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MAX JAX. THE CLARA WHITE MISSION RESEARCH History- The Clara White Mission was founded by a former slave whose compassion for humanity moved her to.

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4 History- The Clara White Mission was founded by a former slave whose compassion for humanity moved her to action. The Mission has existed for more than a hundred years and is dedicated to serving the needs of the less fortunate in our community. Fast Facts The Clara White Mission was founded in 1904, but traces its origins back to the 1880s. Former Slave Clara English White fed hungry neighbors from her home. The Mission helps feed over 10,000 men women, and children every year. *from

5 Feeding Program- The Clara White Missions soup kitchen provides hot meals to the homeless population seven days a week. The Mission serves 400-500 persons daily from 8:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Housing Program- The Missions goal is to move homeless participants into permanent housing in 24 months. Priority is given to veterans. From 2006-2007, 85 people were housed. Housing Program Requirements Be employed and/or currently enrolled in school. Participate in case-management and life-skills classes. Complete a mental-health assessment and engage in mental-health counseling. Complete a health assessment with a nurse. Maintain sobriety and participate in substance-abuse education classes as support groups, as required. PROGRAMS

6 Educational Programs- The Clara White Mission offers job training and employment placement. Men and women 18 and older may enroll educational programs that are certified by the State of Florida Independent Education board. Preference is given to veterans and on-site housing is available for students. Culinary- A 20 week program and a collaborative effort with the American Culinary Federation. The graduates go on to work under the supervision of sponsoring chefs. Certification provides vast opportunities within the hospitality industry and increases earning potential. Janitorial- A 18 week program provides intensive hands on job training, comprehensive instructions on commercial cleaning, customer relations, and management skill development. PROGRAMS

7 Claras at the Cathedral- A training café featuring an upscale menu. Provides students with extensive hands-on training in production, presentation, and front of house restaurant service. Claras at the Cathedral is open to the public each Friday from 11:00 am- 1:00 pm. All proceeds benefit the culinary school. Ashley Street Catering- Students who graduate the culinary program have the opportunity to work at Ashley Street Catering and gain more experience to add to their resume before they transition to other opportunities. PROGRAMS

8 The Clara White Mission has a very experienced and hardworking staff that help promote the organizations goals. Working at The Clara White Mission is more than a job, for its employees its a calling to help the needy in Jacksonville. JuCoby Pittman, CEO and President, has been working at The Clara White Mission for over 18 years. She has helped expand the Missions programs to include transitional housing, the educational programs, a veterans drop- in day center, and she has expanded the feeding program. The Clara White Mission has a wide range of employees including mental health-care professionals, case workers, housing coordinators, and grant compliance specialists to name a few. The Clara White Mission has a board of directors who donate their time and talents to help guide the Clara White Mission as they serve the needs of the community. The Clara White Mission relies heavily on community volunteers who donate their time, skills, and resources to the cause. STAFFING AND VOLUNTEERS

9 The Clara White Mission has many supportive sponsors and partners. Sponsorships and Partnerships come in three varieties: Community Service Partners, Funding Partners, and Hospitality Partners. SPONSORS AND PARTNERS CSX Mayo Clinic Pepsi- Cola Bottling Company The Florida Times-Union IBM UPS Everbank Anheuser Busch Jax Federal Credit Union Bank of America Bonos BBQ Jacksonville Jaguars Red Lobster St. Lukes Hospital Florida Yacht Club Duval County Republican Party Community First Credit Union Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Kraft Foods/ Maxwell House

10 Max Jax created and conducted a survey to gauge public opinion on the topic of homelessness in Jacksonville and to see if the public was familiar with centers and programs to help the homeless. Survey Age, Sex, Years Lived in Jacksonville, Ethnicity 1. Jacksonville has a serious problem with homelessness. Strongly Agree/Agree /Neutral /Disagree /Strongly Disagree 2. Jacksonville has enough successful centers and programs to help the homeless population. Strongly Agree /Agree /Neutral / Disagree / Strongly Disagree 3. Are you familiar with programs and centers for the homeless population in Jacksonville? If so please list. 4.Have you heard of The Clara White Mission? 5.What do you think needs to be done to help the homeless population in Jacksonville?






16 Birth control implants in low income peoples arms. Give them less welfare. Make them work. Provide safer facilities for the homeless to stay at. Jacksonville needs more open-hearted people to give. Jacksonville needs more jobs! WHAT DO YOU THINK NEEDS TO BE DONE TO HELP THE HOMELESS POPULATION IN JACKSONVILLE?

17 To gauge the external perception of the Clara White Mission Max Jax would conduct a communication audit and examine the following: Examine the number of followers, fans, and likes the Clara White Mission has on social media platforms. Check to see how many of these people are actively engaged and participating with the mission. Examine the number of appearances in the media (TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.) and gauge the size of the articles. Examine the awards that the Clara White Mission has received.


19 According to MAX JAXs survey results, the Clara White Mission faces a lack of public awareness. The general public, outside of the downtown Jacksonville area doesnt seem to be aware of the missions existence or have any knowledge of its programs. Helping the public become more aware and become active participants in the organization would give the Clara White Mission the potential to expand and serve a larger population of needy people in Jacksonville. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS

20 Jacksonville area high schools Church and Religious Groups Veterans Local Businesses AUDIENCE ANALYSIS

21 Target: Jacksonville Area High Schools (public and private): faculty, students, and parents. Nickname: Future Leaders of Tomorrow Demographics: Men and Women, 14 and up, various backgrounds, income levels, education levels, nationalities, and reside in all parts of the city of Jacksonville. Psychographics: Value education, looking to get involved with the community and meet new friends. Stakeholders: Douglas Anderson, Atlantic Coast, Baldwin, Darnell-Cookman, Englewood, First Coast, Fletcher, Forrest, Jackson, Lee, Mandarin, Terry Parker, Paxon, Peterson, Raines, A. Philip Randolf, Sandalwood, Stanton, Ed White, Wolfson, Bowles, Arlington Country Day, Bishop Kenny, University Christian, Providence, Episcopal, and Julia Landon College Prep The Takeaway: After reading our materials the audience will learn how they can receive needed community service hours for scholarships, become ambassadors in their community for the Mission, meet friends, and have fun in a new club.

22 Target Audience: Jacksonville area places of worship, of all affiliations from the youth to the elderly. Nickname: Religious Groups Demographics: 1,355 places of worship according to the Yellow Pages. Many different religious affiliations with a variety of nationalities and cultures. Big and small. Psychographics: The average churchgoer is willing to help others. Serving God, others, and the community. Stakeholders: Celebration Church, New Life, First Baptist, South point community Church, Eleven 22, North Baptist Church of Jacksonville, and many more. The Takeaway: Provide a way for different church and religious organizations to reach out and help those around them.

23 Target: Veterans Nickname: Vets Demographics: According to, the age of a veteran varies from 21 and up. Our Target Vet will be 21-65 years in age, both male and female, income level varies, education is high school diploma and up.Vets live all over Jacksonville, and are of all different races, religions and nationalities. Stakeholders: Elkslodge, VFW Posts, NSA Jax, Mayport, and Camp Blanding. All veterans from all of Americas wars. The Takeaway: Vets can help fellow veterans in need.

24 Target: Jacksonville local Businesses Nickname: Business Class Demographics: Varies in size and kind of business. Range greatly in income levels, from family owned operations to large corporations. Psychographics: The type of person who starts their own business wants to earn an honest dollar and help the community. Stakeholders The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, The Better Business Bureau, The Jacksonville Jaguars, Taco Lu, CSX, UF Health, Everbank, The University of North Florida, JEA, Bubba Burger, etc. The Takeaway: Community involvement and cause branding opportunities


26 To expand The Clara White Mission so they will be able to touch more lives, offer more hope, and a way out of the misery of life on the streets to more people in the Jacksonville Community. OUR GOAL

27 To increase public awareness of The Clara White Mission and its cause in Jacksonville communities outside of the urban core by 15 percent in six months. OBJECTIVE # 1

28 To gain 20 more local company sponsorships and $20,000 in donations and/or donated goods in six months. OBJECTIVE # 2

29 To increase the number of volunteers by 15 percent in six months. OBJECTIVE # 3


31 Strategy 1.1: The Clara White Missions Ambassador Program- To increase awareness OBJECTIVE # 1 Tactics- Contact local high schools. Have an informational booth set up on club day. Provide club leaders (teachers and volunteers) with detailed and accurate information about the Clara White Mission. Have the students make posters.

32 Strategy 1.2 Speakers Bureau- To increase awareness OBJECTIVE # 1 Tactics- The Clara White Mission Ambassador program Find a speaker from the Clara White Mission Organize the presentation Call the schools and schedule a time Conduct the presentation Religious groups and churches Find a speaker from the Clara White Mission Organize the presentation Call the churches and schedule a time Conduct the presentation

33 Strategy 1.3 Social Media Campaign – Tactics- Create a Facebook group for each target audience Post frequently Spotlight volunteer of the week Post pictures of the target audiences Have people share the Facebook page OBJECTIVE # 1 TO INCREASE AWARENESS

34 Strategy 1.4 Open house Tactics- Invite local companies Organize what will be said and shown Put together information packets Have JuCoby Pittman and volunteers present to speak and answer questions Conduct the open house

35 Strategy 2.1 Donation Drive Tactics- Have the Clara White Ambassadors and the religious groups create and publicize local supply drives. The groups will gather lined paper, copy paper, writing pads, notebooks, backpacks, pens, and pencils Deadline October 31 st and January 31 st Pick up the donations To gain company sponsorships and donations. OBJECTIVE # 2

36 Strategy 2.2 Fundraising packets- Tactics- Look for local companies and organizations to participate in coupon book program Put together coupon books $10 a book at least $5 in savings in each book Sell the books through the Calendar Challenge groups and the Ambassadors To gain company sponsorships and donations OBJECTIVE # 2

37 Strategy 2.3 Dinner Party Tactics- 280 invitations will be sent out Friday October 18, 2013 7P.M. North Riverside Development Organization 2711 Edison Avenue Capacity 140 people, 14 tables, 10 people to a table, RSVP $25 a ticket White Party Attendees will be asked to wear white attire Ashley Street Catering will be serving white meat Presentation from the CEO Each table will feature a graduate from the vocational program or a person who has been housed by the Clara White Mission Media advisory will be sent out Volunteer photographer will be present To gain company sponsorships and donations OBJECTIVE # 2

38 Strategy 3.1 Volunteer Program- Tactics- Contact churches and religious organizations Group session outside of the service Place information on organizations website, bulletin board, etc. Bring a large blank calendar and set up the table. To increase the number of volunteers OBJECTIVE # 3

39 Strategy 3.2 Community relations campaign- Tactics- Go to places where veterans congregate and hang up posters and leave brochures and business cards behind 1.Elkslodge 2.VFW Posts 3.NSA JAX 4.Mayport 5.Camp Blanding To increase the number of volunteers OBJECTIVE # 3


41 BUDGET StrategyResourcePrice Strategy 1.1. The Clara White Missions Ambassador Program. Email information to the schoolNo cost Strategy 1.2. Speakers Bureau. Volunteers, PowerPoint PresentationsNo cost Strategy 1.3. Social Media Campaign. Volunteers, Social Media sitesNo cost Strategy 1.4. Open house. Volunteers, emails, Information packets: 60 envelopes 180 B&W copies $ 13.99 for 100 envelopes $ 3.60 @ 2¢ per copy Strategy 2.1. Donation Drive Clara White Mission Ambassadors and religious groups volunteers. No cost Strategy 2.2. Fundraising Packets. Clara White Mission Ambassadors and religious groups volunteers, Coupon Booklets (printed from a company) 500 booklets Estimated, budgeted cost: $1,300 Strategy 2.3 Dinner Party. Invitations, Venue and Food (provided through the Mission) $223.72 for 280 invitations $128.80 for 280 stamps $64.98 for 300 white envelopes, with a red lining. Strategy 3.1. Volunteer Program. Volunteers, large calendar (6 poster boards), fact sheets (for the tables), introduction letters: 2,000 letters 1,000 fact sheets 2,000 envelopes 2,000 stamps $ 40.00 @ 2¢ per copy (letters) $ 20.00 @ 2¢ per copy (fact sheets $ 920.00 for 2,000 stamps $ 271.60 for 40 boxes of 100 ct. envelopes. Strategy 3.2. Community Relations Campaign. Posters, Informational brochures, Emails, phone calls, $209.70 for 30 posters TOTAL: $2,986.96

42 August 123 4 Speakers Bureau (S.B.) 5678910 11 Calendar Challenge C.C. 121314 S.B.151617 18 S.B.192021222324 25 C.C.262728 S.B.293031 Open House CALENDAR September 1 S.B.234567 8 C.C.9 CLUB DAYS 10 CLUB DAYS 11 CLUB DAYS S.B. 12 CLUB DAYS 13 CLUB DAYS 14 15 S.B.16 CLUB DAYS 17 CLUB DAYS 18 CLUB DAYS 19 CLUB DAYS 20 CLUB DAYS 21 22 C.C.232425262728 2930 Open House

43 October 123 S.B.45 6 C.C.789101112 13 S.B.1415161718 White Party 19 20 C.C.2122 S.B.23242526 27 S.B.282930 Open House 31 Donor drive deadline CALENDAR November 12 3 C.C.4567 S.B.89 10111213 S.B.141516 17 C.C.18192021 S.B.2223 2425 S.B.2627282930 Open House

44 December 1 S.B.234567 8 C.C.91012 S.B.131415 1617 S.B.1819202122 23 C.C.242526 S.B.272829 30 S.B.31 Open House CALENDAR January 12 S.B.345 6 S.B.78910121313 14 C.C.15161718 S.B.192020 2122 S.B.232425262727 282930 Open House 31 Donor drive deadline

45 Objective 1- Use the same survey and gauge how much public awareness has increased. Objective 2- We will examine the Missions funds and sponsorships the week after the campaign to see if we reached our goal of 20 new sponsorships and $20,000 in donations or donated goods. Objective 3- We will look at the number of people who are currently volunteering and who have shown interest in volunteering and determine if our goal of a 15 percent increase was met. EVALUATION

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