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© LUMETRON Test Equipment for Safety & Compliance Testing A Brief Presentation.

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2 © LUMETRON Test Equipment for Safety & Compliance Testing A Brief Presentation

3 © Profile LUMETRONICS designs, develops and manufactures special-purpose, custom-built, Test & Measuring equipment, and provides Calibration services. Our products and services are used by: * Research & Development Units * Test Laboratories * Defense Establishments * Government Institutions * Manufacturing industries to fulfill their T&M requirements. Our products are used to test electro-technical items such as: * Home Appliances * Electrical Accessories * Switches * Plugs & Sockets * Connectors * Industrial & Road Lighting Luminaires * Automobile Lighting Systems Lumetronics can provide the solutions you need for your Safety, Compliance, Physical, Material, Photometry Test requirements.

4 © The equipment we develop in-house are the result of strong R & D. We maintain an extensive in-house library, are members of many relevant organizations & keep our selves updated with International standards. * Located in an Industrial suburb of Mumbai, the commercial & industrial hub of India. * In 1980, Lumetronics was started by Jayantilal D. Mahidharia. * In 1981, we rented a larger space in an industrial complex. Facilities were added for machining & manufacturing of products for the lighting industry such as Ballast's, Explosion proof fittings, ignitors etc. * Being unable to locate high quality test equipment for in-house testing, we designed & developed our own range of safety test equipment. * Upon request from our vendors, we started production of these test equipment to meet their demands. * In 1983, the present permanent premises was acquired. Complete machine shop facilities were added. We started large scale production of ballast's for Fluorescent lamps & other lighting accessories. * Putting greater emphasis on production of high quality custom built test equipment, standard production activities were suspended in favor of custom test equipment design, development & production. * We have also provided design & development consultancy for several industrial projects. * The LUMETRON brand name is now synonymous with high quality test equipment as justified by our growing list of satisfied Clients worldwide. Profile...

5 © Motivation These words by Thomas Fuller, have been the motivation in pushing ourselves to painful limits of perfection, and to deliver more than what our customers demand. It's not difficult, doing things better and more than expected, because we cannot let ourselves do otherwise. GOOD is not GOODwhereBETTER is expected is expected Thomas Fuller

6 © Philosophy QUALITY, Our way of life... Quality, for us, is a way of life. Not a means to please clients or conquer competition, But, a discipline flowing in our blood. Enabling superior performance & guiding our every endeavor. Allow us to show you what we mean when we talk about quality. Come, see our way of life.

7 © Mission Statement To provide the finest test solutions, tools and services for Photometry, Product Safety, Compliance & Performance Testing - this is our commitment. Achieving such a goal does not come easy. It takes a dedicated team of qualified personnel who make up

8 © Product Range Our range of products is broadly divided into four areas depending on the test category. These are: * Safety & Compliance Testing * Physical (properties) Testing * Electro-Mechanical Testing * Photometric Testing

9 © Safety & Compliance Its a tough world, and your products need to meet stringent Safety & Compliance norms to satisfy the requirements of International Standards. At LUMETRONICS, we have been developing, since more than 20 years, some of the best Safety & Compliance Test Equipment you can ever buy. A fact endorsed by our long list of satisfied customers all across the world. The equipment we develop are used by test laboratories and manufacturers to test such diverse products as: * Home Appliances / White Goods * Electrical Accessories * Automotive Lighting Systems * Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Systems Custom designing allows us to modify our equipment to your needs. LUMETRONICS, your ultimate Safety & Compliance Test Equipment resource Test Equipment to verify Safety, Quality and Compliance characteristics of electro- technical products as required by national and international safety regulatory agencies. These equipment are used to check Electrical Wiring Accessories, Electrical Home Appliances, Industrial Luminaires, Motors and components or parts used in such products. Several of these safety test equipment are common to many standards and are required for routine 100% test purposes to ensure product safety. Parameters such as Di-Electric Strength (H.V breakdown, hi-pot), Leakage (touch) Current, Earth Bond resistance, Human access to live parts, and related criteria are covered. This category is hence, one of the most important for end users.

10 © Some Safety Test Equipment

11 © Physical Testing The consequences of a malfunctioning product can be quite disastrous and have serious safety implications. Thats why Hazard testing is one of the most important and critical series of tests prescribed by all international standards. It is therefore important that your products pass these tests to obtain the necessary standards approvals. The main parameters for Hazard testing are Heat, Fire and Tracking. These tests are used to subject parts of electro-technical products to: * HEAT: Ensure that there is no deterioration or malfunctioning of insulating parts when subjected to pressure at elevated temp. using a Ball Pressure Apparatus. * FIRE: Ensure that insulating parts are self extinguishing & do not propagate spread of fire when exposed to very high temperature using a Glow Wire Apparatus. * TRACKING: Ensure that insulating parts do not degrade & become conductive under influence of external environmental conditions using a Tracking Index Tester. This category also covers test equipment for verification of resistance to mechanical stress, endurance, impact, force, torque, dimensional accuracy & similar physical or material test parameters as required by national and international safety regulatory agencies. These equipment are used to check Electrical Wiring Accessories, Electrical Home Appliances, Industrial Luminaires, Motors and components or parts used in such products. Many of these test equipment are common to many standards and are essential for routine test purposes. Physical & Material test equipment from LUMETRONICS involve high precision mechanical engineering techniques coupled with innovative electrical control to achieve highly accurate & repeatable test results.

12 © Some Physical Test Equipment

13 © Electro-Mechanical Testing This category covers test equipment required for electrical and/or mechanical performance tests on Industrial Lighting, Street Lighting, Automotive Lighting, Appliances, Accessories & related product groups. A wide range of Electrical Test Panels, Electro-mechanical endurance test systems for many products, Appliance test systems, etc. Equipment are custom built to suit specific customer requirements. Conducting Electro-Mechanical performance tests on products requires dedicated Electrical Panels with appropriate metering, electronic controls and mechanical actuation mechanisms. Products include : * Electro-mechanical Endurance Test Systems for a range of products & applications. * Ingress Protection Test Equipment (for IP-x1 to IP-x6) * Constant Wattage Control Gear (Ballasts) for high power UV Lamps used in Exposing and Printing applications, ranging from 2kW up to 20kW. * LUMETRON EP Series custom built Electrical Panels * EP-4AC series for AC applications * EP-4DC for DC and Power Supply applications * RL-Series Resistive Load Banks * IL-Series Inductive Load Banks

14 © Some Electro-Mechanical Test Equipment

15 © Photometric Test Equipment The measurement of Light, accurately, is critical in many application areas such as Automotive Lighting, Street Lighting, Indoor & Outdoor Lighting. Thats why, at LUMETRONICS, we have made it our business to create some of the finest Photometric tools since the last 20 years. A fact endorsed by our long list of satisfied customers all across the world. Our products include the complete range of Photometric equipment such as Integrating Spheres, Kelvin Holders, Digital Lux Meters, & Gonio Photometers etc. LUMETRON MH-4 series Kelvin Holders have become the de-facto standards for all Photometric Test Laboratories in India including the NPL. Our leadership in Photometry Tools is now strengthened by our alliance with RADIANT IMAGING of USA, for distribution of their range of high speed, CCD based Video Photometry equipment. Visit us, & find out why you are never in the dark when measuring light with LUMETRONICS. Two distinct areas are involved – Industrial / Commercial / Road Lighting and Automobile Lighting. Photometric equipment are used to conduct tests on Lamps, Industrial Lighting, Street Lighting, Automotive Lighting & related products. Most Photometric equipment are custom built to suit specific customer requirements. Additionally, we design & manufacture Special Purpose Custom Built Control Gear, Constant Wattage Ballast's & Inductors for Lighting applications such as High Pressure Mercury Vapor UV curing lamps, Metal Halide lamps etc. in power ratings ranging from 2000 W (2kW) up to 20,000W (20kW).

16 © Some Photometric Test Equipment

17 © Calibration Services LUMETRONICS started an electrical CALIBRATION Laboratory in 1996 to carry out in- house calibration of test equipment, traceable to national standards. With the increasing global trend for standardization and quality assurance, traceable calibration becomes essential for all test and measuring equipment. The addition of sophisticated equipment to our laboratory allows us to calibrate LUMETRON Test Equipment & also other equipment which come under our calibration ranges.

18 © Brief Clients List INTERNATIONAL Access Communications Pty. Ltd.AUSTRALIA AL-Babtain IndustriesSAUDI ARABIA AL-Dar Appliance FactorySAUDI ARABIA AL_Fanar Electrical SystemsSAUDI ARABIA Arabian Factory for Electrical ProductsSAUDI ARABIA Austest LaboratoriesAUSTRALIA Bureau of StandardsJAMAICA Che Scientific Co. (H.K.) Ltd.HONG KONG Cambridge Test & Measurement ServicesU.K. Delta KunststoffeGERMANY Eline International Co., Ltd.THAILAND Intertek Testing Services, ETL SEMKOMEXICO Laboratories Pourquery H.K. Ltd.HONG KONG Lite-On Ltd.U.K. Microtek LaboratoriesU.S.A. R.R. SalesAUSTRALIA Siemens Tjanster ABSWEDEN TÜV Product Service Asia Ltd.HONG KONG INSTITUTIONAL, INDIA Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI)PUNE Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)MUMBAI Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)CHENNAI Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)SAHIBABAD Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT)PUNE Consumer Education & Research Centre (CERC)AHMEDABAD Canadian Standards Association, India (CSA)BANGALORE Dept. of Lighthouses & LightshipsJAMNAGAR Dept. of Atomic EnergyCHENNAI Electrical Research & Development Association (ERDA)BARODA Electronics Regional Test Laboratory – West (ERTL-W)MUMBAI Electronics Test & Development Centre- (ETDC-S)BANGALORE Electronics Test & Development Centre – (ETDC-S)HYDERABAD Electronics Test & Development Centre – (ETDC-E)KOLKATA Field Testing StationBANGALORE Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)MUMBAI Institute for Design of Elec. Meas. Instruments (IDEMI)MUMBAI Mother DairyNEW DELHI National Physical Laboratory (NPL)NEW DELHI National Test HouseKOLKATA National Test HouseMUMBAI Pilot Test House, Ministry of Commerce (PTH)MUMBAI Regional Test Centre (RTC)MUMBAI Regional Test Centre (RTC)BANGALORE S.N.D.T. Women's UniversityMUMBAI School of Energy & Environmental StudiesINDORE Textiles CommitteeMUMBAI TÜV Rhineland (India) Pvt. Ltd.BANGALORE Vehicle Research & Devp. Establishment (VRDE)AHMEDNAGAR Judge us by the company we keep. Some of our satisfied customers worldwide. Not listed here is the long list of companies in India using LUMETRON Test Equipment since 1980.

19 © Our Global reach...

20 © Thank You B-44, Giriraj Industrial Estate, Mahakali Road, Andheri (E), MUMBAI 400 093, MH, INDIA Phone 1 +91 (22) 2687 2170 Phone 2 +91 (22) 5692 0585 Fax +91 (22) 2687 0730 E-Mail Website

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