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Doerre Intermediate School

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1 Doerre Intermediate School
Is it really that different? Presented by Doerre Counselors and Administrators

2 Differences between Regulars, Pre-AP, and Pre-AP/GT

3 Regulars Homework will be a major part of nightly routine Teacher directed activities and learning Daily drill of new learning Review sheets often given before tests

4 Pre AP & Pre AP-GT Independent learners Faster pace
Increased homework level Application level questions and/or essay style tests Active participation

5 6th grade GT Must have qualified based on previous screening
GT students may be asked to complete outside, independent research/project to be presented in the classroom TPSP project required

6 Exit Policy from Pre AP Courses
Exit by the end of the first six weeks Exit at the end of first semester It is recommended that the parent contacts the teacher for a conference if the student is not making a “C” average in the Pre AP curriculum

7 6th grade Bell Schedule 8:15-8:40AM Cafeteria 8:40-8:50AM Gym
8:50-8:58AM Locker then class 5 minutes between classes (exclusively 6th graders) 6th graders eat lunch with other 6th graders only

8 Subjects & Electives

9 Typical 6th Grade Schedule
English/Language Arts Block Math Science Social Studies PE Elective

10 Language Arts Two periods per day with same teacher
Spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, and composition skills Homework assigned nightly

11 Math Must know multiplication and division facts prior to 6th grade
Homework given nightly Before school tutorials/reviews available on test days Excellent resource Holt Online Textbook (video tutorials, sample homework problems and practice quizzes)

12 Science General science Lab safety and experiments
Homework assigned 2 – 3 nights a week

13 Social Studies Countries and cultures Map study
Homework assigned 2 – 3 nights a week

14 Electives Art* Theater Arts Band* Choir* Orchestra*
Math Improvement (required based on STAAR results) PATH – Next Step *Requires fees and/or instrument rental *Band and Orchestra will send letters in late March for instrument selection dates and times.

15 Physical Education 6th and 7th grade
Dress out in their PE uniform daily Off Campus PE program (paperwork required by June 12th, contact elementary school) *Category plus hours per week *Category plus hours per week Must be a KISD approved off campus PE establishment

16 Home School Communication

17 Binder Reminder Free at Doerreintation in August (compliments of the PTO) Use to record assignments Teacher and parent can communicate through binder reminder

18 Progress Reports 4th Thursday of each 6 weeks
Distributed during 7th period

19 Teacher Communication
Individual Conference

20 Open House Fall and Spring semester
Fall Open House allows parents to walk through their student’s schedule Spring Open House has different scheduled activities to visit

21 Social Growth Opportunities

22 Social Growth Opportunities
Doerre offers many new experiences Clubs Student Council Intramurals Academic and Extracurricular Activities

23 Doerre Clubs 2014 Anime Club Ms. Teague is located in classroom number 231 and meets one Thursday a month. Look for announcements in the cafeteria. Exact dates will be announced. See Ms.Teague's web site for permission slips, and meeting dates. to the Anime Club link for more information. Campus Life Mrs. Daugherty Mondays 4-5 choir room Chess Club Mr. Shippey Rm Meetings TBA Culture Club Mrs. Ball Rm Mrs. Poduval Meets in the library museum meets on Tuesdays after school-See calendar on Doerre website DI (Destination Imagination) Ms.Teague classroom number 231 and Ms. C. Van Alstyne 114 Doerre Scribes, the writing club, meets on Wednesday at 8:00 in the museum.  Mr. Keimig and Mrs. Raiyawa

24 Math Club Mr. A. Collins (rm. 200) meets Wednesday mornings
Math club for 6th grade meets on Wednesdays at 8:00 in room 212 with Mrs. Hickman. NJHS Mrs. Strole and Mr. Collins (rm.202) meets as announced No Place for Hate Mrs. Kirk & Mrs. Lakin listen for announcements  (combined with Doerre Chiefs) Student Council (STUCO) Mr. Russell Rm. Rm. 227 STUCO meets as announced Warriors for Christ Mrs. L. Millican (rm. 204) & Mrs. Henze rm. 233 Other ways to get involved: Try out for sports (football, volleyball, basketball, track, cross country, swimming, cheerleading, etc.) Join the choir, orchestra or band! Participate in Theater Arts productions. Compete in drawing and writing competitions!

25 Students Can Prepare By…
Begin now to strengthen organizational skills Master all math facts Read, read, read, especially during the summer Novels Non-fiction Current events

26 Parent Strategies

27 How Can Parents Prepare?
Talk with the 5th grade teachers about subject level placement (Regulars, Pre AP, Pre AP/GT) Help your child make a wise elective choice Be patient and let your child accept responsibility along with the natural consequences!

28 What Can You Do To Make Your Doerre Student Successful?
Check Parent Connection weekly Check Binder Reminder nightly Check teacher websites Do not accept zeros as grades!

29 Who Do We Call For Help? Classroom teacher(s) Counselors –
Mrs. Lakin (A-Go) Mrs. Kirk (Gr-O) Mrs. Luedeker (P-Z) Ms. Pietsch (Case Manager) 6th grade Associate Principal – Dr. Kulhanek-Rochin (Ms. K) Principal – Mrs. Saccomanno

30 Additional Resources Student Handbook Class Rules
Project guidelines/Grading sheets Doerre Website

31 Last Day for Schedule Change
The last day for any schedule change, including both elective change and level change (Pre AP to regulars) will be June 12th at 3:00 pm. After that point, no changes can be honored.

32 Thank you for coming. Have a successful finish to 5th grade
Thank you for coming! Have a successful finish to 5th grade!! See you in August!!

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