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McKinney Boyd High School Registration for the School Year

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1 McKinney Boyd High School Registration for the 2014-2015 School Year

2 Counselors 9th Grade (A-K) Rebecca Oaxaca
9th Grade (L-Z) Rachel Mitchell 10th – 12th Grades (A-E) Bob Bevenour 10th – 12th Grades (F-La) Mona Daley 10th – 12th Grades (Le-Ri) Samantha Lucia 10th – 12th Grades (Rj-Z) Sandi Shelton Intervention Specialist Lisa Wingo

3 Registration: The Process Current Juniors
Students will register through their Social Studies classes on the following dates: February 14: Receive registration materials. February 18-20: Meet with counselors and register for courses.

4 Registration: The Process Current Sophomores
Students will register through their Social Studies classes on the following dates: February 21: Receive registration materials February : Meet with counselors and register for courses.

5 Registration: The Process Current Freshmen
Students will register through their Social Studies classes on the following dates: March 17: Receive registration materials March 18-21: Meet with counselors and register for courses.

6 What you will need to register
Registration card completed with parent signature. Important: You must have electives and 4 alternates listed and ranked. Electives Alternates

7 The back of the registration card lists available elective courses for your grade level

8 Academic Planning Guide 2014-2015
The MISD Academic Planning Guide is the official document outlining course descriptions, requirements and policies, and other pertinent information. It is extremely important to be familiar with this document. It is posted online and updated regularly. The online version is the OFFICIAL standard. The APG is available in the “Quick Links” section of the MISD home page.

9 Looking at a Course Description
Read carefully in the APG: Grade level .5 unit = one semester 1 unit = two semesters

10 Prerequisites? A prerequisite is a course which must be completed before you are allowed to take another Example: You must have Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources before you can take Small Animal Management

11 Applications and Teacher Approval
Teacher approval or an application is required for certain courses Example: You must have teacher approval from your middle school art teacher to take PreAP Art I

12 What happens if I’m absent on registration day?
You will need to make an appointment to see your counselor during Make-up Registration: March 24-28

13 What do I sign up for? First and foremost, courses needed for graduation. Let’s look at the graduation requirements…

14 Requirements for Graduation: see Academic Planning Guide
4 credits English 4 credits Math 4 credits Science 4 credits Social Studies 2 years of the same Language Other Than English 1 credit Fine Arts .5 credit Professional Communications .5 credit Health 1 credit P.E. or Athletics 5 credits of electives Total of 26 credits needed to graduate

15 ENGLISH Nothing can take the place of English I, II, III, and IV
PreAP and AP English are weighted courses; open enrollment ESOL I and II are followed by English III and English IV

16 MATHEMATICS The sequence of courses is…
Algebra I Geometry Algebra II 4th year of Math (beyond Algebra II) Algebra I Geometry MMA Algebra II

17 MATHEMATICS The sequence of courses is…
Algebra I Geometry MMA Algebra II See your current math teacher or counselor if unsure whether to take Math Models or Algebra II after Geometry

18 Math Options Beyond Algebra II:
Foundations of College Math PreAP or Academic Precalculus AP Statistics AP Computer Science Engineering Mathematics AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC Dual Credit College Algebra (.5 credit) Dual Credit Calculus for Business and Economics (. 5 credit) Additional Details in the Academic Planning Guide

19 Mathematics Be cautious about advancing to pre-AP math classes! Example: academic Algebra II to Pre-Calculus pre-AP. The rigor of the pre-AP / AP curriculum is significant! Be sure you are a good candidate for this move.

20 SCIENCE The sequence of courses is…
Biology Chemistry Physics or Principles of Technology 4th year of Science Biology IPC Chemistry Physics or Prin. of Technology

21 Science Options Beyond Physics:
Astronomy Anatomy & Physiology Environmental Systems AP Biology (no longer double blocked) AP Chemistry (no longer double blocked) AP Physics 2 AP Physics-C AP Environmental Science Dual Credit Earth/Space Science & Lab Advanced Animal Science Forensic Science Additional Details in the Academic Planning Guide

22 Changes to Physics (after completing Biology and Chemistry):
No longer offered--- Pre-AP Physics AP Physics B Physics options--- Academic Physics AP Physics 1 (pre-requisite to AP Physics 2 for senior year)

23 SOCIAL STUDIES The sequence of courses is…
World Geography (or PreAP) World History (or AP) U.S. History (or AP) Government/Economics (or AP)

24 Fine Arts You need 1.0 credit in the same course.
Art / AP Art History Theater Choir Band Dance AP Music Theory Orchestra Floral Design

25 World Language 2 years in the same language: French German Latin
Spanish American Sign Language Chinese

26 Health and Professional Communications
One semester of each.

27 Physical Education P.E. classes (.5 credit each)
Partners P.E. (application process) Cheerleading (try-out required) Drill Team (try-out required) Aerobic Dance Band (fall semester only) Off-campus P.E. (Must be an Olympic sport & submit application. Fee of $100 per semester.) Athletics—specify your sport when completing your registration card.

28 Electives Read carefully in the Academic Planning Guide:
Grade level requirements Prerequisite requirements Teacher recommendation / application / audition Location (MHS/MNHS/MBHS) If you do not meet the criteria of the course, including the instructor’s approval, you will be removed and placed in one of your alternate choices.

29 AVID AVID is a college prep-class designed to help students get ready for college! In the AVID elective class you will: Learn Study & Organizational Skills Start Planning & Preparing for College Attend College Field Trips Develop Leadership Skills through Team Building Prepare for the SAT using ePrep For more information, contact Mrs. Moranza at or stop by H213

30 Architecture and Construction:
NEW CLASSES Architecture and Construction: “Principles of Architecture and Construction” (10/11/12) “Practicum in Construction Management: Supervision, Safety, and Quality Control” 3 blocks at MHS. (12) “Practicum in Construction Management: HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical” 3 blocks at MHS. (12) “Practicum in Construction Management: Architecture & Design” 3 blocks at MHS. (12) “Practicum in Construction Management: Building Trades & Carpentry” 3 blocks at MHS. (12)

31 Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics:
NEW CLASSES Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics: “Aviation Transportation Systems” 10/11/12. “Logistics, Planning, & Management in Aviation” (2 periods at MNHS) 11/12. “Practicum in Pilot Training” (2 periods at MNHS) 12. “Practicum in Aviation Mechanics” (2 periods at MNHS) 12.

32 Information Technology:
NEW CLASSES Information Technology: “IT Essentials: PC Hardware & Software” (dual credit at MBHS) 11/12 “Networking +” (dual credit at MBHS) 11/12 “CCNA 1: Cisco Exploration 1—Networking Essentials” (dual credit at MBHS) 11/12 “Fundamentals of Info. Security +” (dual credit at MBHS) 11/12 “CCNA 2: Cisco Exploration 2. Routing Protocols & Concepts” (dual credit at MBHS) 11/12

33 NEW CLASSES Health Science:
“Practicum in Health Science—Personal Training” (2 periods at MNHS), 12 “Practicum in Health Science—Physical Therapy” (2 periods at MNHS), 12

34 OTHER NEW CLASSES Chinese I Art & Media Communication II
Leadership Education (ROTC) at MHS

35 Electives Read course descriptions before enrolling.
Some courses may not make if too few students sign up for the course. Some of your elective choices may conflict with one another. We will choose which one to keep on your schedule based on how you rank your choices.

36 Electives List 4 alternate electives on your card and rank them by importance. Make sure you have chosen alternate courses you can live with! If you don’t list any alternates, if we need to, we will choose a course for you! (And, you won’t be able to change it after the school year begins.)

37 CTE Clusters & Locations
CLUSTER Starter Courses Advanced Sequence NAME (All campuses- Gr.9 & up) MBHS, MNHS, or MHS? Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources varies by program Architecture and Construction MHS Arts, A/V Technology & Comm ALL Business Management and Admin ALL Education and Training ALL Finance or 0939 ALL Health Science MNHS Human Services ALL Information Technology or 0959 MHS, MBHS Law, Public Safety, Corr. & Security MNHS, MBHS Marketing or ALL Science, Technology, Engineering & Math varies by program

38 Integrated Courses To give students more opportunities to earn credits, two courses may be integrated so that the TEKS for both courses are taught simultaneously during a single class period. Upon successful completion, the student would earn credit for both courses. Availability of courses varies from campus to campus. Your counselor can give you information about integrated courses offered at Boyd High School. Example: Health credit through Principles of Health Science.

39 Distinguished Achievement Program
3 years of a Language Other than English Four Advanced Measures Advanced measures meet the standards included in 19 TAC §74.13(a)(3). They reflect student performance at a college or professional level and are assessed by external evaluators. Examples of Advanced Measures are: Original Research Project (limit 2) Test Data (AP Exams with 3 or higher; Commended score on the PSAT/NMSQT) College / Dual Credit Courses (Eng, Gov, Econ or U.S. History) Details in the Academic Planning Guide

40 Dual Credit /Collin College
Requirements: -Grade 11 or 12, on track to graduate within four years -Overall GPA 3.0 -Passed all sections of STAAR -Meet Collin College requirements (including tuition) Dual Credit courses are given Pre-AP weighted grade points.

41 Dual Credit /Collin College
Course Offerings: English Composition and Rhetoric (ENG1301 and 1302) Macroeconomics (Econ 2301) American Government (Govt 2302) United States History (HIST 1301 and 1302) College Algebra (MATH 1314) Earth Science (GEOL 1401) Stars and Galaxies (PHYS 1403) Calculus for Business and Economics (1325)

42 The AP Program These courses offer high rigor (college level expectations) and great preparation for your college experience. Some PreAP/AP courses have required summer reading. Be aware that these courses have “open” enrollment, but there are strict guidelines in your contract regarding exiting the course. Choose courses wisely with consideration for your overall schedule and your areas of passion.

43 The AP Program (continued)
You should expect: 5-6 hours of outside work PER course PER week. Challenging and interesting assignments with a heavy emphasis on critical reading, writing, and higher order thinking skills. To have strong organizational and time management skills (pay attention to your syllabus). Students may not exit an AP/PAP course until after the fifteenth day of the semester. AP/PAP seminar Thursday, February 27

44 Pre-AP/AP Seminar Our annual Pre-AP / AP Seminar will be held at MBHS Thursday, February 27, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Teachers and students will describe in detail the various aspects of our Pre-AP and AP programs.

Freshman-9th credits Sophomore-10th credits Junior-11th credits Senior-12th credits Classifications are made at the beginning of the school year and will remain the same throughout that school year.

46 The deadline to make ALL changes is June 5.
Course Verification In early May, course verifications will be mailed home. Please follow the instructions on the form to make any course request changes. The deadline to make ALL changes is June 5.

47 Your Course Selections
After the school year begins, schedule changes will be made ONLY according to the guidelines listed in the Academic Planning Guide. This does not include, “I changed my mind about an elective.” So plan your year carefully. Remember, our master schedule and staffing is based on your original choices.

48 Senior Release Seniors only (5 of 7 courses)
All seniors must be enrolled in at least 5 credit-producing courses each semester. The “Senior 5/7 Dismissal Program” form MUST be completed and turned in to the counselors this spring in order to have late arrival / early dismissal next school year. When in doubt, turn in the form!

49 Senior Release Seniors only (5 of 7 courses)
Must be on track to graduate. All STAAR exams must be passed. If any semester 1 classes are failed, senior release periods will be removed for the second semester. Sign up for 7 classes and alternates on your pre-registration card. Be sure to indicate on your Senior Release form what classes to drop in order to get release periods.

50 Planning for College Earn the highest grades you can early in high school! If you rank in the top 10% of your graduating class, you are guaranteed admission to the Texas public college of your choice (excludes the University of Texas at Austin). You must apply and meet the college deadlines, even if top 10%.

51 Planning for College Research potential colleges thoroughly! Each one is different! Start your resume and keep it current. Community service / volunteering in a leadership capacity is important.

52 Three GREAT Websites
Each one offers information on college planning, career searching, test preparation, and financial aid for college!

53 Individual Questions Contact your current school counselor to address any specific and specialized questions. Counselors will be available for parent/student conferences by appointment the weeks of April 14 – 18 and April 21 – 25. The counseling center will be open until 6:00 p.m. three nights each of these weeks.

54 New Videos! Check out this site for video explanations and discussions about our exciting programs at Boyd:

55 Have a great school year in 2014-2015!

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