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CCashman December 2006 GUT BUSTERS Anne Farrell, Workplace Health Promotion Officer, CIE Group.

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1 CCashman December 2006 GUT BUSTERS Anne Farrell, Workplace Health Promotion Officer, CIE Group

2 Gut busters-unique pilot ! The Dublin Bus company in-house health promotion pilot project for a healthier lifestyle in bus drivers and other staff.

3 Background The National Taskforce on Obesity in Ireland: The public sector, the private sector and the community and voluntary sectors should work in partnership to promote healthy eating and active living to address overweight/obesity.

4 Aims Develop a pilot health promotion intervention to support healthy lifestyle and weight management in Dublin Bus drivers and staff. Quantify the results Provide feedback

5 Methods Coordinator: Anne Farrell & Gut Buster team Health Promotion, Exercise & Fitness Students,Waterford Institute of Technology Support – management, safety, unions, CIE medical department

6 Methods Units of study – 8 depots, 330 voluntary participants from total target 3000 employees Incentives Competition between depots Achievement of personal goals Management Awards night presentation


8 Methods Management support in-house programme Personnel & targeted resources Specific for active participants 50% weight watchers joining fee.Mgt paid other half Incentives Competition between depots-weight loss league Achievement of personal goals Management Awards night presentation

9 Methods Implementation of physical health intervention Information campaign Consent voluntary participants Measurements Pre-intervention Mid-intervention Afterwards Outcome - visibility

10 Questionnaire Confidential to Health Promotion Officer Contact information Gender/birth date Physical health activity readiness-par q Health habits: exercise, smoking, diet Personal goal Consent

11 Measurements Height / weight BMI Waist circumference Blood pressure Cholesterol Peak flow

12 Tools Information leaflets Questionnaire Diary personal data Digital images Film footage Walking challenge Gym challenge Dance challenge


14 Gym Challenge !

15 Dance challenge

16 Intervention Pre-intervention information leaflet Selection of voluntary participants Total n=330 50 % response rate active participants (cases n=76) non-active participants (controls n=72) Abnormal health findings – GP letter

17 Intervention 8 week programme (active participants) Physical health intervention 2km walk test (before & after) Slí na Sláinte Introduction to depot gym –personal training Personal fitness programme: diary Daily activity scoring Weight watchers weekly programme

18 Intervention For all Dublin Bus staff Free health & lifestyle lectures in all the depots: Motivation to change Smoking cessation Nutrition Drugs & Alcohol Stress management Ergonomics Shaping up Cancer prevention

19 Baseline 82% male 72% none or mild exercise 67% goals health/weight reduction 25% smoke cigarettes

20 Results: Cholesterol (mmol/l) Cases Controls

21 Results: Waist measure (inches) Cases Controls

22 Results: Weight (Kg) Cases Controls

23 Results: BP (Diastolic) Cases Controls

24 Results GP referrals generated prior to onset Quantified trend towards reduction in weight, waist circumference, cholesterol, diastolic BP Positive feedback from participants/families Positive response from active participants to agree to take part in dance challenge Dance challenge presented at awards night – positive feedback 2 nd night requested Overall depot winner: Clontarf

25 Post Measurements


27 Winning Team -Clontarf

28 Out comes Documentary Positive Publicity Gut Buster conference Qualitative and quantitative results Research health promotion paper Some people gave up smoking Referrals to GPs Some employees off medication for diabetes and heart disease. Mentoring facility for students GYM safety audit Medical department new approach Improvement in company wellbeing-stones were lost (Clontarf -13 stone)


30 Conclusions Successful short term results Positive feedback Limitations: 50% response, time, resources, resistance, WW fee, Difficulties with communications GP concerns Lead in time too short.

31 November 14 th 2006

32 The Future Feedback audit sent to participants Gym safety audit Post intervention measurements 6 months Consideration of extension of pilot Presentation to management Lead time period needed to structure communications Self-funding potential What are others doing?


34 Collaborations Management/safety department Marketing dept CIE Medical Department Pfizer Irish Cancer Society Irish Heart Foundation Waterford Institute of Technology Private collaborations: Coisceim, Weight Watchers, Afresh, iadt

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