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Between Promise and Performance II Samuel 23:1-5.

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1 Between Promise and Performance II Samuel 23:1-5

2 Life begins with great promise…

3 But performance does not measure up to our promise… Promise Performance

4 Ancients believed that the truth about a persons life could be known by how they died…

5 What is the value of (your) biography? The Life & Times of …. (Your name)

6 Autobiography of King David

7 II Sam 23:1,2 1 These are the last words of David: David, the son of Jesse, speaks David, the man who was raised up so high, David, the man anointed by the God of Jacob, David, the sweet psalmist of Israel. 2 The Spirit of the Lord speaks through me; his words are upon my tongue. (NLT)

8 II Sam 23: 3, 4 3 The God of Israel spoke. The Rock of Israel said to me: The one who rules righteously, who rules in the fear of God, 4 is like the light of morning at sunrise, like a morning without clouds, like the gleaming of the sun on new grass after rain.

9 tsaddiq Hebrew term tsaddiq is usually translated as righteous or just. To possess tsaddiq means to have just or right conduct and character; straight; standing up right; not crooked; not twisted!

10 God expects tsaddiq in leaders: this is what is most pleases God… So… those in authority are NOT free to do as we please. We are free to please God. …being a leader does NOT mean that you can do anything that YOU want to; rather you are under obligation to do everything that God wants of you! This is the true responsibility of leadership.

11 IISam 23:5a… Chosen because of tsaddiq or… in spite of lack of tsaddiq?? New Living Translation (NLT) New International Version (NIV) New American Standard (NASB) King James Version (KJV) 5 Is it not my family God has chosen? Yes, he has made … 5 If my house were not right with God, surely he would not have made … 5 Truly is not my house so with God? For He has made … 5 Although my house be not so with God; yet he hath made with me …

12 …we are sometimes passive when we should be active! 1 Now Davids son Absalom had a beautiful sister named Tamar. And Amnon, her half brother, fell desperately in love with her. 2 Amnon became so obsessed with Tamar that he became ill. She was a virgin, and Amnon thought he could never have her…. 2 Samuel 13:1,2 ff (NLT) Lesson #1: Like David...

13 Lesson #2: Like David... 1 After this, Absalom bought a chariot and horses, and he hired fifty bodyguards to run ahead of him. 2 He got up early every morning and went out to the gate of the city. When people brought a case to the king for judgment, … Absalom would say, Youve really got a strong case here! Its too bad the king doesnt have anyone to hear it. 4 I wish I were the judge. Then everyone could bring their cases to me for judgment, and I would give them justice! 5 When people tried to bow before him, Absalom wouldnt let them. Instead, he took them by the hand and kissed them. 6 Absalom did this with everyone who came to the king for judgment, and so he stole the hearts of all the people of Israel. 2 Sam 15 (NLT) … we are sometimes cowards when we should be courageous!

14 Cowards and courage: the rebellion continues … 13 A messenger soon arrived in Jerusalem to tell David, All Israel has joined Absalom in a conspiracy against you! 14 Then we must flee at once, or it will be too late! David urged his men. Hurry! If we get out of the city before Absalom arrives, both we and the city of Jerusalem will be spared from disaster. 15 We are with you, his advisers replied. Do what you think is best. 2 Samuel 15:1-15 (NLT) …a long lesson #2…David manages to keep the peace…but at what cost?

15 Lesson #3: Like David... 1 Word soon reached Joab that the king was weeping and mourning for Absalom. 2 As all the people heard of the kings deep grief for his son, the joy of that days victory was turned into deep sadness. 3 They crept back into the town that day as though they were ashamed and had deserted in battle. 4 The king covered his face with his hands and kept on crying, O my son Absalom! O Absalom, my son, my son! 2 Sam19:1-4 … we are sometimes dont know who our real friends are!

16 Lesson #3: continued 5 Then Joab went to the kings room and said to him, We saved your life today and the lives of your sons, your daughters, and your wives and concubines. Yet you act like this, making us feel ashamed of ourselves. 6 You seem to love those who hate you and hate those who love you. You have made it clear today that your commanders and troops mean nothing to you. It seems that if Absalom had lived and all of us had died, you would be pleased. 7 Now go out there and congratulate your troops, for I swear by the Lord that if you dont go out, not a single one of them will remain here tonight. Then you will be worse off than ever before. 2 Sam19:5-7 … a real friend teaches lesson #3 to the King … in the woodshed…

17 Lesson #4: Like David... 1 There happened to be a troublemaker there named Sheba son of Bicri, a man from the tribe of Benjamin. Sheba blew a rams horn and began to chant: Down with the dynasty of David! We have no interest in the son of Jesse. Come on, you men of Israel, back to your homes! 2 So all the men of Israel deserted David and followed Sheba son of Bicri. But the men of Judah stayed with their king and escorted him from the Jordan River to Jerusalem. … we are sometimes guilty of holding a double standard of righteousness- one for our family and another for everyone else!

18 Lesson #4: continued... … 4 Then the king told Amasa, Mobilize the army of Judah within three days, and report back at that time. … 6 Then David said to Abishai, Sheba son of Bicri is going to hurt us more than Absalom did. Quick, take my troops and chase after him before he gets into a fortified town where we cant reach him. 2 Samuel 20:1-6 (NLT) … a double righteousness (tsaddiq) or just a double standard?

19 Moving beyond performance… II Sam 23:5b (NLT) … yes, he has made an everlasting covenant with me. His agreement is arranged and guaranteed in every detail. He will ensure my safety and success.

20 Those who have trusted in Christ as their very own Savior have found someone who is fully able to stand in the gap between promise and performance 24 Now all glory to God, who is able to keep you from falling away and will bring you with great joy into His glorious presence without a single fault. Jude 24 (NLT) Like David….

21 Only Gods grace, through Christ is sufficient to fill our gap… Promise Performance GRACE

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