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University of Toledo, Ohio

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1 University of Toledo, Ohio
Cracking the USMLE!! FARAZ KHAN LUNI M.D. University of Toledo, Ohio Internal Medicine USMLE Step 1 score 99 (266) USMLE Step 2 score 99 (263) USMLE Step 3 score 99 (234)

2 DISCLAIMER! No fixed formula of success Listen to others
Do what suits you

3 Avoid Stress Sort out family issues Decide what you want Long process

4 Avoid Stress Sleep well Take out time to relax and exercise
Don’t postpone exams unnecessarily - Maximum of four reads

5 How to study Hard work pays off but smart studying pays off even more
Study Partner or group Make a timetable and stick to it

6 Time Table Have 8 Hours of Sleep - Fixed sleeping schedule
Time to relax Time to exercise Study in breaks

7 Time Table 9 AM Wake up 10-2:30 Study (4.5 Hours) 2:30-3 TV 3-6 Sleep
6-6: Tea Time 6: Study (2.5 Hours) 9-9: Exercise 9: Eat-TV 10-2: Study (4.5 Hours)

8 How to study Library Don’t over prepare

9 How to study Not many Buzz words Clinical scenarios No Rattas please
- No need to memorize every line

10 Step 1 subjects (in order of importance)
Pathology (Highest yield) Microbiology (Bacteriology high yield, Viral Groups) Behavioral Sciences (Our Achilles' Tendon) Pharmacology (Personal Classification Notes) Immunology (Immune deficiency diseases high yield) Physiology Biochemistry (First Aid is our aid) Genetics Anatomy (YES!!! Lowest yield topic. Only Neuroanatomy is high yield)

11 Which books to use Kaplan Lecture Notes (Along with DVDs)
Kaplan 100 cases of ethics Epidemiology and Biostatistics for the USMLE (Appleton and Lange) Goljan Pathology (Old Edition)

12 Which books to use Original First Aid Kaplan Q bank (Not Q book)
UWorld MCQs (ONLINE!!!) DON’T use High yield series, Grey’s, Harper,Guyton, Ganong!!!

13 First Read Orient Yourself Don’t panic if you don’t remember
Slowest read Should take ~3 months ~ more days if DVDs

14 First Read Kaplan Series Kaplan 100 cases of ethics
Epidemiology and Biostatistics for the USMLE (Appleton and Lange) Goljan Pathology (Some recommend Lectures) - New edition too detailed!

15 First Read DVDs Alternate way of studying
NOT necessary for good scores Make additions to Kaplan Do not write every word

16 First Read DVDs Watch once Increase speed, Capture (Power DVD)
Behavior sciences is a must! Decide for yourself

17 Second Read Revise Should take ~ 2 months (with Q Bank)
Don’t waste time on DVDs

18 Second Read Original First Aid MUST use it!
NOT a replacement for Kaplan Great retention and revision tool

19 Second Read Kaplan Q bank (Book Format) Understand question pattern
Topic by topic Identify high yield topics Note new information

20 Third Read Should take ~15 days U World ~ 13 more days
Kaplan + First Aid U World Online ( )

21 Third Read Sample exam ( NBME Predictive Value

22 USMLE World Always Online (Don’t use book) $99 package
Smartest $99 ever spent! Can also give self assessment (Extra $30)

23 USMLE World Learning tool (Not Evaluation) High 60s ~ High 90s
Exam day matters Identify Weaknesses

24 USMLE World Extra Information - Make notes
Gives feel of the exam Schedule near the real exam

25 USMLE World FAQs Not getting good scores U World Vs Real Exam
My friend got a low score

26 Day before the Exam Stop studying by 6 pm Relax
Stay away from position holders Sleep early

27 Day before the Exam Don’t use long acting sedatives (Valium)
Go see Prometric centre at least a day before Exam Tutorial Don’t cross question yourself

28 Step 1 Exam Format 8 Blocks 1 st Block Tutorial
7 Block MCQs (46 MCQs per Block)

29 Exam Format 15 Min Tutorial 45 min Break 1 Hour per Block
If you finish earlier time added to break time Block time is CONSTANT (1 hour)

30 Exam Day Reach early Use restroom
Don’t study on exam day or in exam break Take juices, snacks Panadol Extra (A lifesaver!!)

31 Exam Day Skip tutorial - Check mouse, sound, monitor Time management

32 Exam Day Have a positive attitude All blocks WONT go well
Don’t evaluate yourself It seems crazy but ENJOY your exam

33 How to attempt questions?
Read the last line first Look at the options Then read the whole question Highlight

34 How to attempt questions?
Don’t waste time Use mark option Tick any answer Don’t leave any unanswered question All the information is in Kaplan and UWorld

35 Under Grads Time for Concepts Proper Text Books Kaplan
Don’t compromise your Med School

36 Should I go for the Steps?
Under Grads Should I go for the Steps? Pros Information fresh Save time to residency Cons Only 1 USMLE attempt (Unless you Flunk) Neglect of college studies Stressful

37 House Job Pros Backup Learning Pakistan Option PMDC Financial

38 House Job Cons Does not affect scores 1 extra year Less Study time
Not a big boost to your match chances

39 House Job Do or not? Visa Status Family Issues AKU or Civil
How to study? Time Wards

40 FAQs Should I give Step 1 first or Step 2 Old edition or new one

41 FAQs Is USMLE Step 1 studies good enough to pass FCPS
Should I delay my exam

42 FAQs Audio Visual Questions Slides

43 USMLE Step 2

44 USMLE STEP 2 Attempt within 3-4 months of step 1
Questions from step 1 syllabus Shorter syllabus

45 USMLE STEP 2 Studying smartly is the key Beware of mistakes in Kaplan
Time management very important

46 Subjects Medicine (Highest Yield) Pediatrics (Medium Yield)
Obstetrics and Gynecology (Medium Yield) Surgery (Lowest Yield) Psychiatry (Lowest Yield)

47 What to focus on? What is the next best step
What is the next best test What is the most accurate test What is the most likely diagnosis How to manage

48 What to study? Recommended Only Kaplan Series
UWorld Mcqs (Either online or Book) Master the Boards (Not used by me) Not Recommended No Dvd’s except Cardiology and Gynaecology No First Aid No Qbank

49 How to study? Three reads more then enough Timing
1st read ~ 2 months with UWorld 2nd read ~1 month 3rd read ~ 13 days

50 How to study? Everyone gets whipped in U World Understand pattern
U World with first read Everyone gets whipped in U World Understand pattern Identify high yield topics

51 Step 2 Exam Format 9 Blocks 1 st Block Tutorial
8 Block MCQs (44 MCQs per Block)

52 USMLE Step 3 2 Day Exam First Day MCQs
Second Day MCQs + Clinical Case Scenario Best time as soon after Step 2

53 USMLE Step 3 UWorld Kaplan Step 2 Or Step 3 Master the Boards

54 Result and Etiquettes Result comes after 3 weeks on Wednesdays 9AM EST
DON’T call person to ask result Anything less than 99 is NOT a disappointment


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