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Gina Barrier NW Outreach Coordinator College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

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1 Gina Barrier NW Outreach Coordinator College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

2 2011 Cultivate and diversify the pool of students pursuing degrees and careers in STEM fields. Improve the quality of teaching and learning in STEM education. Communicate innovative scientific and educational research to the public. Cultivate. Educate. Innovate. Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

3 Outreach to North Carolina for 20+ Years

4 2011 What do we do? S 3 : Sustained STEM Support Teacher Professional Development Equipment Loan Curriculum Development and Dissemination FREEDM IMHOTEP Photonics Leaders NC Science Olympiad

5 2011 S 3 : Sustained STEM Support Partnership with schools to provide long-term PD (1-5 years) Customized to your needs May include needs assessment, PD, consulting, coaching, modeling and lesson development. Focus on doing science and math using TPaCK

6 2011

7 Our Web Site:

8 Technology Workshops CBL Technology (Calculator-Based Labs) TI-84+SE graphing calculators CBL2 or LabPro units Probes

9 Technology Workshops MBL Technology (Microcomputer- Based Labs) ibook Laptop LabPro unit Probes

10 Technology Workshops LabQuest Technology Vernier LabQuest Probes GPS Technology GPS units GIS/LoggerPro Software

11 Rural Schools Equipment Loan Program From each Satellite Office, technology is rotated between K-12 schools in the area for use in Science and Math classrooms.

12 Demonstration Lessons Science House Outreach Coordinators assist teachers who wish to incorporate technology into their curriculum with demonstration lessons for their classes.

13 Procedures for MBL, CBL, and LabQuest Investigations Water Quality with CBL Details General water testing information Preparation and care of probes Calibration of probes

14 Why Use Technology??? Students collect their own data for analysis Quick data collection allows for more analysis time and further investigations Monitoring several parameters at once allows students to observe relationships Water Temperature ( o C) Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)

15 Vernier LabQuest Can be used as a computer interface, stand alone device or in the field Touch screen Internal temperature Microphone Stopwatch Periodic Table

16 Temperature Temperature range: – 40 to 135°C (– 40 to 275°F) Maximum temperature that the sensor can tolerate without damage: 150°C

17 Weather Station Temperature Relative Humidity Barometric Pressure Light Anemometer UVA/UVB GPS

18 Water Quality Analysis Temperature pH Dissolved Oxygen Conductivity (TDS) Turbidity Flow Rate Dissolved Ions Nitrate Chloride (Salinity) Calcium (Water Hardness) Ammonium

19 Temperature Vs. DO Water Temperature ( o C) Dissolved Oxygen Concentration (mg/L)

20 Physics Temperature Motion detector Force sensors Magnetic field sensor Thermocouple Photogates Accelerometers Microphones Current and voltage Light sensors

21 Chemistry Temperature pH sensor Conductivity probe Colorimeter Pressure sensor Dissolved Oxygen probe Ion-selective electrodes voltage

22 Biology Biology gas pressure sensor CO2 gas sensor O2 gas sensor Colorimeter Conductivity probe Dissolved Oxygen probe EKG sensor Heart Rate monitor Exercise heart rate monitor pH sensor Relative Humidity Temperature probe

23 Earth / Environmental Temperature Relative Humidity Barometer pH sensor Conductivity probe Dissolved oxygen Current probe Voltage probe Ion-selective electrodes Light sensor Motion Detectors Turbidity sensors UVB sensor Magnetic field sensor

24 Impact on Teachers Increased use of inquiry and laboratory-based teaching Teachers are forming collaborative networks and increasing professional involvement Teachers are leading and teaching other teachers Schools are investing in more laboratory equipment Reports of increased science enrollment, higher End-of- Course grades

25 Impact on Students Increased student interest in STEM fields Increased student understanding of concepts Recruiting of outstanding students for NC State

26 Contact Information Gina Barrier Northwestern Outreach Coordinator The Science House, NCSU 1914 Hickory Blvd. SW Lenoir, NC 28645

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