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Calf Pen Meadow School ~ Grade 5. Todays Schedule Whole Group Presentation Classroom Visits… A Day in the Life!

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1 Calf Pen Meadow School ~ Grade 5

2 Todays Schedule Whole Group Presentation Classroom Visits… A Day in the Life!

3 School Continuous Improvement Plan (S.C.I.P.) To increase the academic achievement of all students, every Calf Pen Meadow student will have access to a rigorous and quality education and will have the supports needed to be successful. To provide a safe and orderly environment for all, Calf Pen Meadow will establish and maintain a community that supports, promotes, and expects behaviors which ensure students are responsible learners and caring citizens of their school. To strengthen and promote school/family/community relationships, the people attached to Calf Pen Meadow School will be committed to fostering and nurturing these partnerships that contribute to increased learning for all students.


5 Our Mission Statement As a community we strive to foster meaningful relationships and build a safe, supportive environment that develops life-long learners who care and think deeply about their world. Our partnership is critical to this work!

6 What have our grade 5 mathematicians been working on? Used the area model, partial products, and/or the standard algorithm to multiply by 1 digit numbers (ex: 457 x 3) and to multiply multi-digit numbers (ex: 23 x 34) Solved long division problems and word problems involving remainders; decided how to interpret the remainder Used visual fraction models, number lines, and grid paper to represent fractions and mixed numbers and solved word problems involving fraction concepts Added & subtracted fractions with the same denominators; solved word problems involving fractions & mixed numbers Explored relationships between fractions and decimals

7 What will our grade 5 mathematicians do next? Solve real world and mathematical problems involving adding & subtracting decimals Identify and draw geometric figures: points, lines, rays, and angles; Name and classify shapes (polygons) Solve problems involving perimeter, area, and volume of polygons Add & subtract fractions and mixed numbers w/unlike denominators Multiply & divide fractions and mixed numbers using models that build an understanding of the standard algorithms Multiply & divide decimals using models and place value strategies

8 How can families help at home? Fact practice & problem solving practice See CPM website - Academics link for websites and Fastt Math link Promote participation Extreme-Home Math - Students should record the math task they work on in their planner Idita-Math Problem of the Week - Problem will be sent home in Friday folders Homework… Communicate difficulties to classroom teacher The Planner

9 What have our grade 5 readers been working on? Unit 1: Launching the Reading Workshop Choosing just right books follow the routine of a reading community use strategies to maintain engagement in text express ideas clearly during discussions and build on others ideas support their thinking with evidence from the text

10 What have our grade 5 readers been working on? Unit 2: Determining Theme Through Character Change identify characters traits through an analysis of behaviors, including actions, dialogue, internal thinking and feelings analyze characters behaviors, actions, and thoughts in order to draw inferences about characters develop and revise theories about characters analyze characters relationships and their point of view work with partners to share and grow theories about characters, using evidence from the text use information about characters to determine theme analyze how authors w/in genres approach similar themes use information about characters to determine the authors message and consider how that connects to their own lives

11 What have our grade 5 readers been working on? Unit 3: Gaining Knowledge From Nonfiction Text identify & explain common text structures in informational texts begin to distinguish the most & least important information in a text quote accurately from a text when explaining what a text says explicitly determine two or more main ideas and explain how they are supported by details summarize the text, incorporating multiple main ideas identify and determine the meaning of general academic and domain-specific words and phrases share information learned from a text with others

12 What have our grade 5 readers been working on? Unit 4 Editorials: Engaging in Discussion read editorials closely to analyze the structure, features, content, and purpose of the genre compare and contrast multiple perspectives on the same topic research, plan, and practice in order to present a strong argument to an audience

13 What will our grade 5 readers do next? Unit 5: Whats the Point? Analyzing Theme in Short Text, Poetry, and Song Unit 6:Historical Fiction and Informational Text Unit 7:The Quest for Knowledge (Science) Unit 8:Reflection and Assessment: How Ive Grown as a Reader

14 How can families help at home? Promote participation Extreme-Reader - Students should record the their minutes in the planner Daily and Nightly Reading w/ ConversationTalking is thinking. Thinking is learning. The more children talk, the more they learn. The Planner

15 Our Performance Target 83 % of families responded favorably to the indicator… This school offers me many ways to be involved in my childs education.

16 Our efforts to increase involvement to date… Family Numeracy Learning Sessions Mystery Readers Fall Conferences Have You Heard? /The Graze January Open House Weekly NYCU Special Projects QU Literacy Collaborative

17 Partnership Opportunities Looking forward… One School One Book (Grants) Family Nights (PTA) Additional Family Numeracy Learning Sessions Family Literacy Night Name That Book Chess Club Spirit Day April Conferences School House Rocks Drama Production Iditarod Projects (including IditaMath problems) All School Gathering Events Chorus & Band Concerts Art Shows

18 Ideas and suggestions??????? Please complete our electronic survey that will be emailed to you… so you can tell us how were doing and so you can share your ideas!

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