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1 Anaheim, California 253-555-STAR

2 Managerial Positions Robert Saeman- Inventory/ Warehouse Manager Alex McDiarmid- Marketing/ Advertisement Manager James Conti- Financial/ Public Relations Manager

3 What is All Starz Bounce? Every kid is an ALL STAR at All Starz bounce All Starz Bounce is a party supply company. We specialize in providing inflatable bounces houses for kids at parties, events, and celebrations. We personally deliver our Bouncers to the desired location and set up and take down the bounce houses. We also have a variety of other party supplies such as cotton candy machines, hot dog stands, pop corn machines, Clowns, Magicians, and carnival games for your entertainment.

4 Executive Summary All Starz Bounce is a entertainment service company. We specialize in providing fun and safe parties for kids of different ages. We already have a warehouse and have bouncers to get the business up and running right away. Kids will always have birthday parties and events and bounce houses are becoming more and more popular every year. We will be a constantly growing business with minimal expenses year after year. With the current economic condition this is an affordable and easy way to have fun and have a great party! We are a LLC company to limit the liability to each partner

5 Inventory and assets Our warehouse is currently a 5,011 sq ft building with a 30 ft ceiling, located at 2157 166 th ST Cerritos California 90703 currently own 4 inflatable bounce houses 4 generators for off site locations 3 delivery trucks 1 popcorn and 1 cotton candy machine 1 hot dog machine 1 clown and 1 magician

6 Target market Our target market are parents from ages 25-45. We plan to advertise in Family fun magazine, Parenting magazine, Oprah magazine. We also plan advertise at Curves for women, day care centers, Party City. We have an add in Yellow book

7 Marketing and Advertisement We advertise in the Yellow Book phone book and the on line website. We have fliers and business cards in different party stores and other stores where we advertise.

8 Financial Our warehouse is 5,011 sq ft at $2,500 dollars a month or $30,000 a year. Bounce houses are a one time price of $1,200 a bounce house. we have 4 bounce houses 4 generators at $300 a piece 1 popcorn machine at $739 dollars a one time price 1 hot dog cart at $2,699 dollars a one time price 1 cotton candy machine at $653 dollars a one time price Insurance per year is $1,500 Insurance for vehicles is $5,000 a year for 3 trucks Advertisement is $300 a month Phones are $99 a month for 5 phones Verizon family plan $300 a month for gas/maintenance per truck $200 a year for internet $500 a year for business license clown and magician wages are $75 an hour for 10 hours weeks combined in summer and 5 hour weeks rest of the year $23,250 annually paid combined 3 employees equals 150,000 a year in total wages for partners. $50,000 a year annually Estimated earnings a year $224,400 based on 4 bounce houses rentals a day averaging 150 dollars a rental 5 days a week, $62,000 a year for clown and magician rentals, $24,000 a year for popcorn, candy, and hotdog machine rentals. Wages $173,250 Expenses $62,291 Total $235,541 Earnings $224,400 Profit (-$11,141)

9 Why choose All Starz Bounce? We are a one stop shop for all your party supply needs Our prices are lower for a bounce house than our local competitors We strive to exceed our customers expectations We deliver on time and in a fashionable manner, you never have to worry about your party being delayed when you go with All Starz bounce.

10 Code of ethics Obey the law and the rules set forth in the area we are setting up our bounce houses Provide a safe environment for children to prevent them from getting injured Charge a fair and competitive price Provide quality customer service in a friendly environment

11 Operations plan Our magicians and clowns are on call and are paid by the hour As founders and owners we also set up and deliver orders to the location of our customers James receives all the calls to schedule bounce house rentals

12 Prices for Rentals 1 bounce house rental for 4 hours is $125 dollars 1 bounce house rental for 8 hours is $180 dollars 1 clown or magician rental is $200 dollars an hour. 1 popcorn machine is $70 dollars a day 1 cotton candy machine is $110 dollars a day 1 hotdog machine is $200 dollars a day

13 Vision statement Our vision is to serve the greater Los Angeles area by providing quality competitive party services. We value our customers satisfaction Ensure maximum profit Provide a fun and enjoyable work environment for our employees and customers Keep the same customers year after year with new referrals to All Starz Bounce

14 Future goals We plan to expand to a bigger warehouse so we can hold even more bounce houses and equipment for parties We plan to use our larger warehouse to provide indoor bouncers for parties when the weather turns bad, you can switch to a indoor party at the last minute We plan to obtain larger bounce houses such as obstacle courses, combo slide bouncers, sumo suits, jousting arenas, and other larger bounce houses

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