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PEWO Energietechnik GmbH Christian Großmann Export manager .

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1 PEWO Energietechnik GmbH Christian Großmann Export manager .
District Heating Substations pewoCAD Heating and Cooling Manifolds pewoSplit House Substations pewoCompact Modular House Substations pewoV-max Consumer Units pewoTherm Domestic Hot Water Heater pewoAqua Hot Water Storage Tanks pewoCollect Supply Register pewoVario Control and Communication Technology pewoControl Monitoring System pewoLive PEWO Energietechnik GmbH Christian Großmann Export manager .

2 The company Measuring, controlling, regulating Manufacturing expertise
the company‘s founder‘s passion for more than 30 years Manufacturing expertise more than customer plants per year extraordinary vertical range of manufacturing Technological advantage by heritage high investments in research & development System technology development, construction and production of self-contained heating and cooling distribution systems solutions for integrating regenerative energies in multivalent facilities local and district heating systems, bioenergy settlements, buildings and industry Headquarters in Germany

3 The company‘s development

4 Progress with energy Our products

5 Business areas District heating substations
customised configurations in accordance to existing local technical connection regulations (e.g. TAB) Systems for local heating networks Control and communications technology Heat distribution in the boiler house Transfer substations Systems for buildings Heat distribution inside building Integration of different sources of energy Industrial systems Plant engineering and construction Special duty facilities

6 District heating substations
Compact district heating stations Steam or water networks Customised configurations in accordance to existing local technical connection regulations (e.g. TAB) Direct or indirect heat transmission with optional heating circuits Optional DHW generation Optional customised control Optional remote access via the internet

7 Systems for local heating networks
Solutions for the boiler house with proven modules producer independent heat extraction Integrations of buffer tanks Boiler house control Heat transfer Transfer stations from 5 kW to 20 MW DHW by flow-through, tank or tank charging technology Intergrated DDC controller, fully wired, ready for connecting Control and communications Superordinated regulation of heat producers, heating networks and transfer substations Supervision and optimisation of the network Provision of consumption data

8 Reference/case study – St. Peter
Situation A Black Forest community builds a local heating network of 7,8 km in length in to establish an independend energy supply for 110 households. Operator and owner of said network is Bürgerenergie (Citizen energy) of St. Peter. Process Contact to architectural/HVAC engineers Preliminary discussion of the project regarding network configuration and facility specifications Quotation Tender Consignment to the installers via wholesalers

9 Systems for buildings Heat distributions inside the building
Heating manifolds Consumer units DHW generation Solar thermal stations Bi- and multivalent systems Monitoring Visualisation Data collection Alerting System optimisation

10 Reference/case study - Erlangen
Mainstraße 6–12 in Erlangen Building Two collective housing units with 27 apartments on ca m2 in total Combination of 155 m2 solar flat-plate collectors and solar heating system, gas fired condensing boiler, high temp heat pump, substation in every apartment as well as four 1700 litre buffer storages Facts Increased solar yield through utilisation of high temperature heat pumps Centrally controlled network pump for supplying the apartment substations with the required amount of heat Decentralised flow-through DHW heating for highest sanitary level of potable water Modular plant with linked decentralised regulation and controlling Consumer-close smart metering

11 Industrial systems/large-scale plants
System solutions for the industry system counselling during choice of product utilisation of process heat and cold energy recovering plants utilisation of waste water and waste heat heating and coooling circuit manifolds server cooling systems certified processes fully wired, ready for connecting service, maintenance and commissioning

12 Reference/case study - Hamm
Situation Areas supplied by district heating within the municipality of Hamm in Northrhine-Westfalia Heat generation so far by two CHP units driven with natural gas In the future utilisation of the waste heat from the local incinerator Reduced usage of fossile fuels, primary energy factor to improve significantly  Facts Waste heat from the incinerator to be directed via to large heat transfer stations into the district heating network of the Hamm municipality Transfer station Hamm-Heessen: capacity 16 MW (4 x 4 MW modules) Transfer station Hamm-Mitte: capacity 12 MW (3 x 4 MW modules)

13 Further products Control and communications technology pewoControl
Superordinated regulation and controlling of the heat producers the heating network the transfer stations Linking of SPS and controllers Centralised data retrieval via a host computer Vsualisation of the whole facility Remote maintenance Transmission of the customers‘ heat meter readings to the host computer

14 Further products Monitoring for network and plant optimisation pewoLive Plant visualisation Live presentation of all values in a browser window Statistics Analysis of all recorded values over any desired period of time MS Excel port XML interface for third party applications Current account periodical efficiency analysis for facility optimisation Reports and alerts continuous plant supervision

15 Progress with energy Our goals

16 Sales network Abroad business Direct export (< 5 %)
Sales subsidiaries in Austria and Sweden Loose partnerships with companies in Turkey, Great Britain, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Croatia and Serbia Other abroad revenues rather randomly generated Goal: establishing representatives/sales subsidiaries all over Europe to systemise the export business (≦ 30 % in 2018)

17 Christian Großmann, Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Thank you! Vielen Dank! Christian Großmann, Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) (+49)

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