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By Chloe Sutter, Stephen Davidson and Bailey Manning.

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1 By Chloe Sutter, Stephen Davidson and Bailey Manning.
Tudor Homes By Chloe Sutter, Stephen Davidson and Bailey Manning.

2 Tudor Homes The Tudor period lasted for over 100 years, from 1485 to This was an exciting time in history. There are many differences in Tudor lives to ours today. There were big differences in the homes of the poor and rich in Tudor times. Read on to find out about how Tudor houses were made, how many people lived in a typical Tudor home and how they were decorated inside.

3 What were Tudor homes like?
Tudor houses were made in many different ways. Rich houses were built using wooden timber, which had been coated in black tar to stop the wood from rotting. Wealthy Tudor homes had open fires, large kitchens and servants. They also had large wooden furniture. Candles were used as lights as they had no electricity.

4 What were Tudor houses like inside?
Rich Tudors were the first to have chimneys to take smoke out of their homes. Even though they were rich living was still very uncomfortable because they had no toilet, no tap water and not much furniture. Children had to sit on a wooden stools while the master of the house might have sat on an armchair.

5 How were Tudor homes made?
In Tudor times, mansions were built out of stone or brick. Other houses were made out of timber. These houses had walls made out of wattle and daub or clay and rubble. Houses in the towns were built upwards instead of outwards to save Space. However building homes close together was unhygienic because all the dirty water was thrown out of the windows.

6 Homes of the Rich The rich Tudors homes were larger than the poor Tudors. They also had fireplaces to keep them warm. Rich Tudors homes had large carved wooden furniture and used candles to see at night.

7 Homes of the Poor Poor people lived in one small room with a big hole for a window. They only had straw and a blanket to keep themselves warm at night. Poor Tudors did not have chimneys so they had fireplaces in the centre of the floor.

8 Conclusion To conclude, Tudor homes were very different to our homes today. There was no electricity, poor Tudor homes had no running water and sanitation and lived in only one room. However, wealthy Tudors lived in elaborate, magnificent homes with carved furniture. We are very lucky today with the way we live. Would you have wanted to live as a Tudor?

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