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NLA Green BIM Conference. What is 'Green

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1 NLA Green BIM Conference

2 What is 'Green

3 Everyone talks about data... Material Area/ volume call off Embodied carbon Life cycle analysis Responsible sourcing Material ingredient

4 Yes.

5 There are two key areas......where we can make bigger, more meaningful

6 At concept stage. & Existing building

7 7 pillars of sustainability Social Sustainability Carbon Neutrality Water self-sufficiency Sustainable material selection Climate change adaptability Positive community contribution Sustainable in

8 Social Biophilia Hypothesis: The concept that humans have an innate attraction to living things and nature.

9 Carbon Neutrality Shape, Orientation, Massing, Materials, Size Activities & Associated systems The supply of energy. All now based upon reliable calculable data from BIM

10 Self-Sufficient Water Use Surface area calcs. vs. water usage Now based upon actively updated calculable

11 Sustainable Material Choices Globally, the construction industry is arguably one of the most resource- intensive and environmentally damaging industries in the world. The construction sector consumes 40% of all extracted materials. Data extracted from

12 Climate Change Adaptation Buildings last a long time. Using BIM we can simulate what the effects of a 2 degree temp rise will be upon the building and its occupants. We can simulate the implications of rising floodwater. Ensuring robust longevity. We can mitigate against these occurrences and the effects our buildings have on the

13 Sustainable in The result will be more and more 'intelligent' buildings, metering themselves and verifying their performance against benchmarks.

14 Sustainable in

15 What does it look like in

16 Using technology to optimise Trust digital

17 Green BIM at concept

18 Green BIM at concept

19 Green BIM at concept

20 Green BIM at concept

21 Green BIM at concept

22 Green BIM at concept

23 BIM for

24 BIM for

25 BIM for Refurb: Sydney Opera

26 BIM for Refurb: Sydney Opera Controlled whole-life costs and environmental data Environmental performance, maintenance and investment is predictable. Lifecycle costs can be analysed and understood.

27 BIM for

28 BIM for

29 BIM for

30 BIM for

31 BIM for

32 BIM for

33 Quote... Some degree of climate change appears

34 Quote... Whether it is manageable or catastrophic, will not be determined in Washington, Geneva or Beijing, or by domestic legislation and international treaties or by silver-bullet energy

35 Quote... But mostly by how we – the architecture, planning and building community – respond and

36 Quote... We can choose to plan, design and build truly sustainable, liveable and resilient built

37 Quote......or we can accelerate climate change and ecological degradation, leading to increased human

38 Quote... How we plan, design, and build today will have lasting impacts for our children, communities and

39 Quote... It really is up to


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