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The Trust for Devizes A History in Pictures.

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1 The Trust for Devizes A History in Pictures

2 In 1967 the Crammer changed…
from the open-fronted pond it had been for generations

3 being closed off by a 5 foot brick wall!

4 ..causing an outrage Over 3,400 people signed a petition to remove the wall in just a few days

5 ..leading to this… Just six days later the Wall came a- tumbling down!

6 …and to the founding of the Trust
To protect and maintain the character and amenities of the Devizes area

7 True to its motto The Trust members soon became active in conserving all that was good about Devizes

8 The Estcourt Fountain In 1969 the Trust paid for the plumbing of the Estcourt Fountain to be renewed so the water could flow again.

9 1970 – Threat to Great Porch House
The Highway Authority offered two routes, both involving the demolition of Great Porch House The Trust put forward a third alternative, which was accepted and Great Porch House was saved

10 1970 Plant–a–Tree Year The Trust was an early entrant in the greening of the urban environment. In 1970 it purchased and planted 20 trees on the Green and in the Central Car Park.

11 1974 – 800 years celebration Devizes didn’t get around to celebrating its 800th anniversary of being made a Borough until thirty-three years after the event! Nevertheless the Trust made a major contribution to the official publication.

12 years Exhibition This model of 14th -15th Century Devizes, made by a Trust Member, was one of the major exhibits

13 1974 Shane’s Castle under threat
The rapid increase in traffic resulted in a proposal by the Highway Authority to demolish Shane’s Castle so a roundabout could replace it. The Trust opposed this and won. Shane’s Castle remains to this day.

14 1975 European Heritage Year
The first issue of the “Town Trail” was published. This was a “trail-blazer” and has been emulated by many other towns Three further versions have been issued since and thousands of copies sold.

15 1976 – St John’s Alley in danger
St John’s Alley – containing some of our oldest buildings was in great danger of being demolished to make way for a modern development.

16 Dry rot abounded

17 The Trust set to work with a will
The Trust marshalled all available resources, persuaded local builders and carpenters to help, and undertook much of the work themselves.

18 And a year later the job was done

19 1980 – more trees The Trust plants two Hornbeam trees in Albion Place. These are now mature and overlook the new Norton Pyramid

20 ..and an old Lamp Post The Trust provided a period lamp post for the Little Brittox. Here it is decorated with flowers.

21 1981 to 84 - more trees and seats
The Trust continued to provide trees and benches. These were situated at the Wharf, in the Market Place and on the canal bank.

22 1984 The Shambles Lantern The Trust purchased and erected a copper lantern on the front of the Shambles. In the process someone reported that it was being stolen!

23 The Shambles Lantern Now
The Council found problems with the wiring to the lantern and decided to remove it. It was then re-erected over the rear entrance. The Trust is hoping to get it re-installed in its original position when the Shambles is refurbished.

24 1987 – Heritage Plaques The Trust received a substantial bequest in the will of a former Borough Surveyor and installed 34 Blue Plaques to our finest buildings and those of special interest.

25 So much achieved in the past
But what is the Trust doing today?

26 The Norton Pyramid The Trust’s architect, Tony Bolland (seen here) project managed the design and installation of the Bronze Pyramid presented to the town by Patrick and Joan Norton in 2008

27 Seeking to save the Assize Courts
We are working to find a way to preserve this fine building

28 A Queen in Need The statue of Queen Victoria originally installed in a niche on the Stone Mason’s cottage in Estcourt Street and resited on Kwik-Fits premises was hidden by undergrowth for years. On her re-emergence it was apparent that the statue was in urgent need of restoration and a good home.

29 Rescuing Queen Victoria
After delicate negotiations the Trust took ownership of the statue. The next step was to move her to a temporary home at the Museum where she will be restored before moving to what we hope will be her final resting place.

30 Challenging the Traffic Model
The Trust is concerned at the increasing congestion and believes that further housing development should be curtailed until a solution is in place to deal with congestion Critically, its expert believes that the Traffic Model which indicates that the town can support more homes is seriously flawed. It is seeking a review by the County Council.

31 So much to do Will you help us?

32 Click on your Browser Back Button to close this Show
Join the Trust The more members we have, the greater our influence Get involved, we need active members Help us to keep Devizes special! Click on your Browser Back Button to close this Show We are indebted to John Girvan for many of the photographs in this presentation

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