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Ecohabit Laura Cerrito, Maunil Sanghavi, Alexis Moore, Daniel Delaney, Justin Frech, Assaf Kipnis.

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1 Ecohabit Laura Cerrito, Maunil Sanghavi, Alexis Moore, Daniel Delaney, Justin Frech, Assaf Kipnis

2 Ecohabit Department of Energy Sponsored Competition Build a energy efficient house 20 teams from around the world Promote Green Living Educate public about clean energy 10 contests Juried Measured Solar Decathlon

3 Ecohabit 60+ Students over 10 majors 1.5 years to plan and build 2 Bedroom/1 Bath House Modular construction Ecohabit


5 Build the brain of the house Connect to different sensors Aggregate and display data Control lights Mobile applications Teach the user Security House Intelligance Team

6 Ecohabit Architecture Diagram Website Application Central Module Lights Brultech Database Interaction Layer Central Module Communication Layer Calculation Module Learning Module MongoDB Insteon Hub Brultech Interface Layer

7 Ecohabit Our software is able to run without a GUI present For testing and troubleshooting reasons we have developed a simple web application This application is HTML5 and CSS3 compliant and can easily be displayed on most mobile devices Our website has an underlying PHP layer Graphical User Interface (GUI)

8 Ecohabit As members of the Stevens Solar Decathlon any GUI we create had to follow certain style guidelines. These guidelines included specific fonts, colors, logos, and ways to display images and text We followed their guide and replicated the layout of the official Ecohabit website Our layout provides much less overhead and takes milliseconds to load even while running simulations Aesthetics

9 Ecohabit Home Page Displays a model of the house and generic information about the competition and our part in it. Login The page for homeowners or guests to enter their information in order to gain control of the house Appliances Displays any appliances that are being monitored in the Ecohabit house. Currently there are 9 Appliances Energy Usage Displays energy produced, consumed, and the current energy balance GUI Sections

10 Ecohabit Website

11 Ecohabit Android application built by the Juniors communicates with API Functions: Turn lights on/off Check energy balance Check status of appliances in the house Get temperature and humidity Set desired house temperature PHP API and Anroid Application

12 Ecohabit NoSQL Database: MongoDB No schema allows for flexibility Dealing with a variety of different sources of data All database interactions controlled through the PHP API layer Database

13 Ecohabit Used as training data for learning algorithm Simulate Variables Weather PV Production Appliance Consumption HVAC Consumption Determine the amount of energy used in each competition Calculate the amount of points for each competition Simulator

14 Ecohabit Insteon Lights Python Central Module Built by the Electrical Engineers Communicating using the RXTX Java Library Competition Module

15 Ecohabit Machine learning technique End goal is to get the most points Recommend actions to take Simulate 1000s of different scenarios Use 30 years of historical weather data Focus on HVAC and PV system Depends on weather data Support for alternate actions Reinforcement Learning

16 Ecohabit Connects through router Written python created executables to call from the java code Developed using the Insteon API Insteon Lights

17 Ecohabit Communicates with our Server, the Smart Detectors, HVAC system, Desiccant System and Brultech Green Eye Monitors from Smart Detectors: Humidity Light Intensity Occupancy/Motion Temperature HVAC System/Desiccant System Brultech Green Eye Monitors energy draws from all of the outlets in the house Central Module

18 Ecohabit Communication schema between Central Module and Server Stream of 8 Byte chunks 8 "Hex" characters Byte 1 represents communication direction Byte 1 & 2 represent device type and ID Byte 3-7 represent device details Varies per device type Example; 00011842 Temperature of Device 0 is -132.2 C from Central Module Serial Communication Protocol

19 Ecohabit Promote security within all aspects of the project (Beyond CS scope) Increase marketability Provide security mitigation to CIA/P concerns Promote security through flexibility throughout the house's lifecycle Provide fallback and disaster recovery plans for both competition and home models Security Goals

20 Ecohabit Confidentiality Aggregation of user data Mobile app usage (User profiles) Integrity Sensor/appliance data flow into sensor module Wired Wireless Wireless network dependability Weather data authentication Appliance communication High Level Security Concerns

21 Ecohabit High Level Security Concerns (cont.) Availability Weather station data Sensor data Sensor module Appliance data Mobile application Wireless network Communication with service providers(Power, internet etc.)

22 Ecohabit Privacy Power consumption aggregation(smart meter) Resident movements and habits Personal information on network High Level Security Concerns (cont.)

23 Ecohabit Security Strategy 4 Layer Defense in Depth 1. Perimeter defense Firewall (traffic filtering) Proxy servers DoS attacks 2. OS and application security Physical access Patching Service packs

24 Ecohabit Attacks from within the network HIDS (Host based IDS) Internal firewalls Anti-Virus software Access policy 4. Data/Information protection Data encryption Transit Rest 3. Host protection Security Strategy 4 Layer Defense in Depth

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