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Anna-Sophia Watts English Language Assistant 2010 Programa de Intercambio de Asistentes de Idioma

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1 Anna-Sophia Watts English Language Assistant 2010 Programa de Intercambio de Asistentes de Idioma

2 Private Schools (meaning you pay for them)- sometimes called Public or Independent Schools. Over 700 boarding schools in the UK. Exceptions- some state schools have boarding facilities. The students live in the school on a campus, similar to University, in different boarding houses. There are also some day pupils. Strict, high achieving, traditional. Often very old buildings, old country manors and estates, castles that have been converted into schools, therefore countryside locations are common. Londoners sent to boarding school to get out of the city. Often religious. Church or chapel twice a week.

3 Boarding Houses: e.g. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each boarding house is like a separate community, family type atmosphere as students are away from their home. 50 pupils in each house. Each house has dorms, individual rooms, a common room, kitchens. Punishments- detention, strict teachers (Snape!), suspension, expulsion. Only differences- no magic, giants, quidditch, unicorns etc...

4 Upper Sixth Lower Sixth 5 th Form 4 th Form 3 rd Form Prep School Year 13 Year 12 Year 11 Year 10 Year 9 Year 8 Year 7 Primary School

5 Eton College e.g. £9,617 a term. 3 terms= £28,851 a year (180,000 pesos). Equal to my entire university degree!! Kings School Bruton e.g. £8,237 a term.

6 Fettes College, Edinburgh, Scotland. (HOGWARTS). Sherborne School, Somerset, England. Wellington College, Berkshire, England.

7 Girls and boys separate houses. 50 students per house. Houses span from 3 rd form (age 13) to Upper Sixth (age 18). No sorting hat- pupils choose their house. Lessons are mixed, but there are many activities that are inter-house to encourage house spirit e.g. Sports, music competitions, theatre etc.

8 Housemasters/mistresses are in charge of boarding houses, sometimes called House Parents. Their role academic, pastoral (parental), disciplinary etc. role model to pupils. They live in the boarding houses with the pupils, in a semi-private residence. This is my home situation- my father is a housemaster in a house called Old House, in charge of 50 boys.

9 The idea of a boarding school is to give a student an all-rounder education- meaning an education that ensures they excel in several different areas e.g. Academic, sport, music, theatre, roles of responsibility. Prefect roles and Heads of Houses, Head of School etc are seen as rewards in your final year for displaying the qualities of an all-rounder. An important position of responsibility and a role model to younger pupils. Whole system is based on a hierarchy.

10 WINTER TERM: Boys play rugby, girls play hockey. EASTER TERM: Boys play hockey, girls play netball. SUMMER TERM: Athletics, Swimming, Tennis, Cricket Inter house competitions, and against other private schools. Weekly Saturday matches.

11 Breakfast 7:45am. Lessons begin 8:30 (3 morning lessons e.g. Maths, French, Biology). Break at 10:40 until 11. 3 more lessons until 1pm lunch. 2pm Sports (2 hours). 5pm Activities (e.g. Orchestra, Theatre, more sport, clubs). 6pm Dinner 7pm Prep (done in house) 8:45 end of Prep- free time until bed. 3 rd year at 9:30, Upper Sixth 10:30 bed times.

12 Not much independence- your whole day is planned for you. Small, insular society (only 400 pupils), not realistic. Often referred to as the private school bubble. Very strict- no smoking, drinking, kissing (!), disrespect to anyone, or even just not trying your hardest. Hard-working, intense way to live.

13 CCF (Combined Cadet Force) _Force _Force

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