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Greek Revival Characteristics

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1 Greek Revival Characteristics

2 Frieze horizontal band which runs above doorways and windows or below the cornice

3 Cornice the section of molding just below the roof

4 Pilaster pilaster projects only slightly from the wall and resembles a flat column with a base, shaft and capital.

5 Poritco A porch leading to the entrance of a building

6 Front Gable Design The triangular pediment on the front of Greek Revival houses.

7 Columns

8 Post and Lentil

9 Characteristics of Greek Revival
Use five characteristics on your house. Pilaster Cornice Frieze Column (Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian) Clapboard Exterior Portico Post and Lintel Front Gable

10 Reflection You and your partner created an example of Greek revival architecture, identify the five characteristics of Greek revival that you used. Where did you use them? Describe your house/ building. Use at least three elements and principles. Use only visual descriptions. How successful do you think your house was? Why? Who do you think had the best house? Why? What made it the best? List three characteristics they used.

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