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EZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd introduces eZee FrontDesk NextGen Hotel Management Software which is developed to accommodate needs of various type of properties.

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1 eZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd introduces eZee FrontDesk NextGen Hotel Management Software which is developed to accommodate needs of various type of properties like hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, B & B's, small hotel franchisees, clubs, condo's, hostel, apartments. eZee FrontDesk NextGen is a key that ensure the most comprehensive coverage of your venture, integrating every department. It assures that your hotel works efficiently, increases revenue and enhances guest experience. So, lets take a glance with feel and comprehend the outline of - eZee FrontDesk NextGen. It is extremely user friendly, effortless, highly reliable, stable and very secured.

2 eZee FrontDesk Hotel Reservation Software is Installed in more then 61 countries with support centers in 19 countries as on March 2009. The popular eZee FrontDesk Hotel Management Software is available in different countries by different name. eZee FrontDesk Worldwide - Installation - Support Centers - Headquarter

3 Key Features Here are the Reasons, why eZee FrontDesk NextGen for Hotels… Guest Room Reservation & Group Reservation Automatic and manual data back Audit Trails - who changed, what and when Yield Management system helps you achieve Higher occupancy Foreign Currency Folio Cash Drawer for Desk Clerks Room Blocking for any transaction eZee Report Anywhere (Web Based Reporting) Multiple Language Support Can Connect on N number of systems Secure, Solid & Stable. Powerful yet Flexible. Easy to use & Easy to maintain Feature full & Affordable. Faster, Easier Software Installation and Configuration

4 Integrations NextGen offers a wide range of integrations to third party software and hardware. It integrates with, Call Accounting Financial Accounting eZee Reservation (Web Based Reservation Engine) eZee Burrp (Point Of Sales) Driving License /Identification Scanner Digital Sign Pad Finger Print Reader Hand Held Device Electronic Door Lock Web based Reporting Passport Scanner eZee Centrix (Hotel Channel Management Software)

5 Multiple Languages eZee FrontDesk is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Thai. Further it can support any local language, regional date settings and currency and decimal settings. For same installation one user can use English while the other can use Spanish. Arabic Spanish

6 eZee FrontDesk NextGen allows you to configure your users privileges accurately. You can grant immunity to your user accessing certain functions and reports. That affix high security to your data and leaves no room for any malpractice. User Configuration

7 eZee FrontDesk offers easy to use interfaces for Guest Check In, Reservation and Group Management. Its unique user interface allows you to Check In a guest in 3 just clicks. Check In You can capture Guest information from Driving License/ID Card. It is integrated with Passport Reader, Digital Signature Pad and Web Camera.

8 eZee FrontDesk offers very flexible Group Management function. A room can be checked in/out individually or in group. Rooms can have different rate types and plans. Individual and Group folios are available. A room can Join/leave group at any time. Group

9 eZee FrontDesk enables you to record every single detail about your Guest. You can use historical data for enhanced guest experience and same information can be used for sales and marketing. Guest Profile

10 Room Views eZee FrontDesk offers varieties of Software view specially designed for different departments of your hotel. Report ViewStay View Room List ViewInventory View Room Layout View

11 House keeping module facilitates to effectively plan and schedule the house keeper and their schedules depending on current occupancy and forthcoming arrival and departure. House keeping department can use their own codes for room status. House Keeping

12 This module offers functions to manage Guest Laundry and Hotel Laundry. With this module laundry department will have better control over Guest laundry. Laundry voucher can be directly posted to Guest Folio. Laundry

13 GRM GRM provides a guest feedback management service that allows you to gather valuable insight on what your customers perspective for your service. The average Property receives 75% of its sales from repeated customers; knowing what they think, responding to their commentary, and communicating upcoming events or promotions is the most effective way to grow your business.

14 You can record all information related to the function like, instructions to House Keeping Department, instructions to Kitchen, Sitting Arrangement, Menu, additional requirement for projector etc. eZee FrontDesk NextGen offers inbuilt Banquet module. This module helps to manage conference halls, party halls, marriage halls, etc. Banquet

15 Mini Bar Mini Bar module offers you to charge guest for all his mini bar consumption. Also you can maintain your mini bar inventory at room level.

16 Maintenance Maintenance module offers functions to manage your proactive and incidental maintenance request. One can add a maintenance order and follow-up its status. This helps you serve your customer better, keep maintenance block lower and maintain your assets efficiently.

17 Payroll Payroll module facilitates you to electronically record your employees In and Out time. You will be able to generate your payroll using this data. You can also keep track of your employees planned / unplanned leaves and performance.

18 Interactive Guest Chec kout Inform all your concerned departments like Laundry, House Keeping, Restaurant and get confirmation before you check out your guest. This will not only smooth guest check out process but also makes sure that your guest will not check out before posting of any voucher to his folio. It also eliminates inter department Blame Shifting.

19 Industry standard reports to manage your business effectively. Reports

20 Qusai Information Systems P.O. Box 52913, Riyadh 11573 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: (+9661) 455-7717 Fax:(+9661) 296-4442 Support Email: Chat:, Website

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