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Designed by English teacher Aysilu Minullina School 153 Kazan.

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1 Designed by English teacher Aysilu Minullina School 153 Kazan

2 to gather собираться palace дворец riverside берег реки to exist существовать government правительство reign царствование imposing внушительный, импозантный House of Commons Палата общин over над

3 The Houses of Parliament, called officially the Palace of Westminster, is the place where members of Parliament gather to make laws.

4 The Palace of Westminster stands on the riverside near Westminster Abbey.

5 Parliament in Britain has existed since 1265. It has been the home of government in England for nine hundred years.

6 Having been organized in the reign of king Edward I it is the oldest Parliament in the world.

7 There are two imposing well known towers in two corners of Westminister Palace.

8 The clock tower called Big Ben. When the House of Commons is still sitting after dark, there is a light over the face of Big Ben.

9 Victoria tower

10 All the time Parliament is in session, a flag can be seen over Victoria tower.

11 the Lionheart львиное сердце outside снаружи to consist of состоять из chamber палата парламента house of Lords Палата лордов scarlet алый her Magesty ее величество session сессия bench скамья royal королевский

12 Statue of Richard the Lionheart outside the Houses of Parliament

13 Statue of Oliver Cromwell outside Westminster Hall at the Houses of Parliament

14 Parliament consists of two houses or chambers: the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

15 The House of Lords is decorated in scarlet and gold.

16 This is where Her Majesty the Queen comes to open the Parliament session each November.

17 Benches are red in the House of Lords.

18 throne трон regal canopy королевский полог to be located располагаться duke герцог chairperson председатель Lord Chancellor Лорд-канцлер opposite напротив Woolsack набитая шерстью подушка wool шерсть

19 The royal throne and the regal canopy are located at one end of the chamber.

20 Queen Elizabeth II sits with her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

21 The chairperson of the House of Lords is Lord Chancellor.

22 He sits opposite the queen on the Woolsack, a large bag of wool covered with red cloth. It shows that wool made England rich.

23 covered покрытая сloth ткань Mace жезл to represent представлять authority власть Speaker спикер State Entrance парадный вход Peers lobby фойе Палаты Лордов sitting заседание

24 of the House of Lords during sittings in the Houses of Parliament. The Mace of the Lord of Chancellor, which represents his authority as Speaker

25 Peers Lobby, State Entrance

26 The benches are green in the House of Commons.

27 The members of the House of Commons sit on two sides of the hall.

28 the start of each parliamentary sitting; this is the Speakers sceptre. In the centre of the floor stands the Table of the House, on which the mace is placed at

29 sceptre скипетр debates дебаты duty обязанность to keep order следить за порядком to elect избирать Strangers gallery галерея для посетителей interior интерьер

30 The Speaker is elected by all the members of the House of Commons. The Speaker is the chairperson at all the debates in the House of Commons, and it is duty to keep order.

31 Tourists who visit the Houses of Parliament may sit in the Strangers Gallery looking down into the House of Commons and listen to the debates.

32 Visitors get a tour of the central lobby of the Houses of Parliament.

33 Houses of Parliament, St. Stephens Hall Interior.

34 Where is the Houses of Parliament? May tourists listen to the debates? Who is the chairperson of the Houses of Commons? Who is the chairperson of the Houses of Lords? Why does the Chancellor sit on the Woolsack?


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