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Putting a New Spin on Lidar Imaging

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1 Putting a New Spin on Lidar Imaging

2 Who is Velodyne? Velodyne Acoustics Velodyne Lidar
High Performance Home Theater Subwoofers Velodyne Lidar High Performance Lidar Sensors

3 The “Itch” that started it all!
Velodyne’s founder and CEO, Dave Hall had visions of getting on TV with his creations. At the height of the popularity of “Fighting Robot” competitions, it was a perfect opportunity to catch the robotics bug. The show “Robot Wars” featured David and his Brother Bruce, demolishing the competition and finish 1st runner up in the final event. “Drillzilla” had proven to the world that it had what it takes to be a CHAMPION!!

4 Robot Wars “Extreme Warriors”
Video, Courtesy of TNN Networks Velodyne’s “Drillzilla” robot shows the clown what’s HOT!

5 Autonomous Truck – Team DAD
“Team DAD delivered true innovation.” - Popular Science 2005 Introduction of the first ever 64 laser environmental scanner

6 Team DAD Drive By A spinning, 64 Laser scanner proves it’s value
HDL Prototype A spinning, 64 Laser scanner proves it’s value

7 HDL64E High Definition Lidar
Developed For The 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge

8 HDL-64E Technical Details
64 lasers 1.33M pixels / sec. 360° Horizontal FOV 28.6° Vertical FOV Range: 120M 5 – 15 Hz frame rate Distance, intensity data Class 1 eye safe Side view

9 Lidar Street Imaging Rings indicate Laser paths
Colors indicate elevation change

10 Urban Challenge - CMU Route Planning
Upper left image of raw LIDAR data Main image of target isolation and path tracking 10

11 MIT, Stanford, and CMU at the Urban Challenge finals
Urban Challenge – November 2007 MIT, Stanford, and CMU at the Urban Challenge finals

12 Urban Challenge Results
Top 2 finishers in 2007 Urban Challenge – Stanford and Carnegie Mellon University 5 of 6 finishers, 7 of 11 finalists, of 35 semifinalists

13 Mobile Mapping 3D Capture at Posted Speeds Used for:
Highway infrastructure inventory Bridge height analysis Foliage intrusion Mining Construction Disaster scene reconstruction

14 3-D Road Mapping Images, courtesy of Mandli Communications

15 Making Radiohead’s “House of Cards”
Rick from Velodyne Setting up the cul-de-sac shot. Production group with Thom Yorke and Colin Greenwood of Radiohead. 15

16 Radiohead’s Grammy Nominated “House Of Cards”
Clips from “House Of Cards”

17 Velodyne Lidar Inc. WWW.VELODYNE.COM/LIDAR
Velodyne Proprietary and Confidential

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