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Ms. Griffith’s U.S. President Report

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1 Ms. Griffith’s U.S. President Report
Cover page by Camren Little

2 Hometown-Westmoreland Education-home schooled
President George Washington 1st President of the U.S.A Xuli Dubbs Personal Life Presidential Life Birth-Feb.22, 1732 Hometown-Westmoreland Education-home schooled Career-soldier and planter Family-wife Martha Death-December 14, 1799 Political party-Federalist Nickname-The Father of his Country Contributions-Revolutionary war hero Pets- He lived on a farm and had lots of pets

3 President John Adams 2nd President of the U.S 1797-1801 Rafaeli Focsa
Personal Life President Life Birth-Oct 30, 1735 Hometown-Massachusetts College-Harvard Family- Abigail Adams and 4 Children Death: July Nickname: The Father of the Navy Party: Federalist Yes John Adams did do major accomplishments

4 Education- College of William and Mary Career- lawyer , planter
President Thomas Jefferson 3rd U.S President by Kylie Keomanivong Personal Life Presidential Life Birthday- April Hometown- Virginia Education- College of William and Mary Career- lawyer , planter Family- Wife Martha Wayles Skeleton, Jane, Martha, infant son, Mary, Lucy, Lucy Death- July 4, 1826 Political party , Republican and Democrat Nickname- The Father of the Declaration of Independence, Man of the People Major accomplishments: He wrote the Declaration of Independence Pets in White House- Mocking bird 2 Briards

5 Personal Life Presidential Life
President James Madison 4th President of the U.S.A Myra Schoengold Personal Life Presidential Life Birthday : March 16,1751 Hometown : Virginia Education : The College of New Jersey Career : Politician, Farmer Family : wife- Dolly Death : June 28, 1836 Political Party : Republican, Democrat Nickname: “The Father of The Constitution” Contributions: My president helped write the constitution Pets: Green Parrot

6 Education: William and Mary Career: Lawyer
President James Monroe 5th President of the U.S.A Ayana Taylor Personal Life Presidential Life Birthday: April 28th 1758 Hometown: Virginia Education: William and Mary Career: Lawyer Family: Wife: Elisabeth Kortright Children: 3 kids Death:July 4th , New York City, New York Political Party: Democratic- Republican Nickname: The Last of the Crooked Hats Major accomplishments/ contributions: He signed the Missouri Compromise so slavery wouldn’t be above the border of Missouri Pet: Cocker spaniel

7 Personal Life Presidential Life
President John Tyler 10th President of the U.S Makayla Holder Personal Life Presidential Life Birth-March 29,1790 Hometown-Charles City Country VA Education-William and Mary Career: military, lawyer Family-Letitia, he had 15 children Death- January,18,1862 Political party- Whig Nickname-His Accidency Major accomplishments-he was a military lawyer Pets in White House- horses and dogs

8 President Life Political party-Whig Personal Life Birth- 11-24-1784
President Zackary Taylor 12th President of the USA Bryson Hogsed President Life Personal Life Birth Hometown-Louisville Education-none Career-major general and farmer Family-Margaret Smith, and six children Death-July 9, 1850 Political party-Whig Nickname in office-Old Rough and Ready Major accomplishment: rewarded with consecutive conman post Pet in White House-none

9 Presidential Life Personal Life
President Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the U.S.A I Carmen Lynch Presidential Life Personal Life Birthday: February 18,1809 Hometown: Illinois Education: blab school Career: Lawyer Family: Mary Todd is the wife and he had 4 children Death: April 15th ,1865 Political Party: Republican Nickname in office: Honest Abe Major accomplishments: He ended slavery Pets in the White House: No pets in the White House

10 Personal Life Presidential Life
President Andrew Johnson 17th President Of United State of America Christian Adcock Personal Life Presidential Life Birthday: December 29th Hometown: Greenville, Tennessee No formal education Career: tailor, public official Family: Eliza-wife five-kids Death: July, 31st 1875 Political party: Democrat Nickname: The Father of the Homestead Act

11 Ben’s Life President’s Open Life
President Ben Harrison 23rd President of the USA Patrick Paul Jackson Ben’s Life President’s Open Life Birth – North Bend, OH Hometown-Indianapolis, IN Education-Miami University of Ohio Career-Union Army Family- wives: Caroline Harrison, Mary Dimmick Kids: Mary Mckee, Russell Harrison, Elizabeth Walker, unnamed Death Political party-Republican Nickname in office-Little Ben Major contributions- none Pets-dog, and a Billy goat

12 Personal Life Presidential Life
President William McKinley 25th President of the U.S.A Connor Berkovics Personal Life Presidential Life Birthday-Jan. 29 Hometown: Niles, Ohio Education- Allegheny Career: Lawyer Family-Ida, Hannah, Bill Death: Buffalo, NY 1901 Political Party: Republican Nickname- The Idol of Ohio Major Accomplishments/ Contributions: Got the namesake of Mt. McKinley, and picked a U.S. Representative from Ohio Pets in White House- Parrot

13 Childhood President Life
President Theodore Roosevelt 26th President of the U.S.A Alex Collins Childhood President Life Birth-October 27, 1858 Hometown-New York Education-Harvard College Career- author, lawyer, public officer Family-Alice Hathway Lee Edith Kermot Carow Death-Jan. 6,1919 Political party-Republican Nickname-Teddy, the Rough Rider, Teddiea Contributions-he got the Nobel Peace Prize Pets in White House-many pets including dog, lion

14 Death: March 8,1930 Personal Life The Life of A President
President the William Howard Taft 27th PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A by Jake Johnson Personal Life The Life of A President Birthday: September 15, 1857 Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Education: Yale University Career: Lawyer; Professor Family: wife Helen, Helen, Charles, and Robert Death: March 8,1930 Party: Republican Nickname: Big Bill Major Accomplishments: chief justice House: Pets in White : cow

15 Little Calvin In the White House
President John Calvin Coolidge 30th President of the U.S By Ellisa M. Fisher Little Calvin In the White House Birth- July 4th ,1872 Hometown- Plymouth Notch, Vermont Education- Amherst College Career- Lawyer Wife- Grace Anna Goodhue Children- John and Calvin Death- January 5th, 1933 Political party- Republican Nicknames in Office- Silent Cal, Silent Thirty, Cal Major accomplishments/ contributions- He lit the first national Christmas tree Pets in White House- 1 raccoon, a bear, a hippo, a bobcat, a goose, a million dogs, and more!

16 Hometown : Larmar, Missouri Education: graduated highschool
President Harry S. Truman 33rd President of the US Joshua Zeigler personal Life Presidential life Birthday May 8, 1894 Hometown : Larmar, Missouri Education: graduated highschool Career farmer Family Mary Margret, Elizabeth Bess Death December 26, 1972 Political Party Democrat party Nickname in office Give ‘Em Hell Harry Major accomplishments/ contributions: none Pets in the White House A dog

17 Personal Life Presidential Life
President John F. Kennedy 35th President Of The U.S.A Aaden Stamper Personal Life Presidential Life Birthday: Hometown: Massachusetts Education: Harvard University Career: Aurthor ,U.S. Navy Officer, Journalist, Public Officer Death: November 22nd 1963 Dallas, Texas Family: Caroline Bouvier,John F Jr.,Patrick Bouvier, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Political Party: Democrat Nickname: J.F.K and Jack Major accomplishments and contributions: He was the youngest president elected, he had 9 sisters and brothers, he promised to have a man on the moon by the end of the decade Pets in White House: Horses, Dogs, Kittens, canary, Parakees, Hamsters

18 Presidential life Personal Life
President Gerald R. Ford 38th President of the U.S.A Ethan Wooley Presidential life Personal Life Birthday-1913 July 14 Hometown-Michigan Education-University of MI Career- Lawyer Wife-Elizabeth Death-1953 Republican Mr. Nice Guy No accomplishments

19 Early Years Presidential Life
President William Clinton 42nd President of the United States Jacob Solis Early Years Presidential Life Birthday : August 19,1946 Hometown –Hot Springs Education-Georgetown University , Oxford University, and Yale Law School Career-Public official and Lawyer Family-Wife-Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Children- Chelsea Victoria Political Party-Democrat Nickname- “The Comeback Kid” Contributions-My president put 10,000 jobs so people may become an officer Pets-dog and cat

20 Personal Life Presidential Life
President George Walker Bush 43RD President of the U.S Daniela Lopez Personal Life Presidential Life Birthday-July 6,1946 Hometown : Texas Education-Yale University and Harvard University Career: Business man , Public official Family-wife Laura Welch, children Barbara and Jenna Death: Hasn’t died yet Political Party- Republican Nickname in office : Dubya Major accomplishments- George Bush was the governor of Texas Pets in White House: Cat and Dog

21 Education: Columbia University; Harvard Law School
President Barack Hussein Obama 44th President of the U.S.A – current Zoë Thonissen Personal Life Personal life Birthday: August 4,1961 hometown: Honolulu, HI Education: Columbia University; Harvard Law School Family : Michelle, MaliaAnn, Sasha Career: Community organizer Political Party : Democrat Nickname : Barry Pets in the White House: dog

22 The End

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