction

19 Creative Solutions for Funding Sources

20 … Resource Sharing … System Wide Agreements Board of Regents VR Agreements Subcontracts Between Institutions Sharing Interpreter Lists/Contacts

21 … In House … Hire staff interpreters: pros/cons PEPNet Interpreter survey Hire part-time interpreters Benefits Swing schedules Consider student fee structure Bill other departments

22 Other Considerations: English and High Stakes Testing Notetaking Online Notetaker Training Assistive Listening Devices

23 Resources PEPNet Resource Center (PRC) EdTrade User name: dsp Password: postsecondary Georgia Perimeter College Deaf/Hard of Hearing Only 0095 Reading/Writing

24 Transition Resources Deaf Extreme April 18 at Valdosta State University Gates to Adventure Online Training

25 Questions?

26 Katherine Bruni Outreach Specialist, Georgias SOTAC English Instructor, to students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Georgia Perimeter College SOTAC Satellite: 324 Knots Cr. Woodstock, GA 30188 770-928-6785 v/tdd Cell phone: 404-406-8194

27 Cindy Camp Outreach Specialist, Alabamas SOTAC Disability Specialist In Deafness Jacksonville State University Disability Support Services 700 Pelham Road North Jacksonville AL 35968 256-782-8387 (v/tty)

28 … Remote Services … The Following List May Not Be Complete, and it is Ever Changing. Inclusion Should Not be Considered an Endorsement by the Postsecondary Education Programs Network.

29 … Remote Interpreting … Birnbaum Interpreting Services 8555 16th Street - Suite 400 Silver Spring, MD 20902 301-587-8885 v/tty Communication Access Center (CAC) 1631 Miller Road Flint, MI 48503 810-239-3112 Communication Access Network, Inc. 925 Wappoo Road – Suite B Charleston, SC 29407 866-411-8377 voice 877-411-8377 tty Daryl Crouse – President Communication Service for the Deaf 102 Krohn Place Sioux Falls, SD 57103 866) 291-8267 Voice/TTY Deaf-Talk, Inc. 607 Washington Road - Suite 302 Pittsburgh, PA 15228 877-229-8119 Interpretek 1200A Scottsville Road - Suite 13 Rochester, NY 14624 888-273-0277

30 … Remote Interpreting … Interpreters Inc. P.O. Box 604 Wake Forest, NC 27588 866-678-8686 Interpreting Solutions Inc. 4369 S. Howell Avenue - Suite 305 Milwaukee WI 53207 414-727-8778 Network Interpreting Service, LLC 322 E. Main Street Suite 300 Burley, ID 83318 and 4201 Mt. Voss St. San Diego, CA 92117 800-284-1043 PantherCom Project University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee PO Box 413 Mitchell Hall 120 Milwaukee, WI 53201 414-229-2343 Bambi Riehl – Director Sign Language Associates Inc. 11002 Veirs Mill Road - Suite 506 Silver Spring, MD 20902 301-946-9710 v/tty Sign On, Inc. 1414 Dexter Avenue N. Suite 316 Seattle, WA 98109 206-632-7100 voice - 206-632-7200 tty

31 … Remote Interpreting … SignTalk America, LLC 55-02 Broadway Woodside, New York 11377 718-458-2211 Herb Amster, CEO Sorenson Communications Inc. 4393 South Riverboat Road - Suite 300 Salt Lake City, Utah 84123 801-287-9400

32 … Remote Speech-to-Text … Caption First P.O. Box 1924 Lombard, IL 60148 800-825-5234 Caption Reporters, Inc. 9450 Pennsylvania Avenue - Suite 20 Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 301-599-1899 Captions Unlimited of Nevada, Inc P.O. Box 20905 Reno, Nevada 89515 775-746-3534 Cart Excellence,LLC 866-212-9704 Carolinas Captioning 3635 Stokes Avenue - Suite B Charlotte, NC 28210 704.552.6753 Communique Interactive Solutions, Inc. 540-775-7742 v - 540-775-1533 tty

33 … Remote Speech-to-Text … Deaf Access Solutions 1819 Corcoran St NW - Suite B Washington DC, 20009 202-234-2899 Hear Ink St. Louis, MO 63114 314-427-1113 Quick Caption 4927 Arlington Avenue Riverside, CA 92504 951-779-0787 RapidText 1801 Dove Street - Suite 101 Newport Beach, CA 92660 949-399-9200 v - 949-399-9273 tty RealTime Reporters 831-335-7792 Texas Closed Captioning 310 East 34th Street Austin, TX * 78705 512-480-0210

34 … Remote Speech-to-Text … Urban Caption 1999 Avenue of the Stars - Suite 1100 Century City, CA 90067 310-525-3504 300 Park Avenue - 17th Floor New York, New York 10022 212.572.6284 Viable Technologies 9401 Fox Hollow Drive Potomac, MD 20854 877-219-0662 PantherCom Project University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee PO Box 413 Mitchell Hall 120 Milwaukee, WI 53201 414-229-2343 Bambi Riehl – Director

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