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Level F Unit 12 Your Task: 1.Identify three words that can be used as both a noun and a verb. 2.Complete the RPS for this unit. 3.Circle AND EXPLAIN the.

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1 Level F Unit 12 Your Task: 1.Identify three words that can be used as both a noun and a verb. 2.Complete the RPS for this unit. 3.Circle AND EXPLAIN the instances of effect/affect. 4.Find the TWO sentences identified with unacceptable context clues and fix them using a contrast signal/antonym clue.

2 absolve The assumed that their alibi would _____ them of suspicion. The jury may have found him not guilty, but the court of public opinion will never ____ him of responsibility for the crime. What we do now to remedy the evils in our society will dtermine whether or not we are to be _____ of blame for the injustices of the past.

3 caricature What began as a hasty newspaper ______ soon turned up on coffee mugs, T-shirts, and sweatshirts. His long nose and prominent teeth give the candidate the kind of face that cartoonists love to ________. In seeking to discredit me, I replied, my opponent has deliberately ______ my ideas, making them seem simplistic and unrealistic.

4 clangor For more than a century, American grade schools summoned children to school with the _____ of a bell. The _______ of the fire bells as they echoed through the night filled our hearts with terror. I realized that I was being kept awake not by the ____ of the city traffic but by a gnawing fear that I had done the wrong thing.

5 contiguous Trouble arose over who should control the weeds and bushes that rioted in the lot _____ to ours. Since the gym is _____ to the library, it is easier for me to shift from academic to athletic activities. We wanted to find a house that was near that of my parents, but not ______ to it.

6 Cupidity You say that these catalogue prices show the quality of the goods, but I say they show the sellers ______. His normal desire for financial security was eventually distorted into a boundless ____. The rumors of easy money and lush profits to be made in the stock market aroused the _____ of many small investors.

7 deleterious Wishing can give zest and purpose to anyones life, but wishful thinking can have a ______ effect/affect. How can anyone be so foolish as to develop a smoking habit when it has been proven that cigarettes are so _____ to health? Is it logical to conclude that because this substance has had a _____ effect/affect on some test animals, it is not at all safe for human consumption?

8 enhance She sanded and varnished the old table in order to _____ its/its appearance and value. Her new hairstyle greatly _____ her appearance. (THIS IS WEAK. Needs a clue) A fresh coat of paint and some attention to the lawn would greatly ______ the appearance of our bungalow.

9 enthrall All the critics were ____ by the performance and wrote rave reviews. Detective stories seem to _____ her to such a degree that she reads virtually nothing else. As long as we are _____ by the idea that it is possible to get something for nothing, we will not be able to come up with a sound economic program.

10 Extenuate Because hunger caused the novels young hero to steal the bread, the jurors believed that the crime had been committed under ____ circumstances. The fact that he had hungry children at home does not justify what he did, but it does ______ his crime. I will try to tell the story in a balanced way, but

11 implicit Though she never said so, it was ____ that she did not like to have long conversations before her morning coffee. In most contracts there are ____ duties and obligations that must be fulfilled even though they arent expressed in so many words. He was the type of officer who expected ____ obedience from the troops he commanded. When he gave an order, he assumed it would be carried out.

12 incisive I am truly thankful for your ____ remarks about my report. With that one _____ comment, she brought an end to all the aimless talk and directed our attention to the real problem facing us. In the Lincoln-Douglas debates Lincoln asked a few ____ questions that showed up the fatal weaknesses of his opponents position.

13 ostentatious The inside of the restaurant was so _____ that the meager meal, when it came, seemed only a hasty afterthought. Evening dress is far too _____ for such an informal occasion, I thought to myself as I tried to decide what to wear that night. Isnt it rather _____ to wear a Phi Beta Kappa key on a chain around your neck?

14 paragon I may not be a _____ of scholarship, but I try to do my best. She did her work so quietly that it took us time to realize. My parents set up my older brother as such a _____ that I despaired of ever being able to follow in his footsteps.

15 paraphrase You can _____ the Gettysburg Address, but in doing so, you will diminish its force. His highly technical discussion will have to be _____ if it is to be understood by most readers. The Gettysburg Address is so concise, so lucid, and so beautiful, that it would be folly to attempt to ______ it.

16 politic In your angry state, I think it would be ____ to say nothing, at least until you have calmed down. There are some situations where it is _____ to remain quiet and wait for a better opportunity to assert oneself. It is hardly _____ for someone who hopes to win a popularity contest to go about making such brutally frank remarks.

17 prosaic I remember his singing voice as being clear and on key, but also ______. Since we had been told the new TV series was original and witty, we were disappointed by the obvious and _______ situation comedy that unfolded on our screen. She tried to convince me that the proposed advertisement would be dynamic and a real eye catcher, but I found it ______.

18 redundant Some _____ expressions, like hollow tubing, are considered an acceptable part of the English language. To characterize the literary style of Edgar Allen Poe as unique and one of a kind is certainly ______. When he demanded that I immediately return back the money that I owed him, I found him not only unpleasant, but also _____.

19 sanctimonious Cautionary tales that take on a _____ tone often achieve the opposite of the desired result. We resented his _____ self-assurance that he was morally superior to everyone else. Words about tolerance are empty and ______ when they come from one who has shown no interest in civil liberties.

20 scintillating She was known for her ______ conversation. (THIS LACKS CONTEXT) Until he rose to speak, the meeting had been dull, but he immediately enlivened it with his _____ wit. She delivered her lines with such artistry and verve that she made the rather commonplace dialogue seem ______.

21 winsome When my little brother wanted something badly, he became as ____ as a puppy. Maries engaging personality and charming manner make her quite _______. The aspiring salesperson stood in front of the mirror for hours, practicing a ______ smile.


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