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Gateway to a Modern Logistics Hub State of the Art CFS facility To re-define logistics solutions… German Express Shipping Agencys.

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2 Gateway to a Modern Logistics Hub

3 State of the Art CFS facility To re-define logistics solutions… German Express Shipping Agencys

4 Located 25 kms north of the Chennai Container Terminal close to Ennore Port in the Hamlet of Minjur on the Ponneri Highway

5 Overview of all CFS in Chennai

6 Designed to deliver the best to our customer. An Infrastructure with incomparable facilities Efficient and trouble free operations.

7 Container Yard The Yard area has a clear signage for easy location of containers. Dedicated area for Reefer containers with adequate plug points. 40,000 Sq.mts of Open Container Yard dedicated for Container Storage. Adequate area for Truck / Trailer movement.

8 Container Yard Container yard clearly marked for easy location of containers thereby avoiding delays. Location of container can be tracked through the kiosk, which is updated with live information.

9 Covered Warehouse 10,000 Sq.mts of Warehouse area Roofing made with Colour Coated Galvalume Coils, first of its kind among the CFSs in Chennai, which is devoid of the conventional trusses.

10 Covered Warehouse Security enhanced by dedicated CCTV cameras with movement detection facility to record intrusions. Bonded Warehouse 2,500 Sq. mts dedicated for customs bonded cargo.

11 Covered Warehouse 2,500 Sq. mts of Warehouse area used for Garments and other clean cargoes. Major player like APL - Logistics are one of our satisfied customers. << Conveyor belt system being used, for a speedy and effective operation.

12 Covered Warehouse Docks on both sides of the warehouse, exclusively earmarked as Cargo dock and Container dock >> << Dock levelers at vantage points for smooth Fork Lift Operations.

13 Covered Warehouse << Import LCL warehouse of 2, 500 Sq. meters Also includes a separate enclosure to store High value cargoes > >

14 Project Cargo Handling Trained personnel to handle Project and over dimensional cargo, Well supported by adequate infrastructure.

15 Centrally Air-conditioned Admin Building with separate blocks for CFS Users and CFS Customs. Service centre Service Centre at the Admin Block houses the EDI, Documentation and Common Business Centre.

16 Centrally Air-conditioned Admin Building with separate blocks for CFS Users and CFS Customs. Service centre Work stations for CHAs Business centre for all communication needs Touch screen Kiosks GESA CFS Container/ Cargo information Custom house document information

17 Customs Block cabin for visiting customs officials Additional waiting area for CHAs

18 Fire pump feeds and maintains High pressure in the fire main, around the CFS and warehouse to deal with Emergency >> Adequate fire fighting measures are incorporated, by providing a separate Fire safe Room for storing hazardous and inflammable cargo >> Fire Fighting << 2 x 75 hp Pump sets, which delivers a minimum water pressure 7 Kg/cm2 at all Hydrants.

19 Site Security Entire CFS campus is secured with 10 feet high Compound wall and additional 3 feet high Power Energized Fencing. The CFS is well lit with 8 High Mast Towers to ensure adequate lighting for 24 hour operations and security.

20 Closed Circuit Cameras have been installed externally and internally to prevent any unauthorized entry and pilferage. 24 x 7 Security vigilance and surveillance. 6 cameras covering the entire periphery. Site Security

21 Value Additions Separate Entry / Exit gates to avoid bottle necks at the Gates during peak time. Round the clock Survey facility available for all Gate-In / Gate- Out / Warehouse / Yard Operations with respect to Cargo / Containers.

22 Value Additions Separate Rest Room for visiting Truck / Trailer drivers and cleaners

23 Value Additions State of the art Canteen facility to provide high quality food prepared in hygienic conditions.

24 Value Additions Canteen - Dining area for CHAs and others

25 Beautiful and scenic Campus with greenery and aesthetically designed landscape. Value Additions

26 Campus incorporates a well facilitated Training centre. Continuous training and updating keeps our staff well informed with the latest development in the trade and industry.

27 Dedicated parking area, to avoid traffic bottlenecks at the Service road. Value Additions

28 Battery operated vehicles, for ease of movement inside the CFS

29 Trailer Facility Own fleet of trailers to expedite PNR movements. Triple axle trailers with heavy duty jeep for high load bearing capacity.

30 Empty Yard Empty yard for storing Empty Containers of all Liners with sufficient mechanical equipments for handling. Proximity to CFS for easy and efficient movement of containers.

31 The CFS is supported with 80-ton capacity Electronic Weigh bridge. Entire CFS campus paved with blocks and asphalted roads, with pedestrian walking area marked for safety within the CFS. Salient Features Exclusive areas earmarked for Scrap and Rough Granite blocks. The entire flow of Operations are System driven, System maintained and System dependant.

32 Necessary infrastructure to handle import LCL cargo for Chennai. Magnets available for Handling steel scrap. The Power supply to CFS is backed up with 400 KVA Generator, which supports 100% requirement of the CFS. Repairs and Maintenance of containers as per IICL and UCIRC standards. Facility to fabricate GOH containers to suit customers needs. Salient Features

33 OUR PROFILE IN A BRIEF Last but not the least, a team of highly talented and enthusiastic professionals. Back up power with, 400 KVA Genset Empty container yard developed in a area of 7.5 acers 80 Ton electronic weight bridge 10 Nos of Triple axle trailers 5 Nos Diesel operated and 2 Nos Battery operated Fork Lifts 2 Nos of 14 Ton Hydra cranes 2 Nos of 40 Ton capacity Reach stackers 10,000 Sq. meter of covered warehouse Paved container yard area of 32,000 Sq. meter CFS developed area 18 Acers

34 The Single most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside its walls… The Result of a business is a SATISFIED CUSTOMER


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