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Naviance Succeed Junior Presentation College Counseling.

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1 Naviance Succeed Junior Presentation College Counseling

2 Welcome to Naviance Naviance is a web-based resource for students and parents that encourages and supports post high school career and college planning Family Connection is specific to our school Family Connection is linked with Naviance Succeed, a service that is used in College Counseling

3 How Can I Use It? Career Planning Interest Inventory, Personality Inventory, Resume Building College Planning College Search, Application Process, College Major Exploration, Scholarship/Financial Aid Resources Success Planning Personalized Goals and Tasks, Journal Entries, Student Planner

4 Getting Started Have your personal registration code available for first time login Link is on the College Counseling homepage (quick link from MMA website)

5 Click on I need to register Click on this to register

6 Enter your registration code.

7 Be sure to put in your personal information. Parents/guardians will have their own account. Use an email that you use for MMA and a password that you will remember!

8 Click on colleges or career tabs to explore Open House and Info Sessions received by our office Testing links

9 2 college search features Create a list of potential colleges here Specific information about individual colleges See admissions results for past MMA students in graph format Lists any programs sent to our office

10 The green numbers indicate that Ima is above the accepted average for MMA students, while the red numbers indicate that she falls below the average. The green or red do not guarantee that you will be accepted or denied. They give a rough idea of where your daughter stands in comparison to past MMA applicants.

11 The red circle shows where the student fits in graph

12 Shows scattergram Links to college website Application outcomes With GPA & test scores Lists the top 10 application overlaps for this school from MMA students the past 3 years

13 Updates

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