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1 Advocating for Sectors on Capitol Hill NNSP National Conference Planning Call - October 21, 2009

2 Objectives Today Update on sectoral partnerships under federal policy Talk about SECTORS Act (S.777, HR 1855) Hill visit preparation tips

3 Who We Are Multi-Stakeholder: business, labor, CBOs, community colleges, public workforce and higher-ed systems Best Practices: Bringing the expertise of the field into policy discussions Influence Public Policy: Core mission is to promote policies that expand access to education and training for all people

4 Why We Are Notion that training doesnt work drove most policy debates Workforce policies had few champions, and the skills issue had no political profileleading to work first policies

5 The Skills2Compete Campaign Launched in 2007 Calls for guaranteed access to up to two years of post-secondary education or training leading to a degree, certificate, or industry recognized credential at the pace and place that makes the most sense for workers and industries Also need access to basic skills education to ensure people can take advantage of training opportunities

6 New Skills Strategy The 3 Ps Partnerships Pathways Proportionate Investment

7 Sector partnerships under Federal Policy New Industry or Sector Partnership Grant Program for Communities Impacted by Trade under TAA reauthorization (ARRA) DOL Guidance for Recovery Act funds Testimony from Asst. Sec. Oates during October Ed & Labor hearing Senate HELP staff listening sessions. Loebsack/Fudge amendment to the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (H.R. 3221)

8 The SECTORS Act Introduced by Sens. Brown, Snowe as S.777, Reps. Loebsack and Platts as H.R. 1855. Two additional Senate co-sponsors, eleven House co-sponsors Would provide $250,000 1-year planning grants, $2.5 million 3-year implementation grants to eligible partnerships Eligible partnerships must include multiple employers, labor organizations, local WIBs, postsecondary educational institutions, state workforce agencies or other entities providing state employment services Applicants must conduct robust analysis of labor supply and demand to identify key industry clusters and target populations, as well as barriers to employment

9 The SECTORS Act Eligible partnerships must commit to a range of strategic objectives but have discretion about how to meet them. Objectives include (but are not limited to): –Recruiting and regularly convening key stakeholders –Identifying training needs of multiple businesses –Helping postsecondary educational institutions and training institutions align curricula and programs to industry demands –Developing and strengthening career ladders within and across companies –Improving job quality through improving wages, benefits, and working conditions

10 Goals for November Hill Visits Build momentum for SECTORS as we move towards WIA reauthorization Build visibility for sectoral approaches in other federal policy areas Establish relationships with policymakers and staff

11 Where to Begin Who should you visit? (Key committees next slide) Coordination of visits – whos coming from your state? at least two weeksHill Visit request template – personalize and fax to offices at least two weeks before conference Follow up with email, call to labor staffer Do your homework – collect up-to-date brochures, data, etc. on your program – esp. Recovery Act data if available and applicable

12 Priority Offices, Committees You will have greater success scheduling meetings if you are a constituent - Contact information at,, House Ed & Labor/Senate HELP (WIA/SAFRA) House Ways & Means/Senate Finance committee members (TAA) Appropriations Committees ($$$)

13 Keys to Successful Meetings Be punctual, polite, prepared You are the experts – talk about what you know Politics are local – make the connection between your work and the state or district Keep it simple - make sure they know what action you want them to take Follow up – answer outstanding questions, offer site visits

14 Questions? Kermit Kaleba The Workforce Alliance 202-223.8991, ext 103

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