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Vesuvius, seen here across the Bay of Naples, seems benign.

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1 Vesuvius, seen here across the Bay of Naples, seems benign.

2 Sometimes, in fact, the sea meets the sky and Vesuvius seems to disappear..

3 The Map of Pompeii: In 1860 Giuseppe Fiorelli was put in charge of the excavations of Pompeii. He devised a plan of grids and this map, which is still used today. It divides Pompeii into Regio (regions) and blocks (insulae). So all references to houses now appear using these terms, as REG V,I, such as the house of Caecilius.

4 Lets visit Pompeii Today The road leads up from the port into the town.

5 The Forum As you can see, interest is high in antiquity 2000 years later.

6 The Basilica was the law court and place of business.

7 The huge building was covered by a roof and the judges sat on the stage.

8 An ingenious method of making columns out of brick which could then be cemented over into columns.

9 The Forum looks towards Vesuvius

10 The House of Caecilius is # 34 on the Pompeii audio tour: lets go down to the crossroads near it!

11 The house of Caecilius, seen from the crossroads, is in front of us on the right, with the black lintel over the door.

12 It is a large house, but was not the largest nor the most elegant in Pompeii, as befits a banker. The house is approximately 10,225 square feet.


14 The sign on the right of the door says the House of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus

15 The Atrium

16 Recent scholarship at the University of Stockholm has mapped the floor plan of Caecilius house. They found that he expanded his house by adding on to the one next door.

17 Here is the floor plan: the pink area was the original house, the purple is the addition.

18 The walls of the tablinum are being restored. It looks out on the beautiful garden, columns, and shrubbery.

19 Fresco to left overlooking garden


21 We can see one of two plinths on which stood the bust of the father of Caecilius; this door leads to more rooms.

22 The bust, thought to be that of the father of Caecilius, stood in the Atrium.

23 The Lararium Caecilius is known for two things, and one of them is the family altar or Lararium. Here in a rare photograph you can see two bands of carving, around the table area and the upper shelf.

24 This is what the Lararium looks like today. The carved panels have been removed. The house of Caecilius is closed because of the presence of the rare pigment cinnabar.

25 A close up of the marble lararium shows the removed bottom panel and the marble work. The panels have been stolen.

26 The removed bottom panel shows the earthquake of 62 AD, and the damage to the capitol. The top panel shows the Vesuvius Gate near a few doors down from Caecilius severely leaning. The panels are one of the few records of this earthquake.

27 The Wax Tablets Caeciiuss business records, 153 wax tablets, form the basis for much of our understanding of commerce and business in the Roman world. His percentage was 2 percent.

28 A side entrance to the front door may have been a shop he owned.

29 They are restoring the mosaic floor of the atrium

30 A chain pattern can be seen in the floor design mid way on the bottom right of the impluvium.

31 Theyve been working on this atrium floor for years. Here is what it looked like in 2008

32 The mosaic dog stands guard at the front door, but lets step into the street.

33 If we look right we see where the Vesuvius Gate was, and behind it, Vesuvius.


35 If we walk toward Vesuvius were in the suburbs and vineyards almost immediately. Caecilius was ideally situated, a bit out from the busy town but with easy access to the Forum.

36 Watch the curb! Its shin high.

37 The town is on a slant so the water could run freely and carry off the refuse, lets use the stepping stones..

38 This view shows the crossroads looking toward the house of Caecilius. To our right this young man is looking at a Thermopolium, a Fast Food Take Away. To our left is the street to the Forum. Behind us is the road to the Theater Complex. Caecilius had only a pleasant walk to go almost anywhere.

39 The Thermopolium

40 Under the counter stews, soups, and chowders waited for the customer in large jars. Mary Beard now suggests that this may be in fact a grocery with beans, peas, etc., in it.

41 As we lean on the counter of the Fast Food shop, we see the road to the Forum. Note the square fountain and the wagon ruts between the giant stepping stones. To the right is the house of Caecilius

42 If we turn left and continue down Caecilius street well come to the Theater complex, a pleasant walk..

43 A small bakery is operating half a block from Caecilius. The hat fits over the cone which grinds the grain.

44 The top of the grist mill has holes into which are fitted poles turned by donkeys or slaves. The ovens are in the rear.

45 Pompeii abounds in exquisite touches where it has not been despoiled. Here the top of a column in the palaestra hints at former glory.

46 Vesuvius is still watching, long overdue for an eruption.

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