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Assessing Risks. Preventing Harm. June 19, 2013. Tivertons $625,000 DFC Grant Establish and strengthen collaboration among communities, public and private.

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1 Assessing Risks. Preventing Harm. June 19, 2013

2 Tivertons $625,000 DFC Grant Establish and strengthen collaboration among communities, public and private non-profit agencies, and Federal, State, local, and tribal governments to support the efforts of community coalitions working to prevent and reduce substance use among youth. Reduce substance use among youth and, over time, reduce substance abuse among adults by addressing the factors in a community that increase the risk of substance abuse and promoting the factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse. Tiverton's $180,000 Marijuana Block Grant Reduce marijuana and prescription drug abuse.

3 Present and discuss evidence- based risk assessment Marijuana affects Tiverton youth now. Current marijuana legislation creates new health and safety risks for neighborhoods. Form 3 Action Committees Youth-Serving Organizations Fire, Health, Safety Zoning and Ordinances

4 Our kids are getting the wrong message about marijuana Heres what theyre saying... If its medicine, it must be okay. If its legal, it must be safe. I read online that it cures cancer. The last four presidents used to smoke! Its safer than beer. I drive better when Im high. It helps me focus when Im studying.

5 Changing social norms reinforce the wrong message Percentage Should marijuana be legalized? Gallup Polls 1968 - 2012 Legalization and Decriminalization 1973 2012 legal medical cannabis decriminalized cannabis possession laws medical and decriminalization laws legalized cannabis

6 Marijuana advertising reinforces the wrong message Blue Dream as medical Cannabis helps patients free from stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite. Also makes the patients feel euphoric, creative, uplifted, happy and energetic. Effects: Immediate head high. Followed by a relaxing body high. Still able to do day to day tasks, but be high as a kite. Potency: 8.5/10 Good Strain For: Migraines, Body pains/aches, Insomnia, Anorexia.

7 Marijuana edibles reinforce the wrong message

8 National lobbyists reinforce the wrong message Marijuana Policy Project* Initiative 3 – 2013 Build support for legalization in the RI legislature. We successfully legalized medical marijuana and decriminalized marijuana possession in Rhode Island in 2009 and 2012, respectively. There is now considerable momentum to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol, so we need to ensure that RIs state legislature becomes the first to do so. * 32,000 members. 21 staffers. Annual budget: $2.85MM

9 Heres the problem: When kids perceive pot as less risky they are more likely to smoke it

10 Nearly 44% of THS students reported smoking marijuana in the last 30 days * Tiverton Annual Health and Wellness Survey, 2012 THS Student MJ use in last 30 days

11 56% of THS students do NOT think that regular marijuana use is risky or harmful

12 MRIs show visible damage to areas of the brain involved in memory, attention, decision-making and language. (Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia) Smokers who began using marijuana before age 17 had cognitive defects in verbal IQ and memory of lists, not detected in those who began smoking later in life. (Harvard Medical School) Heavy marijuana smoking reduced learning abilities and social skills, causing very real problems in their daily lives. (National Institute for Drug Abuse) Use of drugs by teens leads to a greater risk of depression, suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts. (Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation) Brain circuitry that encourages risk-taking and novel experiences develops early in adolescence but impulse control develops much later, a combination that can lead to problematic experimentation with addictive drugs. (Yale University School of Medicine) THE RIGHT (science-based) MESSAGES (for Tiverton youth)

13 Current MMA regulations for growing marijuana expose RI communities to new health and safety risks

14 MMA growers can produce more than patients need, which leads to more street sales, more illegal use and more crime Supply Side 8,264 licensed growers X 12 plants (+ 12 seedlings) ea. X 3 grow cycles annually 255 tons Demand Side 255 tons 4,849 patients 94 lbs./year * 4 oz. or about 250 joints per day

15 about 50 joints1 ounce of pot =

16 Grow houses under MMA regulations are RIs #1 health and safety risk Cannabis must be grown indoors, but: No proof of security. No inspections for compliance with state or municipal safety, housing and zoning codes. No information sent to local police about location of grow houses. Collective cultivation is allowed. Property owners cannot refuse to lease or evict growers. Criminal background checks are not required for patient caregivers.

17 Fire, mold, mildew are major risks for grow houses A grow house can be a warehouse or a bedroom in a house or multi-family home.. Equipment needed HID lamps (+ ignitor, capacitor, transformer, special ballast) Air conditioning and ventilation Reflective insulation Pots and soil Fertilizer and nutrients Water CO 2 cylinders 50-gal pump for hydroponics

18 The environment favorable for growing marijuana indoors can be a very dangerous environment for firefighters when a fire occurs in a grow house. There is a significant civilian life hazard at many grow houses because a portion of the residence is used for growing while the remainder is occupied by families with children. – Bill Gustin, Captain, Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue June 10, 2010

19 Health, fire and safety risks are real From Recent Headlines Pot grow operation causes Elk Grove house fire. May 11, 2013 Fire in North Texas Leads Authorities to Marijuana Grow House. May 20, 2013 Marijuana grow house discovered at site of San Francisco fire. March 6, 2013 Garage being used as marijuana grow house catches fire in Glacier View subdivision of Larimer County. April 9, 2013 Houston marijuana grow house goes up in flames. May 15, 2013 Firefighters discover pot grow at Novato house fire. March 12, 2013

20 The tools we have to protect our youth and neighborhoods from harm

21 We need to figure out the best way to get the right message about marijuana to our kids Tiverton Youth Action Committee Parents, coaches, substance abuse counselors, youth-related organizations and businesses. Develop community-wide strategies and programs to counter false perceptions about marijuana. Time commitment: 90 minute meeting, once a month for 5 months.

22 We have an opportunity to prevent and reduce health and safety hazards related to cannabis grow operations Tiverton Marijuana Health and Safety Action Committee Health and safety officials, realtors, property owners, Town government, neighborhood associations, businesses. Assess health and safety risks and recommend protective actions. Time commitment: 90 minute meeting, once a month for 4 months.

23 We have an opportunity to develop ordinances and regulations around marijuana that can help protect the community Tiverton Marijuana Ordinance Action Committee Health and safety officials, zoning board, neighborhood associations, businesses, Town government. Develop a marijuana ordinance similar to Section 7 on tobacco in the Towns Code of Ordinances. Time commitment: 90 minute meeting, once a month for 4 months.

24 Thank You Q & A

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