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Smart House RSA © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA.

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1 Smart House RSA © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

Climate change is already beginning to transform life on Earth. Around the globe, seasons are shifting, temperatures are climbing and sea levels are rising. And meanwhile, our planet must still supply us – and all living things – with air, water, food and safe places to live. If we don't act now, climate change will rapidly alter the lands and waters we all depend upon for survival, leaving our children and grandchildren with a very different world. Some of the most dangerous consequences of climate change are listed here. Which one will have the most impact on your life, or on the places you care about? © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

3 Climate Change Impacts
Higher Temperatures The five hottest years on record have all occurred since Heat-trapping gases emitted by power plants, automobiles, deforestation and other sources are warming up the planet. In fact, the five hottest years on record have all occurred since 1997 and the 10 hottest since 1990, including the warmest years on record – 2005 and 2010. High temperatures are to blame for an increase in heat-related deaths and illness, rising seas, increased storm intensity, and many of the other dangerous consequences of climate change. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

4 Increased Risk of Drought, Fire and Floods
Climate change is intensifying the circulation of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth — causing drought and floods to be more frequent, severe and widespread. Higher temperatures increase the amount of moisture that evaporates from land and water, leading to drought in many areas. Lands affected by drought are more vulnerable to flooding once rain falls. As temperatures rise globally, droughts will become more frequent and more severe, with potentially devastating consequences for agriculture, water supply and human health. This phenomenon has already been observed in some parts of Asia and Africa, where droughts have become longer and more intense. Hot temperatures and dry conditions also increase the likelihood of forest fires. In the conifer forests of the western United States, earlier snowmelts, longer summers and an increase in spring and summer temperatures have increased fire frequency by 400 percent and have increased the amount of land burned by 650 percent since 1970. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

5 Stronger Storms and Hurricanes
Climate change will cause storms, hurricanes and tropical storms to become more intense. Scientific research indicates that climate change will cause hurricanes and tropical storms to become more intense — lasting longer, unleashing stronger winds, and causing more damage to coastal ecosystems and communities. Scientists point to higher ocean temperatures as the main culprit, since hurricanes and tropical storms get their energy from warm water. As sea surface temperatures rise, developing storms will contain more energy. At the same time, other factors such as rising sea levels, disappearing wetlands, and increased coastal development threaten to intensify the damage caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

6 Heat-Related Illness and Disease
Climate change brings health risks to the world's most vulnerable communities. As temperatures rise, so do the risks of heat-related illness and even death for the most vulnerable human populations. In 2003, for example, extreme heat waves caused more than 20,000 deaths in Europe and more than 1,500 deaths in India. Scientists have linked the deadly heat waves to climate change and warn of more to come. In addition to heat-related illness, climate change may increase the spread of infectious diseases, mainly because warmer temperatures allow disease-carrying insects, animals and microbes to survive in areas where they were once thwarted by cold weather. Diseases and pests that were once limited to the tropics — such as mosquitoes that carry malaria — may find hospitable conditions in new areas that were once too cold to support them. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that climate change may have caused more than 150,000 deaths in the year 2000 alone, with an increase in deaths likely in the future. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

7 Rising Seas, Higher Sea Levels
Sea level rise from climate change could displace tens of millions of people. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

8 Economic Loss and Damage
Climate change is already affecting economies around the world. Declining crop yields could put hundreds of thousands of people at risk for starvation.  Climate change is affecting businesses and economies at home and around the world. If action is not taken to curb global carbon emissions, climate change could cost between 5 and 20 percent of the annual global gross domestic product, according to a British government report. In comparison, it would take 1 percent of GDP to lessen the most damaging effects of climate change, the report says. These global costs will be felt by local communities and businesses: © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

9 Our Contribution to Climate Change in rsa
Offset Your Carbon Footprint Today When you offset your carbon footprint you help to slow climate change and to save and restore critical wildlife habitat. Our Houses are 100% Solar Powered i.e. No Energy emissions' generated Our Houses come with 5000 liter water tanks to Harvest rain water No Cable theft and Down time of power and No monthly electricity cost. Protecting Rain Forest – No open fires needed, No Burning of Coal & Wood Eliminating the Risk of Fires and Harmful heating in homes by using open heater, such as coal & wood heaters. (Mbawula) The causes of illnesses such as Asthma, TB & other chest infections also severe Bodily Burns eliminated Our houses use less bricks and cement, only (foundations) therefore saving energy used for the emission causing, Manufacturing of Bricks and Cement. Make the change – Buy a Climate Friendly House © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

10 The need Every Municipality has a backlog of at least RDP houses. The Banks refuse to finance RDP houses and all those who are on ITC. Eskom will never be able to supply all the houses with electricity. Water. There is either not enough water or a very bad quality. The world water supply is drying up. THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IS STILL VERY HIGH. Most people still do not have a proper street address. The banks refuse to finance churches but take their tithes and offerings every Monday with a smile. What about climate change ? Will our grand children be allowed to enjoy this earth? © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

11 The total solution © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA
This is our response to climate change. All our house are passive and 100% solar driven and include the land. All our houses are for members only, on a rent to own basis. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

12 Benefits to member No Electricity Bills
No ITC Checks (Second Chance in life) No Interest charge on the rent to own of your house with us. (Saving you almost 200% over 20yrs on Normal Bank Bonded houses). Opportunity to pay off your house in less than 7 Years Saving on Doctors Bills (100% Passive House) Upgraded Lifestyle for less money. Contributing to Conservation of our Countries Resources. Conservation for Benefit of our children and Grandchildren. You Deserve to have your own dream Home © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

13 Strategic Alliances Clever House. Virtuous Force Inst.
Thee Card Network. Sha Feeding Scheme. Smart mineral Water for Life © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

14 Smart House RSA Partnership
Those We determine that all those who have a desire to live in a better house under better conditions, must be given the opportunity. Our partnership is to ensure that this futuristic house finally comes into the country and we, thereby, lead the way as far as the building and construction of things to come. Who We shall not compromise on the quality and safety of these beautiful passive houses. Desire Our pride and dignity is at stake. PROPERTY OF SMART HOUSE FOR USE BY AUTHORISED PERSONS ONLY; A MISREPRESENTATION OF WHICH WILL BE LEGALLY PROSECUTED. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

15 Imported Passive Houses
Super Lotus 56ms Smart House 108ms Congo House 101ms Luzon House 115ms Lisa House 116ms Copacabana House 130 ms Cebu House 139ms Ezlo Camp Site 160ms Teachers Flat 172ms Khai Church 240ms Brisbane Villa 286ms Hollywood Villa 744ms Florida Villa 574ms Caide School Kira Hospital IPB Mokoena Centre Factories Hotels Community Halls Colonies All prices are F.O.B Durban and subject to the exchange rate. PROPERTY OF SMART HOUSE FOR USE BY AUTHORISED PERSONS ONLY; A MISREPRESENTATION OF WHICH WILL BE LEGALLY PROSECUTED. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

16 Product Quality Your house is guaranteed for 30 years.
Is warm in the winter. Cool in the summer Will last longer than a brick house Will not fade for 30 years Has a lit water tank and water purifier Has a 200 litre geyser. Block out 99% of uv rays from the sun. Can withstand hurricane force of 12bft and Can withstand an earthquake of 7 Richter scale. PROPERTY OF SMART HOUSE FOR USE BY AUTHORISED PERSONS ONLY; A MISREPRESENTATION OF WHICH WILL BE LEGALLY PROSECUTED. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

17 Rent to own for 7 years Our Land Your Land Dwelling Value 3x Deposit
84x Rental Super Lotus 80 000 2 856 952 750 Smart House 8 928 2 976 2750 Congo Trios 11 607 3 869 3250 Luzon 12 500 4 167 3500 Liza 13 393 4 464 3750 Copacabana Cebu 13 800 14 286 4 600 4 762 3850 3999 Brisbane 29 464 9 822 7500 Teachers Flt 33 929 11 310 8000 Hollywood 35 715 25000 Florida Vila 80 357 65000 Church 11 900 7 000 © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA



20 Millennium Multi-cooker (world patent pending)
Family size 6 Liter, 3.5 Liter, 3 Liter and 1.7 Liter You can use it on the same table you will eat. It can bake. It can roast. It’s a fat-free, waterless cooking It is shock proof and impervious to rust. It is made of the chrome nickel surgical stainless steel. It switches itself off on the heat you set it. It uses 70% less electricity than the normal 4 plate stoves. 30 year guarantee on the workmanship, material, quality and 2 years on electrical parts PROPERTY OF SMART HOUSE FOR USE BY AUTHORISED PERSONS ONLY; A MISREPRESENTATION OF WHICH WILL BE LEGALLY PROSECUTED. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA


22 The Isolation Comparison

23 Additional decorative insulating external cladding
The LOTUS HOUSE does not need any plaster or painting work, not inside and not outside. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

Your 30 year guarantee certificate Your house can’t leak Your house can’t burn © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA



27 How Do I Become A MEMBER Fill in the Membership Form and Pay R1 000
Get your Training and your Presentation Kitt Get your Smart Water For Life 20 Litres a month. Get your new Bank Card from Thee Card Network Attend your weekly meetings with your Local Manager. Pay your monthly fee of R350. PROPERTY OF SMART HOUSE FOR USE BY AUTHORISED PERSONS ONLY; A MISREPRESENTATION OF WHICH WILL BE LEGALLY PROSECUTED. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

28 members potential bonus once off
Level Members Bonus Prize 1 7 R1 000 Thee Card 2 49 R2 500 Blazer Set. 3 343 R20 000 Millenium Cooker Total 399 R22 500 1 complete your level 3. 2 Pay your 3x monthly rental 3 Month 4 Move into the house you have choosen © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

29 Plus your monthly income from the smart water for life
LEVEL MEMBERS AMOUNT 1 7 R7 2 49 R1 000 3 343 R20 000 TOTAL 399 R21 007 © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

30 incentives Complete level 3 in one month Become the Provincial Manager
Complete level 3 in two months Become Municipal Manager Spill over of 15 or more and has completed level 3 Get a President’s Blazer As soon as your 7 members move into their houses Sponsor gets Local Weekend Holiday all expenses paid for two. R50 000 As soon as your 7 members make the last rental payment on their houses. Sponsor gets all expenses paid for two to Overseas Destination. R75 000 © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

31 Cut off day and payments
All membership fees paid and applications faxed on the last day of the Month. All bonuses and commissions to be paid into Thee card on the 7th of the following month. © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

32 Rent to own You pay 3 (three) months rental in advance.
Wait for 3 (three) months. Move into your brand new passive house in month 4 (four) Now pay your monthly rentals until fully paid. No ITC or credit checks and No Interest No Payslips, No Fees charged. No Evictions © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

33 Smart house RSA infrastructure
Board of Management The Construction Company Senior Manager The Chief Inspector Provincial Construction Provincial Manager Provincial Inspectors 262 Municipal Contractors 262 Municipal Managers 262 Municipal Inspectors Work force created gainfully employed Members earning good income © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

34 The rsa Team President Comm. Dr. IvanH Louw CEO Felix Adonis
Financial Director Tanya Stevenson IT Director M. Govender Marketing Director Mangazi Smith Administration Rhona Daniels Construction Rudolph Adonis All budgets Liase with Acc Recons Software Recons Statements Sales Branding Advertising Stock Clients All Admin Contractors Inspectors Maintenance Non Executive Directors C. Visagie L. Parkins C. Changelryan A. Afrika H. Visagie K. Le Roux J. Kotze E. Botes T. Tittleton V. Ntshekang H. Molebatsi P. Khayil B.O. Masondo J. van Nieuwenhuizen W. Paul P. Dlamini © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

35 The holding company Admin Smart House Afrika (Pty) Ltd President & CEO
Comm. Dr. IvanH Louw Executive Marco Mutwale Financial Elizabeth Zwane Marketing Mangazi Smith Executive Felix S.A. Adonis Executive Eddie S. Mogale IT Admin Sales Branding Advertising Stock Contractors Training Human Resources Non Executive Directors P. Stevensen C. van Wyk Dr. D.D.W Brown P. Burger Dr. I.P.B. Mokoena F. Khayil R Damon R Smith Prof. S Zackay R. Williams M. Van Wyk Dr. N. Tefu © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA

36 SMART HOUSE Profile © ® ™ SMART HOUSE RSA Smart House RSA (PTY) Ltd

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