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We Dont do discrimination B6 Sixth Form College – July 2006 Marcia Granger.

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1 We Dont do discrimination B6 Sixth Form College – July 2006 Marcia Granger

2 Quotes from B6... Why should we get involved? Were the only Asians here Do you sell drugs blood? From a teacher to a student: If you were on the streets, I know you would handle this differently Have you got anything on you you shouldnt have?

3 From a Member of staff Look around you. What we see here is people in little groups. I personally mix with lots of other people. If we had diversity here at Brooke House and people accepted others, it would be a great thing. Diversity is something normal that should be celebrated all the time, not something that happens once a year.

4 2006 White Paper...accelerate progress on Diversity, if this country is going to get the type of education it needs for the next generation

5 Definition of Diversity otherness or those human qualities that are different from our own and outside the groups to which we belong, yet are present in other individuals and groups University of Maryland 1995

6 United Nations, 2000 Diversity takes many forms. It is usually thought of in terms of obvious attributes: age differences, race, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, religion and language. Diversity in terms of background professional experience, skills and specialization,values and culture, as well as social class, is a prevailing pattern.

7 Primary dimension of Diversity Age Ethnicity Gender Physical abilities Race Sexual orientation.

8 Secondary dimensions Features which are capable of change: Education Place of residence Class Marital status Religious beliefs Occupational status Life experiences.

9 To embrace diversity... A reality that should not and must not be ignored Do not equal difficult or problem Mean that we accept that people see the world differently – equal validity Are not threatening Are positive rather than negative Are to be inclusive rather than exclusive Are likely to involve some personal change.

10 To celebrate diversity... To enjoy the friendship and support of people from backgrounds different from ourselves To explore and enjoy the rich variety of culture that a diverse population offers To do all we can to ensure people are treated as individuals, fairly and with dignity and respect A self-developmental exercise in which we become more rounded, less insular people Something to live rather than merely to discuss.

11 Objectives of the workshops An introductory overview of Equal Opportunities & Diversity An opportunity to examine how discrimination, EO and Diversity affects the College A chance to learn what the real issues are for B6 from staff and students and how they can be addressed.

12 Outcomes of the workshops To give a clear understanding of the key differences between EO, Diversity and Discrimination To highlight the legislation which governs the principles of Diversity for the Sector An opportunity for us to come up with an action plan and zero tolerance policy against discrimination from 9/06.

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