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Leesville Road Middle School

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1 Leesville Road Middle School
Rising 6th Grade Open House January 16, 2014

2 Welcome Cindy Kremer, Principal
Jennifer Pitarra, 6th Grade Assistant Principal Whitney McCallister, 6th Grade Guidance Counselor

3 Communication School Phone Number: (919) 870-4141
Website Address: upcoming events, rules, policies, procedures, dress code, etc. Twitter: Follow us @LRMSPride

4 TDAP Make sure your child has his/her TDAP booster prior to the first day of school (NC state law requirement since 2008) Please mail or drop off the form (proof of immunization) over the summer at Leesville Road Middle Questions? Call Betty Crawford (919)

5 PRIDE Camp Orientation for 6th grade students & parents
The week of August 18-22 Time (8 AM - ?) Students and parents meet as a group, students go on team, meet teachers, tour building, etc. Parents will be able to buy PE clothes, Spiritwear, Locks, and Agendas

6 Locks A big source of stress for 6th graders
Must purchase a school combination lock for hallway locker May use a personal lock for PE gym locker (removed at the end of PE period) Buy a combination lock now so you can practice this summer. All combination locks work the same way

7 Registration for Classes
At the end of February, you will receive registration forms at your elementary school Teachers will make recommendations for math placement Students & parents will choose electives (choose 4 in order of preference). All students will have Health/PE and one other elective each semester (some electives are year-long)

8 Registration cont’d The following slides contain information about Health/PE and elective choices This will help guide you when you receive your registration forms in late February This information is up to date as of today, January 16, 2014, but keep in mind that things can change

9 Healthful Living Mission
Improve the overall health and well being of middle school students

10 Healthful Living Full year course grades 6- 8
Students rotate every two weeks between Physical Education and Health class. Physical Education classes will use the gym, track, and three athletic fields. Focuses on Motor Skills, Movement Concepts, and Health-Enhancing Fitness through a variety of fitness activities, team sports, dual sports, and individual sports. Health classes are held in the Health modular unit. Topics include Character Education, Mental and Emotional Health, Personal and Consumer Health, Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Skills, Nutrition and Physical Activity, and The Dangers of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs.

11 Physical Education Requirements: grades 6-8
Dress out for PE and wear athletic sneakers. Bring a personal lock to use in the locker room. Regulation Physical Education clothing includes:  1. Leesville Road Middle School t-shirt (T-shirts purchased through the PTSA) This includes older style gray colored Leesville PE t-shirts, LRMS school team shirts, LRMS school sports team shirts, LRMS spirit wear Students must change their shirt! No tank tops or spaghetti straps, no writing on t-shirts  2. Athletic shorts or athletic pants with elastic waist and no zipper  Pants with zippers, jeans, jean shorts, cargo pants, cargo shorts, “stretchy” jeans, tights, spandex, leggings, “jeggings”, pajamas, “short” shorts, “sophies”, etc. are not acceptable    3. Athletic sneakers with laces tied tight or Velcro straps  Flip-flops, sandals, dress shoes, “boat” shoes, boots, slippers, sneakers with wheels, slip-on sneakers, Toms, etc. are not acceptable Participating in bare feet or only socks is not acceptable Students who do not have sneakers will not be allowed to participate in class activities and will lose all points for the class activities 

12 Career & Technical Education
Mission To provide course offerings that meet student needs, interests, abilities, and aspirations. 2. To respond to actual or anticipated opportunities for employment, advanced education, and practical life application for the 21st century.

13 Exploratory CTE Courses
Business, Finance, Information Technology (BFIT) Computer Skills and Applications 1 (CSA I): grades 6 – 8 Touch typing, Computer Fundamentals, Letters & Reports etc. Computer Skills and Applications 2 (CSA II): grades 7 & 8 Pre-requisite CSA 1 Digital Literacy, Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentation Software Exploring Business Marketing & Entrepreneurship: grade 8 Pre-Requisites CSA I & II Entrepreneurship & Careers in Industry Exploring Career Decisions: grades 7 & 8

14 Exploratory CTE Courses Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS):
Grades 6-8 Exploring FACS- Family Focus Interpersonal Relationships, Nutrition & Wellness, Child Development and Interior Design Exploring FACS- Consumer Focus Personal Finance, Food Service & Hospitality and Apparel Technology Technology Design & Innovation: grades 6 -8 Engineering & Design Concepts Technological Systems: grades 7 & 8 Prerequisite Technology Design & Innovation

15 The Arts Mission In today’s globally competitive world, innovative thinking and creativity are essential for all school children. High quality, standards-based instruction in the arts develops these skills and effectively engages, retains, and prepares future-ready students for graduation and success in an entrepreneurial economy.

16 The Arts Band Beginning Band grade 6
Must sign up for it in Sixth grade No beginning band in 7th or 8th grade Students start off on Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, or Trombone. Post first concert, students are able to audition for other instruments such as: oboe, bassoon, saxophones, baritones, tuba, or percussion.

17 The Arts cont’d. Orchestra 6th grade elective for the entire year
The instrument of choice selected after class begins in the Fall. No prior experience is necessary Two formal concerts throughout the year Other smaller performances at the school.  Field trips include performances at Crabtree Valley Mall in December, an Eastern Regional Music Performance Adjudication in Fayetteville in March. 

18 The Arts cont’d. Dance Dancers in the 6th grade program will learn a variety of techniques Choreographic tools, improvisation, dance history and much more. Small projects, some individual, others in a group. Work together and create your own dance performance Informal concert at the end of the semester. Use creativity and your imagination Learn how to be a team player and accomplish a masterpiece that you and your parents will love!

19 The Arts cont’d. Art Basic Foundations in Art/Introduction to Visual Art: grade 6 Pottery/Sculpture Design, Drawing/ Painting Design, or Sculpture/Crafts: grade 7 Drawing/Painting Design, Visual Composition and Design, or Pottery/ Sculpture Design: grade 8 All art classes are taught using the Design Thinking Process. As you tour the school tonight or exit the building be sure to notice the student work on display and the tile mosaic in the entryway.

20 Goals of Middle School Spanish
Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Spanish Goals of Middle School Spanish To develop and demonstrate a basic ability in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Spanish. To learn about Spanish culture and geography in order to gain an understanding of its role in our world. 

21 Pacing Guide & Topics 6th grade: Beginning Spanish (1 semester--no prerequisites) Greetings, numbers, weather, calendar, and school-related vocabulary 7th grade: Intermediate Spanish (1 semester--Beg. Span. as a prerequisite) Food and healthy lifestyles, sports, and leisure activities/places 8th grade: Advanced Spanish (year-long) Beginning & Intermediate Spanish are prerequisites Family and celebrations, bedroom furnishing, colors, clothing, and shopping

22 Spanish, cont’d Upon successful completion of Advanced Spanish in 8th grade, students will take the EOC (End of Course) Exam Passing the EOC for Advanced Spanish earns the student high school credit for Spanish I and the student can enter high school taking Spanish II

23 We look forward to working with you at LRMS!
Go Lions!

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