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Emma Price SAPPSS Project Coordinator (Federal) CASA The Royal Womens Hospital.

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1 Emma Price SAPPSS Project Coordinator (Federal) CASA House @ The Royal Womens Hospital

2 Any unwanted sexual behaviour that makes the victim/survivor feel uncomfortable, frightened, intimidated or threatened. Any sexual activity that the victim/survivor has not given free agreement (consented) to. It happens more frequently than many people realise and includes a range of behaviours e.g. unwelcome comments & jokes, unwanted touching, rape

3 Young people are committing violence – including sexual violence Young people experience sexual assault at a high rates Young people, like all of society, hold a lot of misconceptions about sexual assault Sexual assault is an under-reported crime Few young people acknowledge some behaviours as sexual assault (especially coercive behaviours) Historically sexual assault has been rarely talked about in an informed, formal or responsible manner

4 Is a specific form of violence As such requires a specific response When compared to other types of violence we see Differing determinants- Unequal power relations between men and women Gender Stereotypes Attitudes and characteristics- Hidden nature of sexual assault Victim blaming Excusing perpetrators behaviour Social norms and practices Trivializing of behaviours & effects

5 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience sexual assault before the age of 18 Study by Fergusson and Mullen 1999 78% of victims of sexual assault know the offender 80% of victim/survivors are girls and women Of all recorded sexual assaults in Australia, 65% occur in homes Australian Institute of Criminology 2003 97% of sexual offenders are male World Health Organization 2004 85% of sexual assaults never come to the attention of the criminal justice system Australian Bureau of Statistics 2005

6 Centre Against Sexual Assault A department of The Royal Womens Hospital, Melbourne One of 15 CASAs around Victoria Servicing metropolitan areas of Hume, Moreland, Yarra, Melbourne & Moonee Ponds and patients of the Royal Womens Hospital Direct Service provides free, confidential support and counseling to victim/survivors of past and recent sexual assault provides phone support and advice to friends and family supporting a victim/survivor Prevention and Education provides advice and consultancy to other professionals involved in public advocacy and community education

7 Programs and Activities undertaken before a problem occurs: Preventing initial perpetration or victimization Seek to remove the determinants and prevent the development of risk factors Targeting a general population, not just young people who have been deemed at risk

8 Melbourne based SAPPSS implementation, delivery and management. Partnership with Canberra Rape Crisis Centre to implement, deliver and manage SAPPSS in three schools in the ACT. Lead Agency for Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Respectful Relationship Prevention of Gender Based Violence Demonstration Project. Consultants for AFL Respect and Responsibility DVD resource development. 16 songs for 16 days project partnership with Melbourne City Mission, working with homeless young people Partnership with Dirty Work Comedy to deliver the No Means No Show to young people across Victoria and the ACT Consultant for Dirty Work Comedy for The Talk DVD production.

9 Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Secondary Schools Model developed by CASA House Implemented by various Sexual Assault Support agencies across Australia Partnership between schools and CASA Whole-school approach Long term model of phased implementation Aims : Prevent: Reduce the incidence of sexual assault in school communities; and Respond: Enhance the capacity of secondary schools to respond to sexual assault.


11 EXAMPLE – Results from National Community Attitude Survey 34% believe that rape results from men being unable to control their need for sex. 13% of people agree that women often say no when they mean yes 1 in 6 people agree that a woman is partly responsible if she is raped when drunk or drugaffected Young people are less likely to rate some forms of physical violence as serious – including slapping or pushing a partner Non-physical forms of violence tended to be seen as less serious. One in five respondents categorized yelling abuse at a partner and controlling a partner by denying them money as either not that serious or not serious at all. One-quarter (26 %) disagree that women rarely make false claims of being raped.

12 EXAMPLE In PRE program SAPPSS surveys - Significant numbers of young people are unaware of age of consent laws. - Very few have an understanding of the 2 year rule (Victorian Law) - Almost none have an understanding of the concept of free-agreement or the influencing factors (especially coercion or drug/alcohol)

13 EXAMPLE Quotes from young people undertaking SAPPSS- guys should be buying their girlfriends presents (Year 9, Young Woman) guys are always ready for sex, as if they ever say no (Year 9, Young Man) girls shouldnt dress like that if they dont want to have sex (Year 9, Young Woman) girls shouldnt have boyfriends if they dont want to have sex (Year 10, Young Man) boys know more about sex, because they watch more porn (Year 9, Young Man) Chicks are just touchy, feely and cryie, guys dont talk about that stuff (Year 10, Young Man) Mainstream media In a recent FHM magazine there was a manhood quiz, to find out how much of a man readers were. The quiz allocated 10 man points (the maximum possible) for having sex with a girl when she has told you she doesnt want to.

14 EXAMPLE In PRE program SAPPSS surveys Most young people disagree that a group of boys cornering a girl and asking questions about her sex life would be considered sexual assault 30-60% of young people disagree that making jokes about someones sexuality is against the law Coercive behaviors are already seen as acceptable and in many cases normal for young people. In a recent survey Vic Health found that 30% of Year 10 girls and 27% Year 12 sexually active girls report having experienced unwanted sex

15 The Australian Government is investing in the Prevention of Violence Against Women at both state and federal levels Sexual Assault is increasingly becoming spoken about in an appropriate and respectful manner. Community Attitudes across our community are, overall, positively shifting Across Australia prevention work is engaging all levels of communities (schools, workplaces, media, sporting, government etc) in varied projects and programs

16 CASA House SAPPSS No Mean No Show National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children NASASV National Standards for the Primary Prevention of Sexual Assault Victorian Respectful Relationships Education – Best Practice Guidelines spectful-relationships.pdf National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey 2009

17 Emma Price SAPPSS Project Coordinator (Federal) CASA House Queen Victoria Womens Centre Level 3, 210 Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000 (03) 9635 3616

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