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SWPBS Conference November 15, 2013 9:30 – 10:45 Session.

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1 SWPBS Conference November 15, :30 – 10:45 Session






7 Why Students Struggle The Critical features of Positive Behavior Supports


9 Developmental and Cognitive Deficits Home Environment (How Can PBS Help)

10 Three Broad Rules: Respectful, Ready, & Responsible -These are implemented in each part of our day and in each part of our school. -For example: arrival, in our classroom, rotation, in the cafeteria, dismissal, etc.

11 Teaching Respectful, Ready, & Responsible -daily discussions -read books -role play in different settings -video modeling: appropriate & inappropriate -create social scripts

12 Reinforce and recognize rule following behavior -Catch your students following the rules -Positive talk and gestures such as give yourself a pat on the back -Give tokens or points as a reward -Power cards and belts using favorite character -Replacement behaviors -Self-monitoring checklist -Give privileges like extra computer time (individual) and Fun Friday (whole class)

13 Procedures for addressing rule violations -Correcting behaviors in private, not in public -For minor infractions, use phrases such as, Try it again the right way. In the occasion when a student forgets to raise her/his hand, say, Set it up the right way. -For major infractions, use private student conferences with reflection sheets.






19 Positive Behavior Supports can Give Hope to Struggling Students Choose to be the ONE who gives them HOPE

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