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Welcome to the Databazaar Center for Modern The Blake School.

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2 Welcome to the Databazaar Center for Modern Media @ The Blake School

3 The Media Center The mission of the Media Center is to integrate the knowledge of technology to the existing curriculum at all levels. To empower students with essential technology skills to enter the digital world.

4 Computer Curriculum The children at The Blake School will be introduced to the various concepts of computing through the TechnoKids curriculum. TechnoKids is a project based curriculum to integrate technology skills into K – 12 curriculum. Each category includes theme based projects using Microsoft Office and Adobe applications to reinforce concepts taught in the classrooms.

5 Why TechnoKids? Florida Department of Education has approved the TechnoKids curriculum, giving it the highest rating for its content, presentation and instructional approach. TechnoKids computer curriculum also meets the National Education Technology Standards for students.

6 Typical Technology skills using TechnoKids (Intermediate level) Creating a multi-page website that communicates information effectively. Organize, calculate and graph data using advanced spreadsheet skills. Capture and edit video footage to produce a commercial. Create a digital story using advanced animation Build a database using tables, forms, queries and reports.

7 Benefits of TechnoKids Curriculum Makes learning fun and engaging for the students. Meets academic requirements and is customizable. Easy to follow, makes learning technology skills meaningful.

8 Web Protection Service K9 Web protection service is a content filtering solution, provides a family safe internet environment. The software divides Internet content into sixty distinct categories. These categories are updated frequently and can be customized by the user. K9 Web protection replaces the parental controls from service providers like AOL, MSN and others.

9 Future collaborations The Knight Center for International Media (University of Miami – School of Communication) will help integrate the realm of multimedia visual journalism and global communications.

10 Thank you Mr. Seal Mr. Oney Seal is the Chairman and CEO of and Databazaar group of companies. Thank you for your generous contribution and support towards the Media Center at The Blake School.

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