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Make your own Family Totem Pole!

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1 Make your own Family Totem Pole!
Explore Native America with the Brenchley Collection Make your own Family Totem Pole!

2 – the size of 3 double decker buses on top of each other!
What is a Totem Pole? Totem Poles are large sculptures carved from the bark of Cedar Wood Trees. A real life totem pole can be 40ft high or more – the size of 3 double decker buses on top of each other! What are they used for? Totem Poles have different uses; some are made for the entrance of houses, some were carved from beams inside houses, some mark special occasions and some were placed outside to honour a chief who had died.

3 Who makes Totem Poles? Native People from the North Pacific Coast of America have a long history of carving Totem Poles.

4 You can see Totem Poles in the UK
Designs with multiple figures are made by the Haida and Tlingit Peoples of the Northwest Coast and the Tsimshian people of British Columbia. Human figures and interior house posts are made by the Kwakwaka’wakw, Nuu-chah-nulth and the Coast Salish Peoples. Totem Pole, British Museum Totem Pole, Great Windsor Park

5 What do carvings on Totem Poles represent?
Designs feature images of people, animals, and characters from stories. Some carvings tell stories and some tell family history, linking people with their ancestors and their origins. Some Native American artists believe that carvings bring out happiness and sadness.

6 Which symbols will you put on your Totem Pole to represent your family?

7 BEAR Powerful and courageous. Bears have human like qualities. Ears
Large nostrils A wide mouth with its tongue sticking out! Finger-like claws!

8 BEAVER Hard work, determination and has the strength to build things.
Wide mouth with two large teeth! Paws that have fingers A chewing stick A cross hatched tail

9 A symbol of power, prestige and peace.
EAGLE A symbol of power, prestige and peace. The Eagle is intelligent and the ‘master of the skies’ who can travel between the physical and spiritual world. Short beak with a tongue inside Ears Wings Eagle feathers are a religious symbol and only allowed to be worn by those who have earned the privilege. Claws

10 FROG The Frog is believed to bring health and wealth.
The frogs helps to stop houses falling over. Legs with toed feet Large mouth with thick lips

11 Symbolises love, beauty and intelligence.
HUMMINGBIRD Symbolises love, beauty and intelligence. Big eyes Long wings Very long beak A long tail

12 OWL The owl symbolises wisdom. Large, round eyes
A short and sharp beak Wings

13 The most important animal.
RAVEN The most important animal. The Raven is a transformer, a trickster and the creator of the world. He is full of knowledge and magical powers. Long straight beak with downturned tip Wings Claws

14 SALMON Salmon is a fish that symbolises dependability and renewal.
Long body Tail Open mouth Fins

15 THUNDERBIRD Only the most powerful and prestigious chiefs and families have the Thunderbird on their totem poles! He sits at the top! Outstretched wings A sharply curved beak Tail Clawed feet

16 Represents loyalty and family.
WOLF Represents loyalty and family. He has a special spirit power that people need to become successful hunters. Long snout with flared nostrils Prominent ears Lots of sharp teeth Curved tail Front paws raised

17 Powerful, strong and brave.
WHALE Powerful, strong and brave. A blow hole Round head A fin large mouth with many teeth A tail

18 THE SUN The sun represents warmth, healing and peace. The sun brings happiness to the world. Sits at the top of the totem pole! Face in the middle of the sun Long rays

19 Are Totem Poles still carved today?
Yes! Totem poles were discouraged for a number of years by outsiders of tribes; some were even destroyed, chopped down and ignored and some moved to museums. But today there is a lot of support for tribes to reclaim their culture and more totem poles are being carved.

20 Make your own Family Totem Pole!
Choose the animals that represent your family! Make yours bright and colourful by using the materials provided! HOW TO: Cardboard tube will be the totem pole Decorate the totem pole - wrap a coloured paper around the tube. Design images for your totem pole – which symbols or animals represent your family? Draw images or use outlines provided. Colour in and decorate. For wings - cut the wing shape and fold one end – glue the folded end to the tube. Use the same method for beaks. TWEET pictures of your totems

21 Totem Poles made on June 1st at Maidstone Museum and Canterbury Christ Church University’s event Explore Native America with the Brenchley Collection, ‘Make your own Family Totem Pole’ craft session

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