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The Rickety Old House Alicen Madison Kaelan Click here to begin your adventure.

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1 The Rickety Old House Alicen Madison Kaelan Click here to begin your adventure

2 Click here to go on You get home from school and you go straight to your room because you feel sad, because your best friend went missing and no one can find him. Your mom calls you down to tell you to do your chores before you go to cheerleading practice, but you dont listen. She calls you again and again you dont listen you just keep ignoring. She yells up the stairs Your grounded if you dont come down right now! however you cant hear her because you have your music turned up all the way practicing your cheers. You have your uniform on and your bag of close by the door, you say goodbye to your mom and walk out the door. She looks at you with a mad look on her face telling you to get back in the house.

3 She says, you are grounded and you looked at her with a sad look and she said you were not allowed to leave the house, unless you do your chores like raking or putting bird food in the feeders. You just moved in to a big old house about a week ago it looks as if it would just fall apart but your mom thinks its cute and historical she says its a fixer upper. You havent gotten a chance to explore it yet and thats what you loved to do so since you were grounded you could explore. but your mom always says it is not lady like to go off and explore unknown parts but your mom always over exaggerates. If you choose to explore around in the basement and other rooms Click here If you choose to stay in the parts of the house you know and knot take an another risk of getting in even more trouble. Click here

4 Click here to go on You choose to go and explore the unknown parts of the old house so before you go to the basement you go to the linen closet and grab a flash light because you know its dark because your dad took some things down there and it was pitch black because no one put in any lights when they built the place. then you head for the door that hides the stairs that leads the basement the door is almost always covered in a dark dusty color because no one touches it. you open the door carefully and it makes a loud creek and then you tip toe down the stairs on every other step sinks in and feels as if it would break and makes a weary creek sounding like nails on a chalkboard you get a chill down your spin but you keep going down the stairs it feels like they go on forever

5 If you choose to go down the tunnel click here If you choose to go back to the rickety old stairs click here then you trip but you dont hit the splintery wood of the stairs you hit the icy cold wet floor of the dark basement. You turn the flash light on and look around you hear a weary creepy noise it freaks you out so you quickly turn around it was just the heater so you continue to look around but your slightly scared, then you hear the door at the top of the stairs slams so you take a few steps forward in your head you think for some reason you get a little braver you wonder why mixed feelings go through your mind with each step you take. Then you see a door covered with dust you go to it and you open it its a tunnel that looks as if it will go on forever

6 Click here to go on You choose to stay in the parts of the house you know. You go to the living room and turn on the TV; you turn it to your favorite channel. You decide to go get a sandwich so you go to the cupboard and notice its empty so you check the other cupboards still empty because your mom hasnt gone shopping except for the usual lunch things since moved in the new and creepy old house, so you go to the pantry and under the carpet the floor is creaking so you lift it up and see a trap door. You are looking down at the trap door and all of the sudden it went crazy and it was like something is trying to get out, so you try to unlock it but it wont. The door is locked, you go and make a sandwich from the peanut butter you got from the pantry

7 If you choose to go down the stairs go to ending 2.1 If you choose to stay up stairs and tell your mom about go to ending 2.2 As you finish it, lots of curiosity has built up because of the door going crazy while you were trying to find the stuff to make a sandwich. You take out your bobby pin and hold it tight in your hand while you walk to the pantry. You get to the pantry hoping the trap door doesnt go crazy. You start to pick the lock and hope that it comes undone but you are struggling. After a hour you finally get the door unlocked. Under the trap door is a set of stairs. You are thinking of the possibilities of what could be at the bottom of the stairs.

8 Click here to go on You chose to follow the tunnel that seems to go on forever you take a few steps in and then you see something move its just a gross bug so you continue to walk down the tunnel then you feel a breeze and think thats odd why is there wind in a tunnel under your house but you just stop thinking about the breeze. You continue to walk in the tunnel, then you here what sounds to be water dripping, but its an old house so you think dripping water is normal and keep walking then your legs get tired but you dont want to rest in this creepy place so you keep moving then you notice you never put you purse down in your room and you remember you have a water bottle in it so you get it out and drink it

9 you dont feel tired any more but you do feel hungry and all you have in your purse is gum and a few gummy bears so you eat your gummy bears and chew a piece of gum then you continue to walk and walk it fells like forever then you see a light so then you start to run towards the light and then you see something blocking the way but there are holes in it so then you start to walk agene and then you dont see anything anymore so you keep walking and then you walk write into a huge spider web full of spiders and they start to crawl all over you and you try to scream but all you hear is the dark emptiness of the tunnel you run and run and run you see more light but the exit is blocked off by boards you kick and kick the boards and then they break you walk through the door and you end up out side.


11 You choose to go back to the rickety old stairs and you start to walk up them then you here a crack and you feel this horrible stinging pain you realize that you have a ton of splinters in you leg because the stair cracked. And your leg is bleeding and your in horrible pain you manage to pull your leg out of the hole you finish walking up the stairs and you tell your mom what happened and she says your in even more trouble than you were before but you leg is cut and full of splinters deep splinters so your mom takes you to the hospital your there for over an hour getting bandaged up then when you leave you get a new set of rules you not allowed to leave your room in less you go to school or get called down stairs by your mom. Click here to go on

12 You choose to go down the stairs. You start down and hear the boards creaking so you stop and look around. You keep going and get to the bottom and see that you are in a room full of cobwebs. You try to speak but nothing comes out as if you are in space with no air. You begin to choke on a cobweb, and feel dead as you start forward and hear the trap door shut you look up and just know you are never getting out. The door was shut and it couldnt have shut on its own. Someone or something had to have closed it. You begin to scream and you feel as if you swallowed a spider.

13 Click here to go on You keep going and find a door you wipe your hand over the door and find a handle you open the door and see a boy. Its your best friend he went missing two days ago and no one could find him. Hes tied up in spider webs and is scared to death he come over to you and gives you a big hug and asks if you are okay. You ask how he got down here and how long he has been down here. He tells you hes been down here for two days and his house had a trap door and he followed it and it led to this tunnel. You keep going and the tunnel comes to a four way split. You ask your friend which way you should go. He says you should take the left tunnel because it looks the safest. You take that tunnel and you go on forever.

14 You come to a door and stop. You open it and there is a long swirly stair well you go up until you feel as if you are going to die. You see a door and go in you come out a book case. You look around and see you are in a library. You go ask the librarian were you are and what time it is. She tells you that it is 5:00. You tell her you have to go. Your mom is supposed to be home at 5:10 so you run out the door and start running home as fast as you can. Luckily you get home at 5:09 and get changed out of your nasty clothes, washed your face, and got in bed. You covered up and your mom came in the downstairs door. You pretend you are asleep and your mom comes in to see if you are okay. She comes over and wakes you up. You tell her you are okay and just very tired. She lets you go back to sleep and you were thinking right at the moment that she left that you were so happy she was finally gone.

15 Click here to go on You decide to stay upstairs and not explore the mysterious and creepy looking stairs. You go outside to put the food into the birdfeeder. As youre pouring the food you wonder what was downstairs but you think you would have got hurt. You notice a tree with an unusual lock on it. You go over and pull on the lock it busts theres a trap door in the tree you open it when bunch of papers fall out you look at them its got your address all over it you read it says that the biggest murder in the state of Michigan happened in your house. Then you feel like youre being stalked or spied on. You feel a chill run down your spine so you run inside. You feel like your being hunted.

16 You hide under the safety of your bed with the phone. You hear glass shatter and burglar alarm sets off. You push the buttons into the phone 9-1-1. Hello says the end of the line Your call is being recorded You wait to respond. Theres a killer at my house you say in a panicked tone. I live at 3496 August street. Were on our way the other line says. Then you hear sirens and gunshots. You hear footsteps come toward you. And a cop comes into the room. You come up out of cover. Everything is okay he says. Thank you you say. To this day you still wonder what was down the old stairs.

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