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1 NEOPREDISAN IN POULTRY PRODUCTION Technical Department Bedson Africa.

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1 1 NEOPREDISAN IN POULTRY PRODUCTION Technical Department Bedson Africa


3 3 WHAT DO WE EXPECT FROM A DISINFECTANT Effective - Against all pathogens Safe product – non toxic/irritating for eyes, nose and skin. Easy to handle – user friendly. Simple application method with ordinary pressure machines Residues safe for animals and equipment in the house.

4 4 WHAT IS NEOPREDISAN An Effective broad spectrum disinfectant for all kinds of surfaces in animal houses effective against Coccidia oocyst and eggs of worms or other parasites (litter beetle, mites, etc), bacteria, fungi, viruses, Cryptosporidium, and Clostridia. Easy to handle applied with a foam applicator, so time of exposure is longer. No residual effect, so safe for animals.

5 5 ACTIVE INGREDIENT OF NEOPREDISAN Preventol CMK (4-Chlor-m-cresol) Biological degradation: 90% according OECD-Test guidelines 301C. Acute toxicology: –LD50 oral, rat: 2500mg/kg LD50 dermal, rat: >500mg/kg, 7d exposure LD50 inhalation, rat: >0.7mg/l, 4h exposure

6 6 WHY USE NEOPREDISAN Excreted persistent particles of endoparasites remain for a long time on the floor and walls of animal houses and will continue to infect healthy animals. Neopredisan will reduce the high risk on infection and reinfection in the whole animal house area. This makes Neopredisan your product of choice.

7 7 PRODUCT CALCULATION Calculate the size in m 2 to be disinfected. Multiply by the amount of solution needed (0.3lt/m 2 for floors & 0.4lt/m 2 for floors & walls) Multiply this solution by the required percentage of Neopredisan (2%, 3% or 4%).

8 8 INDICATIONS FOR USE House to be disinfected must be properly washed before disinfection takes place. Mix the required amount of Neopredisan in the solution needed for disinfection. Apply with reduced pressure, reduced spraying rates, a large droplet size and a wide atomizing cone. Foam application is a visual spraying control guaranteeing that all surfaces are treated. Foam makes in addition a longer exposure time possible, even on vertical surfaces.

9 9 Neopredisan Reduced Zoonoses Reduced Disease Improved Performance Reduced Medication Reduced Mortality Quality Assurance Profits BENEFITS OF NEOPREDISAN Sanitary

10 10 EFFECTIVITY TESTS FOR NEOPREDISAN TESTPARASITESPERFORMED BYEFFECTIVITY% SOLUTION ArthropodsRed Poultry Mite Litter and cereal Beetles Free University of Berlin HIGH2-3 % ClostridiumC. Perfringes spores type C State Veterinarian Potsdam 100% after 15 min 4% CoccidiaEimeria tenellaDr Böse, Hannover 100% after 3 hrs 5% Eimeria tenellaInstitute of Parasitology Hannover 98% after 4 hrs 3% Eimeria tenellaFree University of Berlin 98% after 3hrs 4%

11 11 EFFECTIVITY TESTS FOR NEOPREDISAN (cont) TESTSPECIESPERFORMED BYEFFECTIVITY% SOLUTION BacteriaE. hirae P. vulgaris P. aeruginosa Microbiology Department, Hamburg 100% after 30 min 2% FungiC. albicans A. niger Microbiology Department, Hamburg 100% after 30 min 2% TuberculosisM. aviumDr Böse, Hannover 100% after 2 hrs 4% CryptosporidiumC. parvumHumboldt University, Berlin 94% after 1 hr 3%

12 12 USES OF NEOPREDISAN IN POULTRY USESBROILERSBREEDERSLAYERS General disinfection for bacteria, fungi and viruses 2% Coccidia3% Clostridium4% Cryptosporidium3% Mycobacterium4% Mites and litter beetle2%

13 13 SUMMARY Neopredisan is a broad spectrum disinfectant effective against coccidia ooscyst, worms of eggs and other parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses. User friendly It reduces the exposure of animals to the disease. Improves performance and therefore Improves your PROFITS.

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