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2 La Galea – situated in San Jose, Uruguay, is a property built in the early twentieth century by the wealthy landowner Joaquin Ilarraz, originally constructed for the purpose of serving as a hull for an Estancia comprising a land territory of 16,000 hectares*. At that time, Illarraz employed a team of European architects and landscape artists to design the Country House and its Garden, giving the property as a whole an exceptional appearance. The property which today includes a Country House and 23 hectares (56.8 acres) of Garden and Natural Forest Area, have undergone significant refurbishment and improvements during the years to incorporate the comfort of the XXI Century while still retaining its romantic original style. *For an historical account on La Galea, please refer to the book Tierra De Promisión, El Uruguay en 1904 by Carlos M. Maeso (page 226; chapter Estancia Ilarraz), freely downloadable:ónón

3 1 – Country House 2 – The Garden 3 – Natural Forest 4 – Agricultural Area THE PROPERTY

4 A construction of 150 m2, encompassing: Three spacious bedrooms of 16 m2 each Two bathrooms (one en suite, equipped with a jacuzzi) A commodious luminous living room of 50 m2 adorned with an original brick fireplace and large windows overlooking the park A fully equipped kitchen A washroom area for the service staff THE COUNTRY HOUSE

5 Traditional European style, but with all the amenities of the 20 th Century THE COUNTRY HOUSE

6 A passageway of 150 meters, aligned with Palm Trees gives access to the Garden of 2 hectares (4.9 acres), which harbors the Country House. The entrance to the house is adorned with a semicircle of Cypress, an artificial lake, Butia Palms, Pindo Palms and 4 Blue Cedars of 2 meters in diameter each. Furthermore, the Garden accommodates: a sheltered barbecue area of 30 m2 a greenhouse of 50m2 with irrigation system a traditional windmill a small animal farm of 1600m2 with various farmyard animals a separate house for the service/household, of 40 m2 and a shed of 80 m2 THE GARDEN

7 A beautifully English designed park of 2 hectares surrounds the Country House. THE GARDEN

8 The Country House and its Park are situated amidst a Natural Forest of 19 hectares (47 acres) (certified by the Uruguayan Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) also part of the property. The Forest is home to a large variety of natural flora and fauna of the country, with more than 60 species of birds and native forest animals. The forest has walking trails - ideal for a stroll, jogging, horseback riding, cycling or travelling the premises with any other vehicle to enjoy the nature. THE NATURAL FOREST

9 19 acres of private natural fauna and flora, and established trails to enjoy the wilderness in pure peacefulness. NATURAL FOREST

10 There is a designated area of 2 hectares (4.9 hectares) of land, suitable for agricultural purposes, and already seeded with season plantations including: wheat corn grain sorghum Nevertheless, this area also offers an excellent opportunity to accommodate extra amenities according to ones own wishes. Ideas include: constructing a football field, basketball court, squash wall, or area for any other sport installing a personal Vineyard. AGRICULTURAL AREA

11 FURTHER DETAILS La Galea is situated on the Guarani Aquifer, which endows the entire area with an abundance of water. Both the household water and irrigation water are supplied by a set of three pumps, one of which (the one used for irrigation) has a flow rate of 10,000 liters of water per hour.Guarani Aquifer The land has a high CONEAT index, meaning that the soil quality has been analyzed and classified, based on Uruguayan National Standards, as having a high level of productivity.high CONEAT index The 19 hectares (47 acres) of Forest are exempt from taxation due to the fact that it is a Natural Forest Area (Certificate available upon request). While it is a Natural protected Area, the land owner is free to do as wished with the Forest. The property counts with a team of permanent staff (at ones disposal if desired) who have worked for many years in La Galea, including: a gardener, cleaners, and a coordinator in charge of managing and supervising the maintenance activities.

12 LOCATION Key Distances: 1 hour drive from the capital city of Montevideo. 1 hour drive from the city of Colonia de Sacramento, declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO 3 hours drive to the renown holiday beach resort of Punta del Este. 2 hours by ferry from the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina Short flying distances from Montevideo to the many corners of Brazil. La Galea is strategically located on the 85th KM on the National Route 1 (5 KM southwards) in the department of San Jose.

13 URUGUAY La Galea is situated in the countryside of Uruguay - a small Spanish speaking country, often referred to as the hidden Gem of South America, bordered by Brazil, Argentina and enriched with a long Atlantic coastline of beautiful beaches.the hidden Gem of South America For further information on Living & Investing in Uruguay, please refer to:

14 For inquiries or requests for additional photographs, please contact: Berenice Flores +598-95951504 September 2013 La Galea presents an excellent opportunity for: Embarking upon a project of Eco/Agro-Tourism (further specific information available) Establishing a charming Country Boutique Hotel (further specific information available) Establishing a Yoga Retreat (Early/temporary) retirement in Latin America Owning a vacation house, enjoyable in all seasons, with the flexibility and space to restructure according to ones wishes and taste. Investing in Uruguay


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