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Shawangunk Historical Society

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1 Shawangunk Historical Society
Shawangunk Hearths Revisited – Frank Mentz Presentation by Alan White & Harold Van Aken Pictures and history of Wallkill’s old houses of the 1700’s Wallkill Reformed Church – Bridge Street May 5, 2010 at 7:30 PM Refreshments All are welcome Free

2 Shawangunk Hearths Revisited
Alan White & Harold Van Aken 5/5/2010 Shawangunk Historical Society


4 Shawangunk Hearths by Frank Mentz
Because the scenes of his childhood remain so vividly in his keen memory, Frank B. Mentz born in 1887, brings his recollections of another age to the reader through the encouragement of his journalistic friend, Vera D. Seely Published 1974

5 The Old Houses Cornelius Hasbrouck – page 124 Phinney – Page 1
Andries DuBois – page 14 Simon DuBois House – page 38 Justice Banks – page 31 Ostrander House – page 42 Dr. Whary – page 57 Walstein Childs House – not in book Dr. Graham – page 6 Lippencott Home Anna Rapalje – page 72 Terwilliger House – not in book

6 Shawangunk Hearths Template


8 Cornelius Hasbrouck Andrews, Borden, Hoyt

9 Cornelius Hasbrouck - location
2000 acres of land which had a frontage on the Wallkill River of one mile and ran due east about three miles to the top of Kings Hill in Orange County. The west boundary on this estate was the Wallkill River, the south the Orange County line and the north boundary Routes 208 and 300

10 Cornelius Hasbrouck (Borden/Hoyt)

11 Cornelius Hasbrouck - Owners
Built in 1771 John P. Andrews 1865 – 1881 John G. Borden 1881 – 1892 Marion Borden 1892 – 1950 Dr. C.J. Hoyt Today

12 Cornelius Hasbrouck – Other Information
John Borden began the task of beautification of the entire estate. He built new roads and lined them all with maple trees. He built many lakes and had the entire land east of the railroad laid out in building lots with wide streets. He owned most of the land east of the Phinney property where the town hall, Library and Fire Department are. John Borden had two boys, Gail and Lewis and two girls Nellie and Marion Marion Borden married George Halliday who later owned the Wallkill Hat Shop. He was killed at the factory when he grabbed a high tension electric wire at the factory.   * Dr. Clare J. Hoytt - a leading veterinarian who restored the house nearly to its original design.

13 Cornelius Hasbrouck - More
South House - Built by Cornelius Hasbrouck before the 1771 north house and was used for slave quarters. The house was torn down when Marion built the Borden Mansion. Several Barns, sheds John Borden Office John Borden brought Electric to Wallkill in 1908 from his power plants. When George Halliday, husband of Marion Borden, bought the hat shop he built a water power plant to power the farm and town

14 Cornelius Hasbrouck – Andrews - 1880

15 Cornelius Hasbrouck - South House First House on the South end built before the 1771 North House was built

16 Cornelius Hasbrouck – Hoyt – 2004 Borden Day

17 Cornelius Hasbrouck – Burned on 12/29/2009


19 Phinney House

20 Phinney House Located behind the Wallkill Savings and Loan building on Wallkill Avenue.    Until 1900 the old Phinney property included all of the current hamlet of Wallkill on this side of the Wallkill River. On the north the property joined the Andries DuBois Farm.  The east and South sides along the Wallkill Avenue and Route 300, ran to the end of  Viola Street and joined the Cornelius Hasbrouck land which became the JP Andrews, Borden and then Hoyt land.

21 Phinney House (Cornelius Bruyn)
1875 Beers Map

22 Phinney House - Owners Cornelius Bruyn 1776 - Built by Cornelius Bruyn
Van Kleek 1875 Coy Mr. Coy was employed by the Paper Mill Anna & Hollister Brown They bought the house and were the last to live in it- descendant of Cornelius Bruyn Transition Metal Company Owned by Hat factory until the plant close and then was sold to the Savings and Loan Savings and Loan The House was in need of extensive restoration and was demolished to make room for the bank 2004 Bank expanded to cover the location of the cow and horse barn

23 Other Information Edward Moore set up a Blacksmith shop in 1900 in the horse barn Thomas Casalette bought the building in a couple of years and converted it to a residence for his father-in-law Alex Petrie. A one inch square wooden pipe ran from a spring on 3rd street to the barn Horse Barn and Cow Barn on the location of the Valley Food Market (Burned in 1973 when the steel building next to it caught fire from welding)


25 Phinney House - Painting

26 Phinney House – From the River


28 Andries DuBois House

29 North on Wallkill Avenue between Pleasant Avenue and DuBois Avenue
Andries DuBois House Milestone in Wallkill - The Andries DuBois Home - One of Wallkill's Oldest circa 1769 North on Wallkill Avenue between Pleasant Avenue and DuBois Avenue

30 Andries DuBois House

31 Andries DuBois House - Owners
1769 – Built the house in circa 1769 Jonathan DuBois Jonathan died in 1789 Sarah DuBois Vernooy 1789 – 1809 Simon DuBois 1809 – 1810 James Mitchell 1810 – 1842 James Nicholl Mitchell 1842 – 1853 Charles F.V. Reeve 1853 – 1856 Simon L. DuBois 1856 – 1865 Jonathan Deyo DuBois 1865 – 1871 Jacob Tears 1871 Elizabeth DuBois 1871 – 1891 John Alsdorf Tears   John died in 1892 and his widow married John Manning John Manning Laid out building lots between Wallkill Ave and Orchard and sold them Cora DuBois Rogers 1965    Shares ownership with her sister Edith DuBois Powell Harold Rogers Upon his Mother’s death her son Harold took ownership and sold to the Historical Society 2003

32 Andries DuBois House Other Information
Destroyed by fire in the late 1700’s Rebuilt as Federal style House circa 1814 Greek Revival Renovations circa 1845 Hattie Tears - daughter of John Tears who became the first pipe organ player in the Reformed Church in 1892 The barnyard was U shaped with the Cow barn on the West and the horse barn on the East. Near the road on the North side was a grainery and a spring. There was an apple orchard too

33 Andries DuBois House April 2010

34 DuBois House Renovation – Dining Room

35 DuBois House Renovation - Kitchen


37 Simon P. DuBois House

38 Simon P. Dubois Location
Northwest side of Wallkill Avenue and is the last house on that side of the street to be within the village.

39 Simon P. DuBois House - Map

40 Simon P. DuBois - Owners Simon P. Dubois Early 1800's built
Isaac. Tobias 1880 – 1903 James Howell 1960's 's Reverend Bruce Penn 1980's 's Jeff Ambrose 1990's - now

41 Simon P. DuBois – Other Names
Simon was a brother to Andries DuBois ??? Simon was a great-grandfather to Herbert and Daniel D. DuBois Tobias children Joe - Left the farm and went to live in NYC Katherine - Married Albert Kidd and moved to Middletown when Albert was promoted at the Borden Milk company Ira - Stayed on the farm and took care of Mother and farm until 1903 when he married. Warren & Elizabeth Tobias - Children of Ira. Warren joined the Navy and Elizabeth lived with Mia Titus until she married at 17 to George Hammesfahr. They had 2 children - Joan and Marion who is the wife of Joseph Doolittle  

42 Simon P. DuBois – Roof Construction

43 Simon P. DuBois House - Today


45 Justus Banks House (Lucht)

46 Justus Banks House (Lucht)
North end of Wallkill Avenue and has a lane running east from the road about 300 feet from where the house is located. It is about one-half block north of the entrance to Hulse Street.

47 Justus Banks House (Lucht)

48 Justus Banks House - Owners
Built in 1772 by Justus Banks Served in the Revolutionary War - 4th Ulster unit Catherine Graham Banks Sep 12, Death of Justus and his wife took ownership. Catherine was the daughter of Capt George Graham who lived across the river Joseph Millspaugh Feb 24,1826 Catherine Graham died and building was bought? Changed roof line Thomas Fulton 1874 Traded La Tourettes gristmill (Borden Road) for the house with Joseph Millspaugh John Buchanan 1875 His daughter married Gordon Hulse from Salisbury Mills who came to work on the farm Gordon Hulse 1875 Gordon had 3 children and ran the farm. Ida, Dewitt & Adrian Adrian Hulse 1906 Gordon Hulse died and his wife ran the farm with her son Adrian until he retired and they sold it to Carl Lucht Carl Lucht 1931 bought 240 acre farm Donald Myers August 1975 Lived there Abandoned Alan & Marcia White Present day

49 Justus Banks House – Other info
Sarah Carmen Mentz (Frank Mentz's Grandmother) went to work for them doing housework in 1854 and said there was a school across the road. Bill Schoonmaker and family lived in the school house that was converted to a tenant house in His family entertained Saturday night at the Sam Jansen Hotel.     The Barn was replaced with a huge barn in the early 1900's and is still in good shape today First School House in Wallkill was across the road. The school was made into a tenant house for the Farm Workers Large Country store Potash factory   It was a boarding House in the 1940's, 1950's and early 1960's Original Banks farm included all land East up to Route 208. Included the High school and all its fields. The house had 4 fireplaces - Kitchen, Living room and 2 bedrooms

50 Justus Banks House – 1950’s

51 Justus Banks - Painting

52 Justus Banks - Letter

53 Justus Banks House – Today


55 Ostrander House

56 Ostrander House - Location
East side of the old Galeville road, just about one-half mile north of Wallkill. It stands on high hill about 300 feet from the road. It was built about 1775 and is constructed of field stone.

57 Ostrander House - Map

58 Ostrander House - Owners
Jacob Ostrander 1775 House Constructed E.H. Waldron 1875 Terwilliger 1880's Lottie Terwilliger 1890's – Nicholas Runowich present day House was taken down in 1973

59 Ostrander House – Names Mentioned
John Pierman - Lottie hired him to run the farm and married him 2 years later Sunday school program Fred Wilkin, Josiah Phinney, Emma Wilkins, Harry Millspaugh, Anna and Ida McElhone William Ostrander - Blacksmith shop in town Clare F. Ostrander - Principal of Wallkill Elementary School Karen and Linda Ostrander - daughters of Clare Ostrander Harry and Howard Ostrander - sons of William Ostrander and classmates of Mentz


61 Dr. David Whary Home (Daniel D. DuBois)

62 Dr. Whary House  About one mile north of the village of Wallkill on the old Galeville Road. The house sits on the east edge of the road, but does not face the road, it faces south.

63 Dr. Whary House

64 Dr. Whary House - Owners Dr. David Whary Circa 1817
Daniel D. DuBois 1824 1855 Daniel D. DuBois 1891 Circa 1920 – Grandson Margery DuBois Circa Daughter - Operating the farm Michael Gaston About 2000 to present day

65 Dr. Whary House – Other Names
Sons Simon L. DuBois born 1859 and Everett B. born in 1862 The original house was one and a half stories high with a cellar basement kitchen. In 1896 Alex Petrie and Ezra Mentz raised the roof and made it a two-story house. Daniel DuBois had two daughters, Mary and Margery who is at home and operates the farm. 

66 Dr. Whary House – Other Buildings
There was an old milk house along the bank of the river with a spring The island in the Wallkill River was planted with all kinds of crops, both vegetable and flowers.

67 Dr. Whary House – Other Information
There are four fire places in this old house, one in the basement cellar, one in the dining room, another in an upstairs bedroom and one in the living room. The one in the living room has an iron casting in it that bears the date 1816.

68 Dr. Whary House - Today


70 Walstein Childs House

71 Walstein Childs House Location
Hidden from public view on the western edge of Wallkill Correctional Facility

72 Walstein Childs House Owners
Mulford family 1763 carved into a slender horizontal stone on the front facade. Walstein Childs 1876 a year after Marriage to Margaret Hasbrouck Childs family - 1946 Orma O. Healy 1946 – 1950 Edwin and Virginia Abrahamsen 1950 – BernardBernhard and Ema Thieben ?? Dr. Wallace Karutz Lee Titus Wallkill Correctional Facility 2000

73 Walstein Childs House – Other Names
Kris Pedersen - Chair of the Planning Board Tract of land conveyed to David Mulford in 1776 by Charles Clinton the brother of Governor Clinton

74 Walstein Childs – Other Information
A number of surviving features date from the original construction of the house: The wide rough-hewn floor boards, deep window sills, the staircase, the fireplace surround, and historic iron fire back A Dutch door with original hardware, and a chimney made from Wallkill River mud bricks. The building itself is constructed of fine Dutch stone masonry, with later repairs made in an Italian masonry style. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003


76 Graham House

77 Graham House - Location
Junction of the Bruyn Turnpike and the old road that once led to Walden on the west side of the Wallkill River. 

78 Graham House - Map

79 Graham House - Owners Dr. James Graham
Built in 1772 on land granted to Girard Beekman by the English Crown in 1709 Jemima Forbisch Graham 1815 Dr Graham died and left the farm to his wife J. Edmund Graham about 1890 David Robertson 1930's – 1982 Herbert DuBois Vic and Mary Work Currently owns the farm

80 Graham House - Owners Dr. James Graham
Built in 1772 on land granted to Girard Beekman by the English Crown in 1709 Jemima Forbisch Graham 1815 Dr Graham died and left the farm to his wife J. Edmund Graham David Robertson about 1890 Herbert DuBois 1930's – 1982 Vic and Mary Work Currently owns the farm

81 Graham House – Other Names
George Graham - James Father a Native of Ireland arrived in 1730's and was the Overseer of the Wallkill Road in 1746. Jemima Forbisch - Married James Graham 1776 at the Kingston Dutch Reformed Church Joseph Hasbrouck and wife Elizabeth Bevier David Hasbrouck - trained by James to be a Doctor Mattie Robertson - married J. Edmund Graham Alice Graham Deyo and Warren V. Deyo of Wallkill James Graham - Newburgh Attorney Alex Petrie - Hired to rebuild fireplace and found a bottle of Applejack and a powder horn. Angie Lee Watts - Niece of David Robertson who visited in 1950 Martha Meyer Graham - Niece of the Robertsons

82 Graham House – Other Information
James Graham was Colonel in the NY Militia 1782, NY Assembly 1790, State Senate 1798 Militia training ground at Bruyn & Albany Post Road he commanded George Washington reviewed the militia and stayed at James Graham House in 1782

83 Graham House – About 1900

84 Graham House - Today


86 Lippencott House

87 Lippencott House – Location
The house and buildings are located on Lippencott Road on the easterly side.

88 Lippencott House - Map

89 Lippencott House - Owners
Unknown Built in about 1800 D.W. Rapalye 1828 – 1879 Anna Rapalye & Leonard Lippencott 1880's 's Seth Lippencott 1920's – 1978 Joseph Massimilla   called JamJoy Catering Marty Van Dyk now called Lippencott Manor Catering

90 Lippencott House – Other Names
Children of Leonard and Anna Lippencott: Seth May Workman Jesse Benjamin Helen Judge Seth Lippencott - Classmate of Mentz Ora Sheeley - wife of Judge Lippencott

91 Lippencott House – Other Information
Before and after the Revolutionary War, general training was given to the NYS militia on the west side of the farm, which is on the Albany Post Road. It was on this farm that the artillery range was located.

92 Lippencott House - Today


94 Terwilliger House

95 Terwilliger House Location
The Isaac Terwilliger-Everett Cameron House is off of the Bruyn Turnpike, on the left hand side just before reaching Hoagerburgh Road. The area was called Hooge Bergh which, in Dutch, means high hill.

96 Terwilliger House - Map

97 Terwilliger House Owners
Isaac Terwilliger 1736 – Family run for 200 years CameronTerwilliger - 1942 Luther & Thelma Myers 1942 – Came back East in the Mid 30’s to escape the Great Dust Bowl Donald Myers Son ran the farm until June 1980 John & Judith Pulin June May 1993 B & T Coomer May August 1997 B. Coomer August October 1998 Warren & A Pires October 1998 – Simon to Pires January   22 Acres of land

98 Terwilliger House – Other Information
It is thought to be the original house of Isaac Terwilliger, who was born in 1716. His son, Evert, was a captain in the Revolution Donald Myers family owned and operated the farm in the 1940's 's The house was fully restored between by John and Judy Pullin and family.

99 Terwilliger House - Today

100 Shawangunk Hearths Revisited

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